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    Voices of 9-11 on Recovery Now with Kim Justus

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    Mary Fetchet is Founding Director of VOICES, a non-profit organization she co-founded in 2001 following the death of her 24 year old son Brad at the World Trade Center. Her unique background as a mother of a victim, along with over 20 years of expertise as a clinical social worker, influenced VOICES innovative approach to creating a new paradigm in providing long-term support services. Using social work practices, she guided the development of programs that provide continuity of care and promote resiliency in the lives of victims' families, responders and survivors. Today, Ms. Fetchet is also helping communities heal after other traumatic events through VOICES Center of Excellence for Community Resilience, an initiative that she launched in 2014.  As a clinician, she recognized the importance of commemoration and supporting families through the emotional but therapeutic process of honoring their loved ones in a meaningful way. The 9/11 Living Memorial Project is now an extensive digital collection of over 70,000 photographs and personal keepsakes contributed by thousands of family members. voicesofseptember11.org

    This show is a gathering place for anyone seeking recovery from the challenges of life on life's terms. We discuss useful tools that have helped us lighten the load, of our journey through recovery. This is a "we" recovery program, because it is in the "we," that we find the new "me."

    We focus on the four A's of Recovery: Awareness, Acceptance, Action and Adaptation. This is a place for survivor's striving to become thrivers.

    The front half of show is a featured guest. to join us in the discussion. The second part of the show is Open Mic and some great Indy Music, sure to inspire! Host is Kim Justus, author of In a Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond found at www.inaflash.org & "Like" at www.facebook.com/inaflash.org and www.facebook.com/braininjuryradionetwork

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    A Kind Voice on Sports

    in Lifestyle

    On this week's A Kind Voice on Sports, Kevin Root discusses his business venture, Personalized Mini Sports Jerseys. Find out how Kevin creates personalized replica jerseys from from most high school, middle school, Little League, softball, and park district team athletic uniforms. Learn how he took a vision and turned it into a way to produce a variety of sports keepsakes. Hear about Kevin's Kickstarter project and how close he is to reaching his goal. During the live show on Wednesday night at 7 pm EST, the Call In line will be open at (347) 850-8907. Join in on the conversation! Hosted by Elisia Owens Mumford.

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    A Theory of Parenting - Starting a Wedding Treasure Chest

    in Relationships


    Welcome to A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com 

    My name is Tammi Joyner

    I am your Host for the Show

    Today we are covering a Teen Topic

    We would like to discuss Marriage

    Some of you are still Teens 

    Its time to ask yourself a serious question

    Are you ready for Marriage?

    If you ask yourself, is it biblical, the answer is yes

    If you ask yourself, is it legal, in most states 18 is old enough

    If you ask yourself question after question maybe its time to start your Treasure Chest.

    The Treasure Chest is good for both Male and Female

    What should I save in my wedding treasure chest?

    The following list should help:


    -favor color fabrics

    -invitations from your local bridal store





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    CanBeGlobal: Keepsakes for Paris

    in Marketing

    A discussion about the one-of-a-kind keepsakes from Paris, whch are available exclsively at CanBeGlobal.

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    CanBeGlobal: Souvenirs and Keepsakes for Everyone

    in Marketing

    A discussion about the beautiful keepsakes available from CanBeGlobal.com.

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    * Positive Timeline defeats Israel's use of 2014-15 Tetra Eclipses & Saturn Moon Matrix   (2:13:33 Mins)   


    EBOLA - *The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a corporation headquartered in the STATE OF GEORGIA. The CDC IS NOT PART OF A LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT


    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT VIDEO  /  http://youtu.be/omChqbRM-fQ

     Problem-Reaction-Solution, vs  Positive Timeline = Positive future = Positive timeline =
    "We are One" ?
      (These Tetra Eclipses have apparantly been used for 3000 yrs for Genocide**  and blood rituals).

    EXCERPT - http://www.whale.to/b/bartley3.html#The_Struggle_is_within._

    "As in the case of the mass execution of the Chinese males, Japanese soldiers invented raping games and contest. Brothers were forced to rape their sisters and sons were forced to rape their mothers. Fathers were forced to rape their daughters. Anyone refusing to participate would be executed on the spot. Young female virgins were especially prized by the Japanese. As in the case of the eating of penises, many Japanese soldiers actually cut out the vaginas of young girls and fashioned keepsakes made out of the victims pubic hair." /


     The End of Reptilian Overlordship Part 1 - James Bartley/   http://youtu.be/SSRIJV4O1UA /

      A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 - by Isao Hashimoto


    "Wisdom is not in words, Wisdom is in meaning of words"

    Kahil Gibran

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    Scrapbooking with Angie and Andrea Maves

    in Hobbies

    As hobbies go, scrapbooking is right up there with all the others. It's expensive if you want it to be, it's time consuming if you want it to be, it's fun and relaxing like all hobbies should be. 

    Andrea Maves has been doing it for years and is adept at all aspects of scrapbooking in cluding making things to sell at craft fairs, and give as elaborate gifts that bring a skip to the heart and a tear to the eye of those receive one. 

