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    Kristina Riggle Discusses Keepsake

    in Books

    Join Book Club Girl as she welcomes Kristina Riggle, author of Real Life and Liars, The Life You've Imagined and Things We Didn't Say to discuss her new novel, Keepsake.
    From the critically acclaimed author of Real Life & Liars and Things We Didn't Say comes a timely and provocative novel that asks: What happens when the things we own become more important than the people we love?
    Trish isn't perfect. She's divorced and raising two kids—so of course her house isn't pristine. But she's got all the important things right and she's convinced herself that she has it all under control. That is, until the day her youngest son gets hurt and Child Protective Services comes calling. It's at that moment when Trish is forced to consider the one thing she's always hoped wasn't true: that she's living out her mother's life as a compulsive hoarder.
    The last person Trish ever wanted to turn to for help is her sister, Mary—meticulous, perfect Mary, whose house is always spotless . . . and who moved away from their mother to live somewhere else, just like Trish's oldest child has. But now, working together to get Trish's disaster of a home into livable shape, two very different sisters are about to uncover more than just piles of junk, as years of secrets, resentments, obsessions, and pain are finally brought into the light.
    “This story of two sisters, each broken in her own way, is as unflinching as it is compassionate. I was pulled in from the first page.”
    —Marisa de los Santos, New York Times bestselling author of Falling Together

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    Everything w/KathyB, Dr. Jackson,Joan Gosier,RL, Dr. Loren Due, Minister Ed Ward

    in Family

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for Maleboxx Sundays.

    At 6:15, It's Your Time: Personal Development with Dr. Jackson.  Tune in as Dr. Jackson welcomes, Joan Gosier into the studio to discuss, Creating A Culture Of Personal Development.

    Joan published her first family keepsake book, "Cotton Pickin' Paycheck-A 21st Century Journal of Escape from Slavery (1805-1988)" to chronicle for her family the 21 most important life lessons learned in building a family internet business (www.hbcukidz.com) from scratch. Joan & her husband are co-founders of www.Africa2020.info which will be a family cultural theme park on 40 acres of rural land in Virginia.

    At 7 Conversations with RL

    Join us tonight as Host RL welcomes Dr. Loren Due into the studio to discuss, What A Man Really Wants.

    Dr. Loren Due

    Award winning Author, Activist & Public Innovator Dr Due has been a man of deep conviction about the importance of child sexual abuse intervention, cruelty prevention and incest awareness in the Black family, particularly. A survivor of rape, Due is the author of the cutting edge book Teddy Bear: Stolen Innocence-A true story of incest & sexual abuse in the black family & Don't Say A Word About This! Exposing & Confronting Sexual Perversion! Due’s products and services offer ways to respond to signs and symptoms of incest and maltreatment in any form.

    8 A Word From God

    Tune in at 8 with Minister Ed Ward as he brings you, A Word From God, where he shares scriptures that will encourage you in whatever situation you are in.





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    Inspirational Talk with Toneal

    in Self Help

    Join International Award-Winning Author Toneal M. Jackson as she interviews author of #ImBeautyInspired: A Keepsake Journal of Original Beauty Quotes & Affirmations, Renee B.

    About the Book: #ImBeautyInspired is not just a keepsake journal of beauty quotes and affirmations; it is a movement to empower young women and girls to embrace their inner beauty. It is a voice for the girls that wear their hearts on their sleeves; the girl that is hopeful; the girl that dreams big. It’s an interactive book with quotes, affirmations and a call to action for her to journal her thoughts and allow her inner beauty to collide with her outer beauty.

    About the Author: Renee was born and raised in Chicago. Founder of Beauty School Scarlet, she is a beauty maven who exudes splendor in all things beauty; her purpose is to empower women and girls to make the best choices in life to improve their lifestyle from head to toe as well as from the inside out. Renee is a member of National Association of Professional Women; Women of Color in Communications; as well as a Beauty Correspondent for Six Brown Chicks.

    For more information on Renee, Beauty School Scarlet, or her book, visit: http://beautyschoolscarlet.com/

    To order a copy of her book, click the link #ImBeautyInspired

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    An evening with Tess Gerritsen

    in Books

    Internationally bestselling author Tess Gerritsen took an unusual route to a writing career. A graduate of Stanford University, Tess went on to medical school at the University of California, San Francisco, where she was awarded her M.D.

    While on maternity leave from her work as a physician, she began to write fiction. In 1987, her first novel was published. Call After Midnight, a romantic thriller, was followed by eight more romantic suspense novels. She also wrote a screenplay, “Adrift”, which aired as a 1993 CBS Movie of the Week starring Kate Jackson.

    Tess’s first medical thriller, Harvest, was released in hardcover in 1996, and it marked her debut on the New York Times bestseller list. Her suspense novels since then have been: Life Support (1997), Bloodstream (1998), Gravity (1999), The Surgeon (2001), The Apprentice (2002), The Sinner (2003), Body Double (2004), Vanish (2005), The Mephisto Club (2006), The Bone Garden (2007), The Keepsake (2008; UK title: Keeping the Dead), Ice Cold (2010; UK title: The Killing Place), The Silent Girl (2011), and Last To Die (August 2012.) Her books have been published in forty countries, and more than 25 million copies have been sold around the world.

