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    Challenging Kidney Cancer

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    Mike Lawing and Andy Derr have been living with kidney cancer for years.  Both of them have learned not to knuckle under to a difficult diagnosis, but to challenge themselves to live WITH it, maintain their quality of life, and keep the nastiest effects of cancer at bay.

    It's not easy.  But today there are better tools for challenging kidney cancer than ever before.  Working closely with their doctors, they have discovered strategies -- medical, mental, and spiritual -- that have helped them keep their heads high and their spirits strong and at the same time keeping cancer in the background of their lives.

    Mike, Andy, and Joyce all attended the Kidney Cancer Symposium sponsored by the Kidney Cancer association in October 2014, and prepared a report in patient-approachable language to share with other patients and their families the amazing progress reported at the symposium.  Mike did the bulk of the work -- the concept, the layout, and pictures, the editing -- and Andy and Joyce contributed articles.  

    You will want to hear this conversation!

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    kidney success

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    The show is about my daily struggle with kidney failure.

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    In this episode, we talk with Boston-based educational consultant Michele Rosenthal (Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs at Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University) about navigating cancer and the college experience and the art of finding appropriate on-campus resources. Survivor Spotlight on young adult survivor Mallory Casperson (Founder/CEO at Lacuna Loft.)

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    God Cured Steve Sparkman From Kidney Cancer

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    Learning that you have kidney cancer can change your life and the lives of those close to you. Join Dr. Teresa Graham and her guest Bro. Steve Sparkman as they discuss his fight against kidney cancer. Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the most common kind of kidney cancer. Normally, your kidneys filter your blood and excrete waste in urine. Although our kidneys are important, we actually need less than one complete kidney to function. Tune in @ 7:00PM (CST) & 8:00PM (EST). The dial in number: 516-531-9244 or click on the link:www.blogtalkradio.com/drteresagraham to hear the show.

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    International Kidney Cancer Symposium Dublin

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    Mike Lawing attended the Ninth European Kidney Cancer Symposium in Dublin last April, and has carefully crafted an excellent report to share that meeting with all the patients and family members who wished they could be there.


    As usual, he has done an outstanding job.

    In this interview, Mike and Joyce speak about this conference with Robin Martinez, moderator of the patient support conversation at Smart Patients, the successor to the ACOR "KidneyOnc" list.  See http://www.smartpatients.com  Participants were asked to submit questions in advance to Robin or to Powerful Patient.

    In the conversation you will hear references to the following drugs:

    Interleukin-2 (IL-2)





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    In this episode, we welcome Dr. Barbara Gitlitz (Principal Investigator of GoYLC), and young adult lung cancer survivors Sandy Jauregui and Jeff Julian to discuss the genomics of young adult lung cancer, clinical trials and targeted therapies. Survivor/Advocate spotlight on Katie Brown (VP, Survivorship, LUNGEVITY)

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    International Kidney Cancer Symposium

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    Mike Lawing attended the Kidney Cancer Symposium in Chicago in October 2013, a forum for the top kidney cancer doctors in the world to share ideas. He has prepared a report for the KCA, presenting the highlights of the meeting in patient-approachable language. He answers questions from Joyce and from our listeners about this important meeting.

    Five years ago, there were no drugs to combat kidney cancer, and kidney cancer was notoriously unresponsive to classic chemotherapy. Now there is an array of new drugs to help, and there is more hope for people with kidney cancer than ever before.

    Mike and Joyce talk about the progress and challenges presented at the KCA’s Annual Kidney Cancer Symposium.

    Online access to the Symposium Summary

    the 2013 and 2012 summaries are accessible from the KCA Page:
    (listed as Patient-Friendly Summaries)

    View 2013 Presentations | View Abstracts | View Patient-friendly Summary

    View 2012 Presentations | View Abstracts | View Patient-friendly Summary
    - See more at:

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    4/13/2015 —In this episode, we talk with Billy Paymaster,  COO/Director of Marketing & Communications for Hope For Young Adults With Cancer and this year's Get Busy Living Award winner Katie Lundy. Survivor Spotlight on Protect The Pecs Director/Founder, Steve Del Gardo. 

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    #337 : Acupuncture and Cancer 
    Spotlight: Ashley England 
    Guest(s): Cynthia Hewett, Kaiya Larson and Alli Ward 

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    Kidney Konnectors and You - Season 2

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    A mist all the procedures, surgeries, tests and uncertainty it is OK to believe. Believe that tomorrow will be better than today and that joy can come in the morning. Join us at (347) 667-1189 for 10 minutes of encouragement and 5 minutes of prayer. Please send prayer requests to saveaKIDney@gmail.com or give us a call at 224 - KIDNEY - 2.

    Remember, "Save a KID, Share a KIDney!"

    Thank you for joining the Darius D. Walker Golden KIDney Foundation for Life, http://saveaKIDney.org, you are so special to us!

    Click to become a KIDney Konnector and change a life TODAY!