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    Music & Hair: Shenee' Edwards & Comedienne Tanya Lewis!

    in Entertainment

    This Week on "TheMusicBox" w/ national recording artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis!  Let's talk about MUSIC AND HAIR with Shenee' Edwards and guest co-host Comedienne Tanya L. Lewis!

    HAIR and MUSIC. They just seem to go together, don't they? ;=)  And if you are an aspiring recording artist, HOW and WHAT you DO to your hair could make all the difference, when it comes to branding you correctly and locking in future bookings and appearances. Shenee' Edwards, President of 3HP PR stops by to invite you to the Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo; Acclaimed Salon Owner and Stylist Anisha Horry of A Class Hair Studio stops by to talk 'HAIR WOES AND WINS' and even HAIR & face shape ADVICE  from the CEO Natalie Jobity of the premier imaging consulting firm, Elan Image Management in Washington D.C.! 

    Be sure to join us as we talk about HAIR & MUSIC, This Thu. at 8pm EST w/ your girl, TDL! 

    -Tanya, 2x Stellar/Dove Award Nominated Recording Artist

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    Appleseed in Schools and Appleseeders as Activists

    in Politics Conservative

    Last week we did a show about the recent event held by Appleseed in a Colorado school. And I think the subject matter was important enough that I am continuing with the message this week, following up on that story with a talk to some folks who are working on getting events such as the Colorado School Appleseed mainstreamed. Mary Schow is working on an project called Marksmanship in The Schools and she is going to tell us how we can help to get rifle marksmanship instruction re inserted in American schools.

    We will also have Rachel Malone, Appleseed Shoot Boss and founder of Texas Firearms Freedom Project She will be talking about her path into shooting, into Appleseed and how she got started with the 2nd Amendment work she is doing to help Texans, and firearms owners everywhere in America, protect their 2nd Amendment rights.

    The call in number is 347-308-8790 to add your voice to the mix tonight

    Hope to see you there!


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    Peter Mingils interviews Emma Soy

    in Business

    Author and Speaker Emma Soy as she gives a clear perspective of the life of he
    Proverb 31 Woman, bringing a focus to her Health, Wealth and Beauty. 

    Christian women will learn various ways to take control of their health, wealth and beauty and to become a woman of valor, as described in Proverbs 31.

    Be One of The First 1000 people To Submit This Form on http://ebook.choooose.com , and You’ll Be Able To Receive

    “The P 31 Workshop” e-book As Soon As It’s Completed! 




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    P A Radio

    in Paranormal

    It's going to be an awesome show this week as we talk with Roger Phillips, the man behind the Gray Zone Comics who will tell us how he got started and what the inspirations are for his very funny cartoons. Also, Rainbow Al's EVP Secret Sound is back...call in and take a guess at what it is or play along with the Paranormal Quiz or ask our guest a question. We will have another Haunted Location of the Day by Gary Dockter and of course, a whole lot of laughs so please tune in!

    Roger Phillips

    Roger L. Phillips is the man behind the grays.  I have been drawing the daily strip "The Gray Zone" for a little over two years.  The comic revolves around the lives of the extraterrestrial aliens and their struggles with technology and creatures here on Earth and on other worlds.  "The Gray Zone" is influenced by diverse work from MAD Magazine, "The Far Side" and even the cartoons from The New Yorker magazine.

    I am a graduate from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and majored in illustration.  After working as a graphic artist for 17 years, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a syndicated cartoonist.

    You can check out Roger's sculptures and comics here on Facebook by going to Close Encounters Studios https://www.facebook.com/TheGrayZoneCartoons/info or visiting the following websites:





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    Awesome Adventures at the Smithsonian !-Emily Korrell with Scott Cluthe

    in Books

    The Smithsonian Institution is filled with thousands of fascinating objects and hundreds of exhibits that appeal to the whole family. With so many options, it's hard to know what to do first! This guidebook helps kids find exactly what they'd like to see.

    Join Scott Cluthe's Newsletter HERE 

    Scott Cluthe remembers what a big impact visiting the Ben Frankin Institute in Philadelphia had upon him. And all museums for that matter. With eduction in the Sciences seeming to be falling off the cliff, here's a place and activity that can light ayoung persons' mind & soul. Emily Korrell, who is a Smithsoniam kids guide and author, talks about the new Awesome Adventures at the Smithsonian book just released that is fun, interactive and educational. 3 of the new golden rules to reach young minds! 

