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    LUVCOACH Show with Dr. Karen Sherman

    in Relationships

    The LUVCOACH Bruce Starr will have on as his guest Dr. Karen Sherman.

    Dr. Karen Sherman, a licensed psychologist in New York, has been in private practice for over 25 years. Her focus is relationships/marriage and helping people achieve their greatest potential. 

    Karen is the author of "Mindfulness and The Art of Choice: Transform Your Life” which enables people to let go of conditioned responses and empower them to make their own choices; the co-author of “Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, and Make It Last,” and a contributor to "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 2," writing a chapter about overcoming stress. 

    She also conducts workshops, teleseminars and speaking engagements. Presently, she’s the host of her own radio show, Your Empowered Relationship, on sextalknetwork.  Additionally, she writes for YourTango.com and podcasts for Hitchedmag.com.  She's a frequent guest on national radio and her expert opinion has appeared in numerous publications. Additionally, she was a former relationships expert on the "Bo Griffin Morning Show," and a marriage expert on ClubMom.com.

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    America Meditating-Dr. Karen Sherman

    in Self Help

    Dr. Karen Sherman is a licensed psychologist in New York, an author, speaker and teacher.  She’s had a private practice for 25 years with a specialty in relationships. Dr. Karen’s work very much reflects the knowledge she has gained from her own personal experiences. She has dedicated her life to assisting people achieve their greatest potential.
    Her first book, Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, and Make It Last is a self-help book that allows couples to revitalize their marriage. Her second book, Mindfulness and The Art of Choice: Transform Your Life, is an award winning self-help book.  Additionally, Dr. Karen has been a contributor to a number of books, is an expert on YourTango.com, a frequent guest on national and international radio programs and her expert opinions have appeared in numerous publications.  Dr. Karen also serves on the faculty in psychology at a local university. Visit her website at:  http://www.drkarensherman.com
    Meditation Space

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    NFL Football War Stories - Sherman Howard.........

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall be speaking with Mr. Sherman Howard.  Mr. Howard played professional football for two teams.   He played the position of Running Back for four seasons for the New York Yanks and Cleveland Browns.

    Feel free to call in and ask him questions about he professional playing days, his college days, and even go back to his high school playing days.  He will also share with us what he did after his playing days on the professional level.

    Be sure to have pen and paper ready to take notes as well.



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    Special Guests trainers Art Sherman & Raymond Handal

    in Sports

    Special Guests trainers Art Sherman & Raymond Handal Tuesday Night at 9:00 pm et. Listen in, as we're joined by Kentucky Derby and Preakness winning Trainer of California Chrome, Art Sherman! California Chrome will try the turf for the first time in the Hollywood Derby.  We will Also be joined by trainer Raymond Handal. Raymond will be sending out his first Special Guests trainers Art Sherman & Raymond Handal Tuesday Night at 9:00 pm et. Listen in, as we're joined by Kentucky Derby and Preakness winning Trainer of California Chrome, Art Sherman! California Chrome will try the turf for the first time in the Hollywood Derby.  We will Also be joined by trainer Raymond Handal. Raymond will be sending out his hhorse as a trainer this Wednesday in the 3rd race at Aqueduct! 

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    The Q-Spot with Big Body and Bengy D. Sherman

    in Books

    Bengy Sherman is a husband and father, who has recently released his debut novel, A Hustler’s Coalition (GMB). After two prison terms, and numerous stints in jail, this 33-year-old young man is living proof that you can manifest your dreams into a reality. Sherman is published under the Delphine Publications imprint, and has many more urban fiction novels coming your way.

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    Welcome To The Dr Audrey Sherman Show

    in Self Help

    Welcome to The Dr Audrey Sherman Show. Join Dr Audrey Sherman as she kicks off her new show today! Learn all about her and some of the topics she will be discussing in weeks to come. She will welcome guests along the way. So sit back and enjoy.
    Dysfunction Interrupted-Welcome and Introduction to Show! Get to know us, ask questions, and learn about our self help program and what we have to offer you. Become part of the Psychskills community and receive a free gift! Can’t wait to get started!

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    Hearts Beneath The Badge - Conversation with Author Karen Solomon

    in Health

    Learn what is truly in the hearts of those that wear the badge of law enforecement.  Author and blogger Karen Solomon will share with us the everyday stories of those that help to care for and keep us safe.

    Karen's new book, Hearts Beneath the Badge is a unique compilation of interviews with officers across the country.  Join me in hearing these stories.

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    ABOUT ONENESS with Karen Neumann

    in Spirituality

    About Oneness is a weekly radio program focused on celebrating the ongoing conscious awakening of our planet and our realization of Oneness.

    Join host, author, lecturer, integrated channel and intuitive Karen Neumann each week as she presents a varied array of guests, discussions, channeled readings and study, whose aim is to expand the awareness of our own Truest selves and to tap into the truths of the Universe. The biggest truth being that of Unconditional Love.

    Karen Neumann is American originally from Charleston, South Carolina, now living in Europe in The Hague, The Netherlands, She is an integrated channel, medium, Reiki Master and metaphysical teacher. She has a varied and diverse background including that of being a singer, dancer and writer as well as working in the sport nutrition and fitness world. As a channel she brings the forward the information of her non-physical guides called Theos, whose message is always that of Oneness and Unconditional Love. This show for Karen is about integrating all her experiences and following her highest excitement , which is tapping into truth to better understanding her place in the Universe.


    Karen's YouTUBE

    Karen on Twitter 

    Karen on Facebook:

    Donate to About ONENESS and the EEN Network 


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    Karen Ranzi on Thanksgiving Meal & Pachamama Alliance

    in Lifestyle

    Wednesday, November 26, 6pm EST: The first half of today’s show is with guest is the author of Creating Healthy Children Through Attachment Parenting & Raw Foods, Karen Ranzi. The second half is about the Pachamama Alliance event occurring in NYC on Sat., Dec. 6 (see below), “Awakening the Dreamer”, addressing our role in the environmental degradation we are causing all around us and what we can do about it pro-actively, you and me.

    Join us! You may find yourself gobbling in a new way and to a different tune.

    The importance of the information in this book cannot be over-estimated. As a society,, if we were to listen to its simple instructions, we would ‘grow’ healthier, happier children who felt attended to and loved as infants on up and would manifest the behaviors & attitudes as teenagers and adults which could effectively continue to ‘grow’ our society into one that is compassionate, sustainable, creative and mature.

    Purchase Karen’s Books

    Learn more about the tenets in Karen’s work through Mitchell’s past interview with Karen on A Better World TV & Radio: http://abetterworld.tv/ech-therapist.

    Purchase That Episode on DVD

    After learning about a fine Thanksgiving dinner from Karen, you’ll learn about what the Pachamama Alliance is doing to create a better, healthier, sustainable and more balanced world. Please join me in this discussion this Wednesday evening.

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    Sweet Remedy discusses Spiritual Healing with Dr. Karen Kan

    in Spirituality

    Join Cori as she interviews bestselling author of Guide to Healing Chronic Pain - a Holistic Approach, Dr. Karen Kan, about the importance of spiritual and energetic imbalances in our lives that can make us sick.  This will be the first radio show where Dr. Karen reveals her spiritual work which involves Heart Walls, Curses, Ghosts, past-lives, ETs and more!

    NB. We had some technicl difficulties on this show, but after some finagling, it kicks in around 2.23 minutes in earnest with my guest. It's a great show and Dr. Karen has a lot of interesting insights!

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    Author Karen Adams stops by #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Karen Adams to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss what led her to write the book TRYING TO OUTRUN THE LOVE OF GOD.

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