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  • Presenting the Godfather of the PAST Paranormal Network Brandon Kreitzer

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    Joining me this week will be the Godfather of the PAST Paranormal Network and the man known as the Paranormal Road Warrior Mr. Brandon Kreitzer.  We will be discussing his vast knowledge of the field of the paranormal as well as what it takes to put together a paranromal network like PAST.

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    The Paranormal Road Warrior: Brandon Kreitzer

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    Brandon has put in over 290+ investigations with not only both PAST of IL & TN but also as a independent investigator since 2009 to present day.

    Brandon formed the PAST Family Network to help his fellow brothers & sisters teams within the field. He also knew through this special family they would be able to provide the right paranormal teams for clients that were in need & reaching out to him for help. This umbrella of different teams across the country would show the paranormal field the true definition of Paranormal Unity. When Brandon is not touring, attending/speaking at events, expos or making special appearances, Brandon travels the country to work with as many of his PAST Family Teams on cases and investigations around the country.

    Brandon produced & hosted PAST PTS (PAST Paranormal Talk/Music Show) a Web TV show that discussed everything paranormal. Later his wife Nancy would become his Co-Host of the show. PAST PTS would become #1 on 3 different Web TV Networks (PTV, Para X TV & PTVN) PTVN was Brandon’s dream of giving back to the community by giving them a platform to get their styles & techniques, messages, theories out. PTVN would grow to 55 Channels and would air over 700 programs each week. (Radio, Web TV & Films) PTVN was SOLD on 12/18/12. Brandon has also been an Executive Producer of 14 different Web TV & Radio shows not only on PTVN.

    Brandon strongly supports many charities. Just to name a few, Cuddles For Cancer, The American Cancer Society, Epilepsy Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness & The Humane Society of The United States and more.  


    Brandon has always been represented by Parker & Sloan on the TV/Film side of his career. Brandon is also represented by Phoenix Rising Productions/Talent Agency & ASAP Entertainment, LLC 

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    Brandon Kreitzer

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    Brandon Kreitzer; as a young adult had many personal experiences with the paranormal. He ignored them, denied them and convinced himself that they never happened. As he became an adult, the personal experiences continued. It was then when he knew, he wanted to learn the truth and look for answers. 
    Brandon Kreitzer Public Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brandon-Kreitzer-PAST-of-IL-TN-FounderPTVN-PRN-OwnerPAST-PTS-TV-Host/236559729714661

    PAST of TN: https://www.facebook.com/PASTofTN & http://pastparanormalteam.com/

    PAST of IL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PAST-of-Illinois-Chapter-of-PAST/253178961391969

    PTVN www.past-tv-network.com

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    Learning Well Radio with guest Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer 3.3.15

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    Host Elise Marquam Jahns will have a conversation with Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer.  Dr. Krietzer is the founder and director of the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota.  She is a professor of nursing, and co-leads the Doctorate in Nursing speciality in integrative health and healing.  

    Dr. Kreitzer will discuss the history and vision for the future of integrative health in health care.

    Discover Integrative Health classes at Normandale Community College.

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    Brandon Kreitzer Live!

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    Brandon Kreitzer; as a young adult had many personal experiences with the paranormal. He ignored them, denied them and convinced himself that they never happened. As he became an adult, the personal experiences continued. It was then when he knew, he wanted to learn the truth and look for answers. So he joined a team called C.I.G.H.T. and quickly became their Chief Researcher. However, unfortunately the team became very stagnant and he decided to leave the team to find the answers on his own. he found out shortly later that team team folded.

    On Jan 30, 2010 (his birthday) - He decided to form a group: PAST (Paranormal Activity Specialist Team of Illinois).He put together a team of dedicated and loyal individuals, all looking for the same thing, the answers & the TRUTH. Hunting the paranormal its in his blood and some would even go to say he is a paranormal addict. PAST in it’s first year conducted 92 investigations.June 2010 he launches a network of teams coming together called the PAST Family Network. Paranormal Unity at it’s finest & The PAST Family Network then started to provide FREE serves for IL, IN, IA, WI, KY, TN, MI, OH,GA, AL,LA, AR, WV, VA & FL for those that feel they are being haunted.

    In Sept. of 2010 he then launches a new show called PAST PTS (Paranormal Talk / Music Show) which he hosted as well as being the executive producer of the entire show. It was designed to be show where we could broadcast some of our finds with the world and a platform to discuss the paranormal amongst ourselves and have many special guests. Join us for a fantastic show!