    Awesome Adventures at the Smithsonian: The Official Kids Guide to the Smithsonian Institution is an interactive guidebook just for kids with material that can be enjoyed at home and in the museums. It covers the three most visited Smithsonian museums: the National Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of Natural History, and the National Museum of American History.Awesome Adventures at the Smithsonian is the perfect book to help kids get excited about and get the most out of their visit to the Smithsonian. 

    Awesome Adventures at the Smithsonian was developed by Emily B. Korrell, an elementary and middle school teacher, along with museum educators and curators to stimulate and encourage deep involvement by all types of learners. It is recommended for ages 8–12 and can be used at earlier ages with an adult.

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    NEW habits, NEW job, NEW life, NEW YOU!

    in Self Help

    Having trouble staying focused on yourself and your development? Want everything good to come your way right now? Be a part of this conversation as Tamarra Causley Robinson teams with Connie Rogers and LaKia Allen as they talk about what it takes to achieve MORE. Seeds are for planting and are in need of sunshine, rain, weeding and sometimes turning over. What about you?

    LaKia Allen is a certified life and health coach.  She is the Founder of Connect 3 Coaching, and is  dedicated to helping high achieving, busy working mothers who have found themselves lost, frustrated, overwhelmed, and burned out after consistently putting themselves last on their never-ending to do lists. Connect 3 Coaching clients are empowered to make a transformation from the inside out. Find out more at www.connect3coaching.com

    Connie Rogers is Certified Integrated Health Coach/ Lifestyle Educator, Wellness Writer, Accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Connie owns "Bite Size Pieces" where she specializes in toxins that can disrupt your Digestive, Metabolic, Integumentary & Endocrine Health.  Find out more at www.powerpointart2go.com 

    Tamarra Causley Robinson is a game changer in her life and in the lives of others. She coaches clients through scheduled and unscheduled change events, moving them from fear and doubt to a life of bold new beginnings and authentic steps forward with courage, confidence and power! Find out more at www.dare2doitnow.com

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    A Just Cause Coast 2 Coast - Wrongful Sentencing of the "Guilty and Innocent"

    in US Government

    Sam Thurman, Cliff Stewart, and Ethel Lopez of the Colorado exoneration firm A Just Cause, discuss what happens when the wheels of justice trample unbridled over the rights of innocent Americans.  

    Although the American system of justice is the most-respected worldwide, it is still a system designed, and operated, by humans, which means it's not perfect.  Sam, Cliff and Ethel will highlight ongoing struggles against "the system" to free wrongfully imprisoned people, and what happens when justice miscarries against an actually innocent person.

    Our special guests for tonight's show are Billy Ray Wheelock, who recently received a pardon from President Barack Obama after serving 21 years in prison for distributing crack cocaine and Anita Wills, Mother/Activist fighting for the freedom of her son, Kerry Baxter Sr., wrongly convicted and serving 66 years in prison for a crime, he didn't commit.

    A Just Cause is currently campaigning for "FreeTheIRP6," who's been wrongly imprisoned in Florence, CO for a crime they didn't commitrong. For full story: www.freetheirp6.org. 

    For more information, about A Just Cause and to Donate to the IRP6 legal defense fund, please visit www.a-justcause.com.

  • THE WAY I SEE IT w/Darryl L Williams - - Love & Happiness

    in Radio

         This is the show on Blog Talk, that kicked off the whole approach.  The Way I See It with Jay King.  Jay was the original host and from time to time, he'll pop in and throw in his two cents.  Relationships, racial divide, sports, political views.  The new host is Darryl L Williams.  347-205-9366 (the # for all the shows here on the JKN)  The archives of THE WAY I SEE IT are available in the demand section for Jay King, but now here's TEAM DLW on the JKN.
    This is information and education on the serious side.  Darryl L Williams shows you LOVE and gives you HAPPINESS.  Interviews, music - entermation.  (Entertainment & Information).  If there is some YOU want to roll your sleeves up and have at it - 347-205-9366.  Questions are welcomed, because if you don't ask, how are you going to get the answer?  Sometimes opinions may give YOU that extra edge you need to reach your destination.  347-205-9366.  And don't feel bad, every time I hear the words Love & Happiness, I can't help but think of Al Green, too -


