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  • This Needs To Be Said with Katherine Waddell

    in Motivation

    Join Bare It All and special guest Katherine Waddell, Owner of This Needs To Be Said Media, Inc. Do you dread Sunday nights because you know Monday is around the corner, and that means back to work? Do you feel like there is more to life than having a "job?" She was always telling others to "quit that job and do what you love," it was now time for her to practice what she was preaching.Ms. Waddell is here to share her story of how she went from crying in her car because Monday was around the corner, to living her dream. What started out as a blog is now a blog radio talk show. Each day the goal is to invest in the community, good seeds that will grow, and produce productive citizens. All of her life she has been consistent in sharing information with others as she has learned it. Katherine says, “It has been my desire to educate others.” So now she is doing just what she has held in her heart for many years. Through her understanding, people die when they do not know. So that saying, what you don’t know won’t hurt you…is a lie!

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    Riley Cooper: inefficient racist

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 157: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion marvels at Chip Kelly's behavior amid controversy. 

    Hakeem Nicks was in his prime last year and a 35-year old Reggie Wayne still crushed him in fantasy points per game. 

    Marques Colston and Vincent Jackson violate bogus rules of thumb derived from flawed reasoning -- draft them with confidence in the middle rounds. 

    Drafting Jermaine Gresham, because if Bruce Arians coached Rob Gronkowski, Gronk would still be a TE1 in fantasy. 

    Heath Miller is the best tight end that Bruce Arians has had the opportunity to coach. 

    Larry Fitzgerald's muted 2014 output can be partly blamed on bad QB play.

    Marveling at the 2-year anniversary of Riley Cooper racist remarks. 

    Riley Cooper was the least efficient wide receiver in football in 2014.

    The criticism of Jeff Janis' practice performances is rife with barefaced non-facts and blatantly contradictions. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

  • Wrestling Star Brawlin Bo Cooper comes to Pipebomb Radio Tonight!!!

    in Wrestling

    Tonight on Pipebomb Radio Felix and Nate talk to Independent Wrestling Star Brawlin Bo Cooper about his career in pro wrestling and what he is up to today. Being trained by the late great Louie Spicolli and Jesse Hernandez Bo has been an active pro wrestling since 1996 and talk about all of this and so much more. 

  • West Texas Pit Masters with Lance Moore

    in Food

    Lance Moore is a professional BBQ Cook. With the Hottest Show in BBQ

  • How to be Unstoppable with Tina Moore Brown

    in Christianity

    8/27/15:  On the Show my guest is Confidence Coach, Tina Moore Brown and she will be sharing with us on the topic of; "How To Be Unstoppable" she will share with us what she calls "ICU".  Tina Moore Brown is an Confindence Coach, Author, Business Owner, Wife and Mother who is teaching people to live successful and healthier lives.

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    Everything with Kathy B, Chef Oliver, Dr Julissa, Michelle Moore

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for our Healthy Cooking & Living Segment with Chef Oliver, Kathy B & special Guest, Michelle Moore.

    6- Chef Oliver is back in the kitchen with another amazing dish.  What's on the menu? Gnocchi with  mushrooms, shallots, garlic, basil, spinach with a homemade tomato sauce. Another budget friendly, nutritious and simple to make meal.  Be sure to follow the slide show at 6:15.

    7 Dr Julissa is back in the studio to share valuable information on how we can live a Healthy Life.Tune in tonight for Healthy Living with Dr Julissa (www.drjulissa.com) as she and Kathy discuss one of her articles, 13 Tips For Healthy Aging. Listen in as Dr Julissa shares how we can do simple things right now to feel good and to help give our bodies their best shot at longevity.

    7:30- Join us for Total Life Changes with Kathy B and Special Guest Michelle Moore?.
    No stranger to network marketing, Michelle has worked with several companies throughout the past 30 years, but never found long term success with any of them due to her long battle with Sickle Cell Anemia. Over the past decade her focus shifted from making lots of money with a company, to finding a line of products that would improve her health, particularly something that would help with chronic fatigue and chronic pain. Michelle tried dozens of herbs, vitamins, supplements and juices. One day she was encouraged to try Iaso Tea. The rest is history!!! Total Life Changes has provided her with the products she was searching for. They worked and improved her health dramatically!!!  Michelle is committed to sharing her story to others who are interested in what she takes and how she is building a business with TLC to provide a secure financial future for her and her family.

    Tune in to hear Michelle's amazing story of how Total Life Changes Products have changed her life.


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    Cooper Center for Environmental Learning

    in Environment

    Colin Waite, Director

    Their educational philosophies are based on the beliefs and guidelines of the Institute for Earth Education, an international organization dedicated to connecting learners of all ages to the natural world. The Cooper Center is a campus that inspires participants to preserve the Sonoran Desert and live more lightly on the earth. There are many opportunities for students of all ages to learn through hands on research and exciting outdoor learning. I cannot wait to hear more about it and I hope you join me. This show made possible through the generous support of Discount Cab Company.

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    Snaps, Claps & Chat with the Hip Hop Maniac and Author Audrey Moore

    in Music

    Omar Jefferson aka DJ Spank Master Boogie aka Hip Hop Maniac, is no stranger to the music, hip hop scene.  

    Albums: Modern Tribe Records 1996 featured artist - Indigenous Tribe w/ Eminem - 1997 2001 Power of The Ghetto (Mad Wax Recordings) 2003 Return of The Repo Man (Mad Wax Recordings) 2004 BarackTheVote Compilation (Promo Only) 2008 Orlando2Vegas Compilation Volume 1 - 2009 Who !s Spank Master Boogie (Miami2Vegas) 2012 Ra Boogie: 313 Experimental Project (Miami2Vegas) 2014 Cotton Candy Glowsticks (Miami2Vegas) 2014 Humanoid Destructo (Miami2Vegas) 

    Audrey Burke-Moore is a published author with a new book on the market. “The Choice: Weighted Letters” is the first book in The Choice Series. Born in Birmingham, Al, Audrey took a strong interest in writing both short stories and poetry at a young age. “I love words and the way they can draw out emotions from the reader.”, says Burke.  Audrey has a pure passion to help kids dealing with bullying. Her goal is to spread the anti-bullying message nationwide.  Find out more about Audrey and her work at   www.whoisaudreymoore.com  and www.bullyingendstoday.com

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    SANA VOICES presents author and speaker Tremayne Moore

    in Spirituality

    Mark your calendar for SANA VOICES live radio broadcast on the air with Author, Writer and Speaker Tremayne Moore on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 8pm PST / 10pm CST / 12pm EST. Topic of discussion: The Broken Soul

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    Wed Nite Wine Down w/ Sh'Moore & Shakir

    in Relationships

     Join us as Tearrance Harris shares his journey in poetry of what Preach Blackman means. Later in the show,  join the Wine Down Family in some discussion about sex and spirituality. 

    Grab the Moscato and your tablet and tell Sh’ Moore all about it! On Wednesday nights, you get the chance to see life through the eyes of the opposite sex. Get the thoughts and views of life and love from the “horse’s mouth”. Along with her co-host, Sh’ Moore offers insight about various topics that men and women face in everyday living. Along with the look into the male and female psyche, Sh’ Moore dedicates time to introduce you to aspiring talent and ambitious entrepreneurs. An hour of your evening well spent and purposefully used! Are you listening?

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