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    TheDavidBowersAwards w/ Jennie J, Debra Lyn Alt and Rockstar101 with Judy Rodman

    in Music

    The best indie music and talk with the people who make it.  This month the ladies rock TheDavidBowersAwards.  Join me and guest co-host Nick Rogers for my October show with guests:
    - Arizona pop star Jennie J
    - Americana/folk singer/songwriter Debra Lyn Alt
    PLUS Special guest DJ J-Man from Mesa, AZ!
    AND 'Rockstar101' with award winning vocal coach/producer, recording producer, songwriter and recording artist Judy Rodman

    We'll also be talking about our 'Win a Stuart Epps Mix' Award contest winners announcement
    Phone lines and chat room will be open for your comments and questions (for the live original broadcast only).  Please Re-Post for your friends.

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    The David Bowers Awards w/ The Bellamy Brothers, Jason Bittner and Mikayla

    in Music

    Join me and my co-host Jon Bon Jovial for our February show premiering a brand new album from The Bellamy Brothers and talk with them about the album and their just completed Swiss tour.  Also, rock drummer Jason Bittner joins us to talk about his joining legendary metal band Flotsam And Jetsam!  Plus Mikayla joins us with her new release AND news about her new TV Series!!

    The best indie music and the people who make it LIVE ONLINE on Blog Talk Radio.

    Phone lines and chat room will be open.  Tell your friends and join us.

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    The Balance Broadcast 11/14/2015

    in Sports

    Finally a show for all FANS

    If your a fan of the game...Your a fan of the BALANCE. Become a Balance Minion today @TBalance, follow our family @ProIndy @2Hotcorner @IndyInMay 

    Fan Pages https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Balance/132589863441272 



    Its Saturday Morning

    Join host Tom Marquis and The Balance Team

    This is the ONE place where fanatics can come together and talk about their favorite teams. The Balance brings you an analytical breakdown of sports from a Fans point of view.

    We bring breaking news, commentary, scores, stats, standings, audio and highlights!

    We will provide great interviews and sound Bytes…..

    You don't wanna miss the Balance !!!


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    AnNUNaki or AmMOREki?

    in Entertainment

    Join us, as we discuss the alien connections between the Illuminati (Hip-Hop, and otherwise) and the secret aliens -- those that live in secret, manipulating our world. Tune in as we discuss Alien Races, and if they are in fact our creators. Did they visit us on 11/7/15 or was it really "just" a government missile? We will cover the recent "UFO" video in SoCal, filmed by Julien Solomita.

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    in Vegetarian

    Join us 1st Saturday of the month to discuss Plant-Based Cooking & Living Information, how to support your spiritual journey as you support your body temple through your awakening process.

    Location: Blog Talk Radio

    Day: Thursdays

    Time: 11:00am - 11:30am PST

    Call in to speak with the host (646)[masked]

    This is a BlogTalk FREE Internet Radio, designed with you in mind.




    Music by Julien Jett ....

    Share our upcoming events in Store and Live Stream.

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    Sharon Cory R.N. Bach Remedy Expert and Intuitive Healer

    in Education

    Day: Nov 3, 2015

    Time: 11:00am - 11:30am PST

    Call in to speak with the host (646) 929-0765 

    This is a BlogTalk FREE Internet Radio, designed with you in mind. 

    Music by Julien Jett ....


    There are 38 Different Bach Flower Remedies To Soothe Your Upset Pet.

    Sharon Cory R.N.  Bach Remedy Expert and Intuitive Healer is "One Expert Who Makes Choosing The Right Ones Fast and Easy".

    Let an Intuitive Healer Create a Custom-Made Bach Flower Remedy For Your Pet. This is perfect support for rescued pets. 

    Pets are family members, too. When they’re upset, you’re upset. Especially if their troubled feelings lead to bad behavior.



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    TheDavidBowersAwards w/ Whiteboy Slim, Maggie Thorn, Brantner, Mischa Shellhaas

    in Music

    More great indie music and talk with the people who make it!
    Join me and co-host Jon Bon Jovial for our September show with guests debuting their newest releases:

    -Whiteboy Slim
    -Maggie Thorn
    -Misha Schellhaas
    -Branter (From Portugal in their first American appearance)

    Chat Room and phone lines will be open for your comments and questions.  Follow this page for more info and re-post for your friends.
    If you can't join us live, listen on you own time 'on demand.'  TheDavidBowersAwards are always available in archive FREE.

