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    Kabbalah: Climbing the Sacred Ladder, Shulamit Sofia, Matthew Engel

    in Spirituality

    The function of the Kabbalah is to teach us that human beings hold the imprint of the Divine and have within them the capacity to bring the flow of light energy into this physical. Rooted in Judaism, the Kabbalah offers a platform for achieving love, joy, peace and purpose regardless of ones religious background. This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel will chat with Author Shulamit Sofia about her new book, Climbing the Sacred Ladder. 

    Shulamit Sofia MSW is the President of Soul Strength Seminars and The Sacred Ladder, which she founded to give spiritual seekers a practical way to build spiritual muscle for coping with life challenges. Her Psycho-Spiritual method based on the Kaballah allows participants to shed emotional and mental baggage as they build soul strength. In addition to being an artist, college professor, therapist and writer, Shulamit Sofia was Founder and President of Caring for Children, an international non-profit that has helped hundreds of thousands of abused and traumatized children globally. An international speaker who has presented at the World Mental Health Forum, The Humanistic Psychology Association, The Child Welfare League and other conferences, Shulamit Sofia is also the author of a series of training manuals for professionals, paraprofessionals and parents, as well as “Psalms for a Sunny Day,” and “Climbing the Sacred Ladder: The Path to Love, Joy, Peace and Purpose.” soulstrengthseminars.com

    Matthew Engel MSW is an Intuitive-Channel, Executive Coach, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Writer, Inspirational Speaker and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in activating their higher potential for 19 years. For more info and to sign up for his newsletter, visit: matthewengel.com

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    Update With Kate Episode 81 Jacob's Hook and Ladder Trap

    in Education

    The updates will be an ongoing clarification of the legal name fraud all of humanity has been duped into being a part of and thus, serving all manner of evil and harm in this reality we call "normal". How incredibly ruthless mirrored only in its' simplicity, legal name fraud is the crux, literally, of all man's woes. It is the only thing that separates you from YOU and thus, all of creation. You can serve only one master, the master of life, truth or, the master of death, legal sorcery. The greatest trick the Devil ever played wasn't convincing you that "he" didn't exist, it was convincing YOU that you didn't exist. Legal Name PROVES you don't exist if you worship this fall-se' I.D.-doll thinking it's you or you're I.D./it.....kate

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    Judd Krasher gives an update on Ladder 1

    in Politics


    Councilman Judd Krasher explains why Ladder 1 will not be closed

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    Dominick Calsolaro shares his views on Ladder 1

    in Politics

    Retired First Ward Councilman Dominick Calsolaro shares his views on Ladder 1

  • The Ladder to Heaven...

    in Prayer

    The birthright had been stolen...Jacob flees for his life... On his way to Bethel he dreams of a ladder illustrating God's call to each of us to move up higher in our Christian experience (Genesis 28). 

    The ladder represents Christ as our only link to a constant communication with Heaven. Our first step towards Heaven is an act of faith.  The driving force of true faith is a love for God.  This love is active, molding the heart and life in such a way that there is a desire for upward movement, but what happens when the foot slips? 

    Listen to this broadcast as we discuss the life of a Progressive Christian.

    Psalms 94: 17-19 "Unless the LORD had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence.  When I said , My foot slippeth ; thy mercy, O LORD, held me up . In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul."

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    in Entertainment


    The Origin of Superstition offers such truly enlightening and fascinating tales of superstitions that you will want to repeat them to all your friends. Why is Timmy afraid of the boogey man? Why does Aunt Ethel always carry a rabbit’s foot around? Why doesn’t papa ever open an umbrella in the house? Pick up your four leaf clover and keep an eye out for a shooting star, because this is going to be one show you won’t want to miss


    RUN TIME: 35:00





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    Breaking Down Jacob's Ladder

    in Motivation

    To  participate press 1, otherwise to listen call (646)915-9987. Co Host Jhiggs.  The significance of Jacob's Ladder is relevant in this day and time.  The mystery teachings and their meaning.


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    Andres Rivera talks about his efforts to Save Ladder 1

    in Politics

    Andres Rivera talks about Ladder 1 and the efforts of people in the South End to keep it open.

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    Pro Wrestling Weekend w/Thomas Adams & Ryan Burke

    in Wrestling

    Six days before they meet in what should be a classic ladder match, RAPW Junior Heavyweight Champion "Five Star" Thomas Adams and Flyin' Ryan Burke will be on the air to discuss their feud and history.

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    From The Bottom 2 The Top - Working Your Way Up The Corporate Ladder

    in Jobs

    From the Bottom 2 The Top.  With Special Guess Rajiv Prasad, the former Global Director, CTO of Operations at Unisys.  Rajiv, will share his background on what it took to move up the corporate ladder over 20 plus years at Unisys.

    Dwayne's Career Connection, bridging the GAP to connect Potential Employers and Potential Job Seekers in this ever changing and complex global economy.

    For more information contact dwayne.rahman@roberthalf.com

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    "Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it." (Genesis 28:16)

    in Religion

    Please Join me Thursday January 28th at 9:30 a.m. CST as I talk about how  The Lord revealed Himself to so many people in Scriptures. He poured out His Spirit so He could speak to us Spirit to spirit. Were going to discuss many theophanies , Yet theres so many more. It might have to be a series.God is the same yesterday , today and forever. He came upon most people in the Old Testament, But now , because of the finished work of Jesus, The Spirit pf God is in us.And He wants to immerse us in His power.They waited for the outpouring of The Spirit of God since it was prophesied in the book of Joel.He speaks to us through His Word, through dreams, through visions, through prophesy. He spoke that way from the beginning and will speak that way until the perfect comes. That is when we are in eternity . When we will live in eternity  will see Him face to face . But now He speaks to us in The Spirit. Just like He did throughout Scripture. Dreams saved nations. God spoke in visions , an example was for the first Gentile believer to bring his salvation and the baptism in The Spirit. ( Acts 10) There is so much to share. Because it was always God heart to communicate. Hope you can join ~ Char