    Using artistic talents and specialized tools like cutters, paper, and embelishments, Andrea and Angie create beautiful keepsakes with meaning.

    Join Shirley Gutkowski as she explors scrapbooking with her guests Angie Stone and her aunt Andrea Maves on Cross Link Radio's Hobby Day show.

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    "Attention"Overcomers Monday's Intro Glenn A. Singleton

    in Writing

    Mahamond Ali Best fan Mr.Glenn A. Singleton is a native of Ama, a small, country town located on the outskirts of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Singleton remembers being compassionate about real life biographies such as, Brian’s Song, The Jackie Robinson Story and Remember the Titans. These awesome documentaries that captured real-life heroes, were and are the inspiration behind his twenty-year journey to Crossing Over, A Tribute to Don Raymond. Inspired to take on the daunting task of documenting the tale of his big brother’s best friend, Don Raymond, Singleton has accurately detailed the tale of a legend. Glenn A. Singleton is a graduate of Hahnville High School. In 1980, Singleton experienced a terrible house fire and lost most of his possessions, including his brother Larry’s keepsakes of his friend Don Raymond. Since 1980, Singleton has been journaling the memories of Don Raymond. What was orginally intended to be a journal of memories for his brother  Larry, has now become Crossing Over. Singleton has been recognized by Muhammad Ali as his “best” fan and takes pride in his state of the art Muhammad Ali Museum he has built in Ama, Louisiana. He also enjoys giving time to St. Mark’s Perpetual Adoration Chapel and he spends most of his time with family at home in Ama.

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    Live: Chelsea Hanson on Love Lives On~ Using the Spiritual to Heal your Grief

    in Spirituality

    Grief Expert, Life Strategist and Author Chelsea Hanson has over 15 years of experience in comforting people at time of loss and guiding them through the transformative process of grief to live life again with renewed passion and a new appreciation of today. Chelsea is the author of the Hello from Heaven series of books, which provide gentle reassurance that love lives on, and that our loved ones are always with us. To give tangible comfort and inspiration, Ms. Hanson also founded With Sympathy Gifts and Keepsakes, which provides memorial keepsakes to honor and remember the beautiful lives of those who have gone before us. Over 700 funeral homes across the U.S. and Canada have used her grief support programs and on-line memorial gift store.  

    Don't miss Chelsea's free series this month!  www.griefhealingtelesummit.com

    Grief Relief is Possible! GRIEF RELIEF 101 Claim your Free Kit & Support Guide Now!  This is the gift site:  http://www.withSympathyGifts.com

    Lisa Atkinson is a proven psychic medium. You can find Lisa for medium readings and other spiritual services at http://www.SpiritLisa.Com

    Get free online psychic training at http://www.PsychicU.com

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    Move Managing for Seniors in Houston

    in Real Estate

    Moving is stressful enough as it is, but what if you've lived in the same location for many years, or are incapable of handling the move yourself? MaryLynne Cappelletti from www.comfortmoves.com is a move manager who serves aging seniors by providing any service they may need during  amove.

    Big State Home Buyers buys houses (at a discount) from people who need to sell quickly. Many of our clients are children of inherited houses and aging seniors moving to their next phase of life, among many other reasons. That is why we like to connect with people like MaryLynne who provide high quality service to our customers and potential clients. 

    For More Information About How to Sell Your House Fast: 
    Website http://www.BigStateHomeBuyers.com
    Blog http://www.bigstatehomebuyers.com/category/blog/
    Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/bigstatebuyers
    Twitter http://www.twitter.com/bigstatebuyers
    Google+ https://plus.google.com/+Bigstatehomebuyers
    BlogTalkRadio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brianspitz
    iTunes - Search for "We Buy Houses"

    More about Comfort Moves:

    "Anyone can move boxes.  We move lifetimes - honoring who you are and the memories you've made - to make every senior's move efficient, worry-free and comfortable.

    You have endless questions about your move...

    Where to live...what to take...how to dispose of a lifetime of treasures and keepsakes that simply won't fit your new space and lifestyle...how to say "yes" to help (and sometimes "no")...what about packing boxes, finding a good mover, a good realtor, a good estate sale or worthy charity for donations...organizing and decorating your new home in the gracious and comfortable style you now enjoy...cleaning and closing the house left behind??? 

    We have the answer. . .Comfort Moves! www.ComfortMoves.com"

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    Spiritually Inspired with Jacinta Frederick

    in Women

    Remember how special a personalized greeting or thoughtful gift makes you feel? That “how did you find the RIGHT words?" feeling that warms your heart. This is what I help you do: Make the people in your life feel loved with handmade greeting cards, specialty crafts and one-of-a-kind keepsakes found nowhere else.

    From the time I was a child, imagination and creativity were my best friends. I remember sitting in class and dividing my attention between the teacher and the all-important drawing on my desk. ...As I grew older, my father continued to encourage me and my handmade crafts became legendary among family and friends.

    I am convinced that words should be used to uplift the spirit and motivate, and my satisfied customers agree. If you know someone who needs to feel special or simply want to wow the crowd at a special event, connect with me here or e-mail questions to jacfredcreation@gmail.com