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    Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

    in Sports

    The Canadian Moto Show is on the air 'Live' from Vernon B.C. Wednesday night at 6:00 pm pacific 9:00 pm eastern and can be found right here http://www.canadianmotoshow.com This week on the show we look back at rounds 5 and 6 of the AX-Tour in Penticton as well we look ahead to the resumption of the Future West Moto Arenacross series in Cloverdale. We will catch up with many involved on and off the track and will get their take on all of the excitement.

    The Canadian Moto show this week will catch up with Shawn Maffenbier who was a member of the Rockstar OTSFF team on a Yamaha in 2015. Where will Shawn end up in 2016? Join us as we look to get Shawn's take on potential directions he will go for the upcoming season. We will also chat with Ryno Power Sports Supplements rider Tyler Unger who won this years WCAN Silver Sprocket award in Raymond Alta on tonights show. New papa and the man we call the Peoples Favourite Ryan Lockhart will also re-join the show tonight.

    Tonight we continue our KTM Racing segmented profiles with Holeshot Motorsports rider Julien Benek. We also look forward to chatting with Revelstoke BC's Seth Chevrier who is quickly becoming an Arenacross veteran. Casey Keast will check in with Wednesday nights show and give us the goods on the Monster Energy Cup and his plans moving forward.

    We also continue our popular Canadian Moto Show giveaways with Motocross Performance Magazine, Ryno Power Sports Supplements, The Legends of Canadian Motocross, 2UNDR, FXR Racing and Maple Ridge Motorsports. The call in to win prize package is valued at over $200 and will go to the first caller when the gate drops on giveaways. Tell a friend, log in and hit up the ever popular chat board as the Canadian Moto Show is on the Air. Lets Go Bench Racing!

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    The Story Blender with special guest Kim Weitkamp

    in Books

    The Story Blender

    The Story Blender with host Steven James tonight interviews Kim Weitkamp. Steven is the author of several books including his award winning series The Bowers Files. Visit www.thestoryblender.com for more information on this show and Steven's work. 

    Kim Weitkamp (Internationally-Known Storyteller)

    At the root of all she does, Kim Weitkamp is first and foremost a storyteller—from performing internationally at festivals and theaters, to providing keynotes for some of Forbesmost recognized companies. With wit and wisdom she offers valuable insights to storytellers of all stripes, especially to speakers and presenters. 

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    Investigative Reporter Jim Simpson - Refugee Resettlement or Invasion?

    in Politics Conservative

    Southern Sense is a show of conservative talk on news and events, with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis as host and Curtis "CS" Bennett, co-host. Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey!

    Visit our website at http://www.Southern-Sense.com/, become a member and follow us here and on Facebook.

    Dan Perkins, is a contributor to DailySurge.com and TheHill.com. Perkins, is a master writer and author of The Brotherhood of the Red Nile Trilogy, which centers around Islamic nuclear terrorism against the USA.  www.danperkinsatsanibel.com

    **Rescheduled do to change in his travel plans: James Simpson is an investigative journalist, businessman and former economist and budget examiner for the White House Office of Management and Budget. Mr. Simpson’s work is published at AIM.org, American Thinker, Breitbart, Capital Research Center, Washington Times, WorldNet Daily and elsewhere. He is also featured in Curtis Bowers’ award winning documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down.  https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2015/07/22/new-report-heralds-existential-threat-to-america/


    Dedication: Seaman First Class Calvin Graham, the youngest WWII veteran to serve at the age of 12

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    The Spirit Within U BlogTalk Radio W/Jason Nelson

    in Spirituality

    Time: 11:00am - 11:30am PST 

    Call in to speak with the host (646) 929-0765  

    This is a BlogTalk FREE Internet Radio, designed with you in mind.  

    Music by Julien Jett ....

    About Jason

    Jason Nelson is a grounded, clear voice of our time, removing the old paradigm of dualism and judgment, to release our ego and fully reveal our loving soul’s true, authentic nature.

    His mission is to give people simple, grounded, practical tools to be applied in everyday life that provide tangible proof of our power to co-create our own life and destiny. As a result, one opens up to their fullest potential and role-models a new way of living—free, with peace and purpose. Read More...

    Jason is hosting "Living From Your Soul – Life Purpose, Healing, Spiritual Guidance" at The Spirit Within U on Oct 14th at 7:00 pm