    Publisher Weekly has dubbed her the “medical suspense queen”.

    Her series of novels featuring homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles inspired the TNT television series “Rizzoli & Isles” starring Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander.


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    How To Use Blame Shame & Guilt To Empower You - Part2

    in Self Help

    CJ Harlan is answering more of your questions on this week's HARLAN TALK Tuesdays Q&A show, titled: How To Use Blame Shame & Guilt To Empower You - Part2. Listen and find out how these answers may apply to you and what you're experiencing when it comes to setting, following through and achieving your goals. Learn how to get more out of life by choosing not to blame your emotions, environment or others for what you don't have in your life, love or work. CJ will share with you some new perspectives and strategies so you can Use Blame Shame & Guilt To Empower You and your decisions. TouchstoneStories.com is this weeks sponsor, a memory keepsake company that is ready to customize a very special gift for you or anyone you love.

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    Overcome Your Fears

    in Self Help

    Everyone can benefit from learning how to Overcome Your Fears, which is this week's topic on HARLAN TALK Tuesdays. Join CJ Harlan and Toremy McMurray and start tackling, head on, all your fears that hold you back from having the life, love and work expereinces you want to have, and need. This week's sponsor is Touchstone Stories, a memory keepsake company that customizes a beautiful bound book of your family's history or current events. HARLAN TALK Tuesdays also wants to give a shout out this week to MSWC for all their wonderful efforts in educating women on their journey to financial wellness. Reserve your ticket for this important upcoming event, today!

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    PCW Saturday Night Slam Masters: Episode 98. Keepsake

    in Wrestling

    Programme Championship Wrestling marches on to its 100th episode of SNSM, as well as the road to Race War Games! Join Bryan Hughes as the "Gentleman" Dan Hasslebrook makes his first comments  since the Big Kahuna. When will he challenge PCW Universal Champion RAPE Takayama? Listen in to find out!

    Also we have the Idaho Heritage Tag Team Champions in action as the MegaDynamicPowerDudes? take on the Walker Brothers.

    Our main event this week pits Manny Festo and BLAKE in one more match for the British Commonwealth title. It will be decided in a Bay of Pigs match! What is it? We have no idea... You'll find out when we do on this amazing edition of Saturday Night Slam Masters!

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    Intimate Relationships Part 4: How Do I Know If My Relationship Is Worth Saving?

    in Self Help

    How Do You Know If Your Relationship Is Worth Saving? is Part 4 of HARLAN TALK Tuesdays 5 Part Series on Intimate Relationships. Listen and learn CJ Harlan's 7 Relationship Clues to finding out the answer to...Should you stay, or should you go. CJ Harlan and Toremy McMurray are also offering you an opportuity to meet them in person by attending their upcoming Relationship Workshops and Couples Retreat that will help you not only save your relationship but help you recharge your passion and love for your partner, spouse of significant other. This week's sponsor is Touchstone Stories, the unique memory keepsake company that honors all your loved ones and special memories by capturing your past and current history in audio, video and in a beautiful bound book.

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    Krones' Kauldron Welcomes Lady Angelique

    in Spirituality

    Miss Paula from KDCL Media and Dia Nunez from The H20 Network relax on the porch for a Krones' tête-à-tête with our special guest, Lady Angelique.

    Lady Angelique was not able to join us today, and my sister host Dia Nunez was away from her Internet connection, but the show must go on!. Due to early dismissal at school, Miss Paula was only on for an hour, but Oro Cas stopped by to give her hand...made for an interesting Friday on the back porch. 

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    Intimate Relationships Part 3: Avoid Getting Into An Unhealthy Relationship

    in Self Help

    This week, HARLAN TALK Tuesdays, brings you Part 3 of their 5 Part Series on Intimate Relationships, titled: How To Avoid Getting Into An Unhealthy Relationship. CJ Harlan and Toremy McMurray will share with you 5 tips that can help you avoid getting into an unhealthy relationship. Tune in and you'll also learn how these tips can prepare you to have the healthy relationship you want and need going forward. This weeks show includes more Q&A in the form of a segment called What's Your Button? Do you have a trigger, a button that is easily pushed? Maybe yours, is one covered on this week's show. Harlan Talk is sponored this week by Touchstone Stories, a unique Memory Keepsake Company that is ready to help you preserve your family's special memories, of the past or in the making. 

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    Intimate Relationships Part 2: Why Do We Get Into Unhealthy Relationships?

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Intimate Relationships Part 2 - Why Do We Get Into Unhealthy Relationships? This week on HARLAN TALK Tuesdays, CJ Harlan and Toremy McMurray will share with you some of the most popular reasons why you get into unhealthy realtionships; the warning signs to look out for; and ways in which you can change your behaviors so that you can prevent getting into one in the future. CJ and Toremy have added Harlan Talk Q&A to this weeks show...so be sure to listen. Perhaps it will be your questions that they answer. If you would like to send in a question, go to HarlanTalk.com and fill out the contact us form. This weeks sponsor is TouchstoneStories.com, a memory keepsake company that is ready to preserve any of your family's special stories or life events! Join us next week for Part 3: How To Avoid Getting Into An Unhealthy Relationship.

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