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    Robbyne Kaamil - Activist, Singer, Composer of Freedom Song for Lolita the Orca

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    Robbyne Kaamil sings Lolita's story and her hopes for Lolita's retirement in her native habitat in this rousing, catchy rap and song video, beautifully produced by Daniel Azarian. Check out her catchy tune on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AjxjtHtwXc

    Comedian, author, actress, vocalist, radio personality and advice diva are all hats worn by the versatile Ms. Robbyne Kaamil. Robbyne’s sassy style has landed her appearances on The Howard Stern Show and numerous other radio and television shows across the country. She was featured on the first season of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy when the Fab 5 orchestrated a makeover of one of her friends. She has recently become a favorite featured celebrity on HERE TV. She has been regularly featured on HERE TV’S shows – Threesome, Year in Review, the Sherry Vine Show – She’s Living for This.

    Robbyne recently completed a tour of her electrifying one woman show, Life from One Woman’s Perspective which weaves excerpts from her popular poetry book Get off the Titty with side-ripping comedy and riveting dramatic interludes to explore relationships, politics and life. As an actress Ms. Kaamil has graced the silver screen in several popular independent films including: Bear City: The Movie and Violet Tendencies starring Mindy Cohn of “Facts of Life”. Robbyne is currently starring in the long running off-Broadway production, My Big Gay Italian Wedding.


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    Akhlaq ul-Mustafa (The Character of the Chosen One) - Ustadh Malik Mutasawwif

    in Islam

    As salaamu alaykum ikhwaan, 8pm tonight at Masjid al-Mu'min we begin our first session of al-insaan ul-kaamil (the complete man). Ustadh Malik Mutasawwif will lecture on the subject, "The Character of the Chosen One". Listen in (949) 272-9559

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    NFL Recap, CFB Top 25, MLB Playoff Race, Music - Powered by iClick2Travel.com

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    Robbyn Kaamil w/ 'Let The Girl Go, Free Lolita'

    Chris Black Beats w/ 'Ghost Ride'

    Jadrian w/ 'Fake Love'

    Alaska Diamond w/ 'FanPage'

    Joseph Cannavo w/ 'This Love'

    Syndicat w/ 'Machine'

    Awaking Abigail w/ 'Dancing On A Saturday Night'

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    Blood Plantation

    in Writing

    Should you pay for a murder committed by a family member? What if it was your great grandfather who committed this heinous act centuries ago?
    Tonight, Kaamil Garyson interviews horror author Deno Sandz on his book Blood Plantation, an historical fiction novel based on a mutiny started on a slave ship in 1810. During the uprising, the SOTO (The Soul of the Ocean), who was the slave who started the mutiny, lost his wife and he was thrown overboard by Captain Rollins. In 2010, the vengeful spirit of the now-dead SOTO returns to chasten the family of his murderer.
    In life, dreams are not enough. Set goals, focus, drive, and give... Be a Champion!
    Introduction music: "Nestea" composed by Jogeir Liljedahl.
    Voice-over: Sherry Wright.
    Copy editing: Kaamil Garyson
    Host: Kaamil Garyson

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    The Ups and Downs of Being Dead

    in Writing

    If you had a terminal illness, would you accept your imminent fate or would you choose to be put on ice for a few decades while Science and Medicine develop a cure?
    Paranormal author Kaamil Garyson interviews M.R. Cornelius about her writing, her goals, and her most recent work, The UPs and Downs of Being Dead.
    In life, dreams are not enough. Set goals, focus, drive, and give... Be a Champion!
    Introduction music: "Nestea" composed by Jogeir Liljedahl.
    Copy editing: Kaamil Garyson
    Host: Kaamil Garyson

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    Amazon vs The Big 6

    in Writing

    Host Kaamil Garyson invites author/screenwriter Clint Adams to Authors of the Free World to discuss the self-publishing industry and the Department of Justice suit against Apple and the Big publishers.
    Kaamil Garyson is a full-time writer/screenwriter currently working on his debut novel titled, Nemesis. He is also a Creative Writing student at Full Sail University.
    Clint Adams is currently adapting The Seventh Ritual into a screenplay. With an MS in marketing from Golden State University, Clint can share his expertise to self-publishing authors on the fine art of getting the word out about your work.
    Introduction music: "Nestea" composed by Jogeir Liljedahl.
    Voice-over: Sherry Watkins.
    Copy editing: Kaamil Garyson