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    InSpirit With JP- Free On-Air Intuitive Readings

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    Welcome to InSpirit With your host James "JP" Jackson
    JP is a fully licensed Inter-Spiritual MInister, Strategic Life Coach and Professional Intuitive with a practice of over 8+ years of Spiritual and Holistic Services.
    JP will be giving live on the air Mini Intutitive Readings for those who call in!
    For a private and indepth readings and or coaching session with JP check out www.jpinspirirt.com


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    how is it JP?

  • remembering JP SMITH always and forever

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    Our brother JP SMITH was a wonderful person who was kind to others,sharing,caring,an author,an audio tech,a son,a brother,and a friend of all  those who loved Christ. This show is for him and those he loved and loved him in return.Please join myself and co-host Sanjay as we remember our  brother we loved and were close with,hear from friends and comrades,and his family members who were touched deaply by him. Alaways and forever our friend of the forest.

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    Tuesday Crunchtime with JP!!

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    Welcome to my Tuesday Edition of Crunchtime with JP, hey guess what we got alot to talk about in the D wade situation, women's world cup and MLB Scords, plus the headlines. Follow me on Twitter @Miami4life247

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    InSpirit With JP- Free Intuitive Readings

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    Welcome To InSpirit With JP! :)
    Today's Topic of interest: Growing Pains/ State of Being
    During the show, if you would like to receive a complimentary Free Intuitive Reading, please feel free to dail in at (805) 285-9722 and press #1 to get into que.
    JP is a Licensed and Ordianed Inter-Spiritual Minister, Professional Intuitive, Strategic Life Coach, ACIM Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. All the way from Miami, Florida, JP is passionate about Healing, Recovery, Joy and Unconditional Love.
    For future upcoming events, products and or services with JP check out www.jpinspirit.com and or simply press "Follow" on our show page. 

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    InSpirit With JP-Free Intuitive Guidance

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    You're Listening to  InSpirit with JP! :)
    Join Inter-Spiritual Minister, Strategic Life Coach and Professional Intuitive JP for an hour of Free Intuitive Guidance! JP is a Holistic Counselor with 8 year of Professional Life Coaching experience and 12 years of Intuitive Services. As a natural Empath and Clairvoyant JP is passionate about Spiritual Empowerment, Personal Development and Intuition Development. 
    If you would Free Intuitive Guidance, be sure to call in early as lines will fill up quickly.
    Join us in Chat! Sign up for a free Blogtalkradio profile and join JP and Listeners in Chat. Also, be sure to click "follow" for all future show dates and times. 
    For a private indepth readings, coaching, and or counseling services check out-------------->www.jpinspirit.com

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    Tuesday Edition of Crunch time with JP!

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    This is the tuesday edition of Crunch time with JP!!

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    InSpirit With JP-Free Intuitive Readings

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    InSpirit Wth JP- Free Intuitive Readings
    Inter-Faith Sunday Service- Free Readings
    Born and raised in Miami, Florida, JP is a fully licensed and Ordained Inter-Faith Spiritual Minister, Professional Strategic Life Coach, Professional Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor specializing in Stress Management, Personal & Spiritual Empowerment, Goal Setting, Group and Couple Coaching and Intuition Development.
    In service for more than 8 years, JP uses practical wisdom and spiritual understanding to help folks with their Every Day Lives. Bringing his unique skills,talents and exceptional insight into the corporate arena, JP has helped business owners succefully leap from conventional leadership to Empowered Living.
    For a private and full indepth reading or Coaching with JP check out http://jpinspirit.yolasite.com

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    JP Sears, Mens Spiritual Radio Hour, Tuesday, May 26, 8pm EST

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    Mark Rawson and Mike Snyder, One Tuesday of every month 8:00-9:00PM EST  (May 26)

    The Men’s Spiritual Radio Hour- A show about men and their Spiritual Journey- Special show tonight

    Guest for our Tuesday show is JP Sears

    JP Sears is an emotional healing coach, international teacher, world traveler, and curious student of life.  His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives.  JP presents classes, workshops, online seminars, and leads retreats at numerous locations around the world on inner healing and growth.  He is also very active on his YouTube channel AwakenWithJP, where he encourages healing and growth through his entertainingly informative and inspiring videos.

    JP served as a faculty member for the C.H.E.K Institute from 2006 to 2013.  JP holds certification as a Holistic Coach Advanced Practitioner through the Holistic Coaching Institute in Columbus, OH.


    Website http://www.innerawakeningsonline.com/

    Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwUizOU8pPWXdXNniXypQEQ?sub_confirmation=1

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    Bert Martinez joined by Saj-nicole Joni, Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, Kathy Fettke

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    Saj-nicole Joni, Ph.D.internationally acclaimed business strategist and confidential CEO advisor, speaker, and author who works with top executives and boards to solve their most high stakes challenges. She is called upon by CEOs, boards, industry leaders, and executive audiences to serve as their strategic thinking partner, helping them deliver the results needed now while clearing the path for far reaching future impact. She helps CEOs and topmost leaders innovate, grow, execute, and drive performance by challenging their best strategic thinking, viewing all sides of a business problem, and testing multiple possibilities 

    Kathy Fettke CEO and Founder of Real Wealth Network, an organization dedicated to helping members get the most current and cutting edge education and information they need to succeed as real estate investors. She is a licensed Realtor, former mortgage broker, and an active real estate investor  She was selected as one of America's "100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs" by Goldman Sachs at the 1st annual and now 2nd Annual Builders and Innovator's Summit. She is an active real estate investor, licensed Realtor, certified coach, and former mortgage broker 

    Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry internationally renowned expert, trainer, and speaker at the Institute for Health and Human Potential, one of the world’s most highly respected resources on pressure and performance.  His new book Performing Under Pressure, co-written with Hendrie Weissinger, provides actionable "pressure solutions" that maximize success during pressure situations, as well as real-world examples from his clients, including corporate executives, Olympic athletes, and Navy SEALS.  He also offers in-depth, science-based research about pressure's impact on the brain and, ultimately, our performance

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    InSpirit with JP- Free General Readings

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    Join JP for an afternoon of Spiritual Dialogue, Self-Empowerment, Clarity and Healing.
    This Afternoon's topic- No Fear In Love
    JP will be giving out Free General Intuitive Readings to today's listeners calling in. Be sure to get into que early as lines fill up very quickly.
    J.P.is a Licensed and Ordained Spiritual Interfaith Minister, Holistic Counselor and Life Coach who specializes in Self-Development, Stress Management, Meditation and Group Coaching. As an empath,clairvoyant and intuitive, J.P. uses his ability to connect with Source/Love to provide his clients with the clarity, insight, soul nourishment and wisdom they need to move forward in confidence.