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    The Angel & Shamanic Healing Hour

    in Spirituality

    The topic will be on Angel and shamanic healing, we will be taking calls for free angel readings/ healing and Shamanic healing. Elsa & Carey Stokes are renowned Spiritual Speakers/Teachers, Professional Mediums, Shamanic Practitioners, Angel Communicators, Reiki Masters and Ordained Ministers. Elsa was born extremely intuitive with the gift of prophecy, she is the author of “Dare to be Limitless when the Angels take your hand”, and the creator of “Angel DNA Health Practitioner®”. Carey is a Certified as a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine and is a Native American in lineage. Owners of “The Medicine Way University” and “Angelshotline.com”. To find out more go to www.angelhealingwings.com,  www.medicinewindwarrior.com and www.angelshotline.com

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    Travis Zimmerman - Mille Lacs Indian Museum and Trading Post

    in Culture

    Fast Horse Productions' The Martha Fast Horse Show

    Special Guest: Travis Zimmerman (Grand Portage Band of Ojibwe)

    Show Topic: "The Mille Lacs Indian Museum and Trading Post includes a museum dedicated to telling the story of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe and an adjacent restored 1930s trading post where visitors can find American Indian gifts from Mille Lacs artisans."

    Website www.mnhs.org/millelacs or Email www.millelacs@mnhs.org
    Travis Zimmerman, is a descendant of the Grand Portage Band of Ojibwe. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army and Minnesota National Guards. Travis has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN, and is currently the Site Manager of the Mille Lacs Indian Museum and Trading Post and the Indian Affairs Liaison for the Minnesota Historical Society, where he has been employed for over seven years. Travis has been involved with American Indian nonprofits in Minnesota for the last 20 years; serving as a staff member and board member of dozens of organizations. Travis is a graduate of Native Americans in Philanthropy’s Circle of Leadership Program and in 2010, Travis completed a fellowship with the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums. In 2011 Travis attended the Seminar for Historical Administration-Developing History Leaders program that is sponsored by the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH). Travis participated in the Blandin Foundation’s Reservation Community Leadership program in 2013 and currently is a member of the Programs Committee for the annual American Association for State and Local History Conference.

    Featured Song: "Anishinaabe Wolf Song" by Red Shadow Singers

    Host/Producer: Martha Fast Horse (Rosebud Lakota), Engineer/Talent: Justin Severson

    Airing Sunday 3/27/14 at 5:00 a.m. CDT on Blog Talk Radio

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    American Golf Association -"Sponsorship Value"

    in Golf

    The American Golf Association's - Anything & Everything Golf focusing this week on:

                          "Golf Swing From the Ground Up”

    American Golf Association's - Anything & Everything Golf radio show's regular segments include:

    The "Joke of the Week"
    This Week's AGA's - "Fantasy Golf Contest"
    This Week's AGA's - "Golf Trivia Contest"
    The "Rules of Golf"
    This Week's AGA's - "Featured Event"
    This Week's AGA's - "Featured Golf Course"


                  We're Changing the Game, the Fuse is Lit

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    Psychic Heidi Jane on News for the Soul - [646] 595 4274

    in Self Help

    Heidi Jane (nee Hanley) - Intuitive Dynamix™Creator, Practitioner, Teacher and Director -  Heidi’s passion is to help clients and students through coaching, training and mentorship, to achieve their personal and professional goals, no matter how high they have their sights set. She teaches how to master your own intuition, giving you the power to make successful, congruent and authentic choices. She also helps Empaths and Highly Sensitive People to live exceptional lives, free from overwhelm and anxiety.


    News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to AOL and ASK.com and YOUTUBE and GOOGLE and so on. NFTS is home to the largest totally free life changing media library in the world. We are syndicated on the AIR, on the WEB ... and beyond! DID YOU KNOW: News for the Soul is home to the largest and best totally free life changing audio resource on the world wide web since January 1997...

    Find out more:  http://www.newsforthesoul.com

    SPONSOR OF THE DAY: ?www.SpoonbendingKit.com?

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