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    Ask Sue, Brandon Kreitzer and Tanith Medium

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    ASK SUE show 8pm starts with BRANDON KREITZER   PAST of IL & TN Founder, PAST Family Founder, PTVN Owner

    Lead Investigator/Founder of PAST (Paranormal Activity Specialist Team of Tennessee) & EVP Specialist
    PAST of TN:

    PTVN (PAST TV Network) Owner & Founder

    Host & Executive Producer of PAST PTS TV Show (Paranormal Talk / Music Show) Thursdays 8pm cst/9pm est

    Executive Producer of Battlefield Banter Thursdays 6pm cst/7pm est

    BRANDON KREITZER; as a young adult had many personal experiences with the paranormal. He ignored them, denied them and convinced himself that they never happened. As he became an adult, the personal experiences continued. It was then when he knew, he wanted to learn the truth and look for answers.   THEN AT 9PM I have TANITH MEDIUM well known Medium and a good following from Psychic TV  Tanith will be doing readings from 9pm till 10pm Come and ask Tanith a question Past or present    MORE DETAILS can be found on www.guidance.me.uk and the Ask Sue website is asksue.guidance.me.uk. Promoting The Psychic World. Cosmic Radio is going 24/7 with TV too. Come join us   TO CALL INTO THE SHOW from the US 3476 771 520 or from the UK on 001 3476 771 520. ( UK you can call in for 1p a minute by calling 0844 869 9900 and listen to prompts)

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    "The Haunted Truth" Unearthing the Unknown with Brandon Kreitzer

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    We are BACK!!! Join Doug and co-host Rita G. for a super show this week Jan. 2th 2011 - 6pm PST/ 9pm EST on “The Haunted Truth” Paranormal Radio.. Our very special guest is Brandon Kreitzer, Paranormal Investigator and Para-X-Vision show host... Looks like an interesting show your not going to want to miss this..Come and join us.. Call us at 718-508-9724 to join us on the air with your questions or comments.. Don't miss our top rated show.. "The Haunted Truth" Paranormal Radio.. Please remember to support and help "Protect the Children"..

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    Usa Paranormal Radio- Brandon Kreitzer - CC the Huntress

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     Our First Hour is a wonderful friend and guest Brandon Krietzer of PTVN Para Con A huge event happening this June. Please tune in to hear all the event./ 
     Our  2nd Hour is Guest CC The Huntress she will be on talking qabout the New England Paranormal Awards this Saturday April 14, 2012

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    Brandon Kreitzer PAST Paranormal (Paranormal Activity Surveillance Team)

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    Our special guest Brandon Kreitzer Brandon
    PAST Founder EVP Specilist.
    PAST (Paranormal Activity Surveillance Team) is a paranormal investigative group that seeks out the answers of paranormal activity and the mission of providing FREE support for the haunted mainly in Illinois & the Chicago suburbs. But also serves Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana. PAST takes great pride in offering a professional approach to researching all of the unexplainable. We are NOT thrill-seekers. We take paranormal investigating very seriously and will do whatever it takes to help diagnose and understand what the experiences mean. We may not be the most experienced investigators out there, but do possess what's most important: the desire to find the answers to the paranormal; we strive to be the most dedicated group and offer complete dedication to our clients. Being a smaller team, you can expect nothing but personal service, caring and understanding. We will work day and night to be sure that we leave no stone unturned in order to formulate the most accurate conclusion possible. In every investigation, our client comes first and you will be kept informed of any and all of our findings. We believe education is the best tool. We will involve you in the process to help you be better educated now and in the future.

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    Special Edition with Cathy Jacobsen 9.8.2011

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    Cathy will be conducting a special interview with a guest speaker from the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. The 2011 AIA  Aromotherapy International Conference and Wellness Expo is scheduled in Minneapolis from September 29th thorugh October 3rd,  Be  prepared to experience the "future of aromatherapy!" 
    Cathy will interview:
    Mary Jo Kreitzer, PhD, RN, FAAN, Keynote Presenter on "Integrative Health: Pathway to True Health Reform" at  9:15-10:15 am Friday, September 30 -- As founder and director of the Center for Spirituality and Healing, Dr. Kreitzer brings more than 20 years of leadership and expertise to the field of integrative health and medicine.  She is a tenured professor in the School of Nursing where she is co-director of the doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) program in integrative health and healing. Linda Halcón, PhD, MPH, RN, RATC, will speak on "Essential Oil Research: Strategies and Pitfalls" at  1:00-2:00 pm Friday, September 30 -- Dr. Halcón is an associate professor in the University of Minnesota's School of Nursing and director of Graduate Studies at the Center for Spirituality & Healing. She is an educator in Clinical Aromatherapy and a researcher at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests include antimicrobial applications of botanical medicines and promoting sustainable and healthy communities.