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    Manifesting Your Purpose

    in The Bible

    Jone us for this weeks broadcast as we begin to take a look back at the creation of man, and the reason behind it. We promise you that you won't want to miss this. The Take Over, with new broadcast available every Thursday on Blog Talk and iTunes

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight Sat. November 14, 2015 on "NU Day": 

    Sisters will now either really Stand Up.or They need to Shut Up. The weekly reports of the violations of our women and girls is alarming and very disturbing.  Talks, rallies, conferences, etc. are good but these things are obviously not working. The National Million Woman march and Universal Movements has a major holistic  plan

     What will you do to support the "National Campaign for the Elimination of Violence and Abuse of Women and Girls of African Descent?

    Tonight we will review and discuss the death of Ralkina Jones, 37, who died in a Cleveland Ohio jail on July 26, 2015  and now her death has been ruled accidental.  ALSO: There is another Black woman (Sister) that has been almost beaten to death by an ex-boyfriend., Theresa Adair in not expected to live.

    AND: Get Ready for the political event of the year "The National Black Women's olitical Convention" 2016 

    Also, Learrn why it is so important for MWM to be at he upcoming African Union (AU) Convention that is taking place Nove 19-22, 2015.

    Also, Hear a Mumia Abu Jamal update from Bro. Wali Smith a Prison rRghts and Prison Reform Advocate 

    And nn the "Live Line" with Dr. randy Short and more...

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    Get Real! with Mark and Kally - Stress Reducing Tips for the Holidays

    in Lifestyle

    Do you find yourself not looking forward to some holidays?  Do you wish you had more time?  Do the holidays overwhelm you?  We have tips to help you get more organize, reduce your stress, and connect to a more joyous season.

    And isn't the holiday season about JOY in the first place?  There are many things that can derail us at the end of the year, finances and over spending, shopping, 'Keeping up with the Jone's', the weather, long lines, weight gain, traveling, and even feeling obligated to attend social parties for work, family or the community.

    Tune in for tools and tips to help you create your holiday season the way you want it.

    Mark and Kally with Indigo Mountain

    On Your True Colours Image Radio 

    Photo credits by caminoel, Stuart Miles, imagerymajestic and anankkml at freedigitalphotos.net

  • Straight talk w/ Tie Jones, Marc Lee & Dean Geronimo.. Join in on the roundtable

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight on The Voice of The People. We wil discuss topics that are hitting close to home in your commuity and abroad as well as chat with fetured surprise guest that will pop up and chat with us during our roundtable discussion. Chime in by giveing us a call and yes your opinion does matter of my show!!! Ha!!  Also scheduled to join us today will be Lisa Sorg, formerly of the Independent Magazine, and a leading proponent of independent media and blogging.....Should be a lively discussion about media and it's impact, both traditional and non-traditional media...

    Love Tie Jone

    Host of The Voice of The People





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    BPEarthWatch/World Update at 6pm.

    in Current Events

    Don't Miss tonight's show, Stock Market Update. The World Markets continue to collapse. 

  • Cancer is tough

    in Business

    Anna's Journey has a 2015 mission to raise awareness about cancer - from research to diagnosis to treatment to remission or cures.  Visit with Anna Renault on her Thursday Anna's Journey radio shows to hear many ins and outs of cancer - the medical side, as well as the non-medical side of this life changing disease!

    Jone the show live at 8 AM on Thursday September 3 and again on September 17... OR listen to the podcast replays which are available 24/7 on www.blogtalkradio.com/anna-renault

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    Are we at L'AMOUR tonight?

    in Rock Music

    Our show tonight could have taken place 25 or 30 years ago at the Brooklyn Rock Palace L'AMOURS. Donnie Tranchina, whose band DECEIVER, frequented this Metal Mecca during its heyday and Thrsday Night he graces the airwaves of "Hard Rock N Sports". We will talk to Donnie about the "Golden Age" of Metal and Where metal is today, locally and Universally as well. Donnie is also the Editor in Chief of Rock Show Magazine so we will ask Donnie how he came up with the idea ofor the magazine and where it is headed in the future. 

    John Brullo, Lead Singer of the famous Island Band, NO MORE TEARS, is also coming on to talk about todays  Rock scene. That man can bring the noise, so I am really looking forward to talking to John.

    And if that wasn't enough, Executive Show Producer Joe Gansas has also gotten the Inventor of the Lollipop Guitar, Roy Jones to come on and give us the story of this very popular guitar and hopefully I can get Roy to talk a little Soprts as well.

    And of Course I want to touch on a variety of Sports Topics, Rangers Lose Game 7, will David Wright ever come back?, Cavs vs Golden State, etc.. I just hope we have time to get to all of these topics during the 2 hour live broadcast.

    Well if you wanted to hear some Metal talk, then tune into blogtalkradio.com this coming Thursday at 6:30 pm est to hear my interview will all of my guests and I would love it if you all called in (347) 826-9934 and talked to them as well.


    Keep on Rockin!!!


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    Escapism by Rebel Life Media

    in Music

    Escapism presented by the Ohio Hip-Hop Award nominated Rebel Life Media brought to you by the Ohio Hip-Hop Award winning GIPBKR. Escapism invites you to leave all the problems and negativity of the world outside as you enjoy great music from signed and unsigned artists around the world. Episode 26 features an interview with the new queen of twerk music Brittnye B. Follow Rebel Life Media @rebellifemedia on Twitter. To sponsor, have your music featured or product placed email: rebellifemedia@yahoo.com

    Music on this episode is by Finnaticz, K-Stylis, Lil Will, Travis Porter, Baby Huey, Tifa, Tampa Tony, Ali & Gipp, T-Pain, Lil Ru, Assata Jone & Tink, Project Pat, Twista, Bonde das Maravilhas, Soulja Boy, Wankaego, DJ Unk, Main Event, Major Lazer, Nation Boy, Travis Porter, Gotti Boy, Ying Yang Twins, Gotti Boy Chris, Ca$h Out, T.O.K. & Lahlipop, Young Shon, Lil Ronny, MykFresh, B-Hamp, Brittnye B.

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    Music with a Message with host Champale Parks

    in Spirituality

    Juliet Nichole Jones (also known as Christian/ Gospel Recording Artist J. Nichole) is a native of Pennsylvania, and an 

    Inspiring Contemporary Gospel Artist who has a love of ministry and music.

    Be prepared to be inspired but entertained as Champale Parks and  Music with a Message present J. Nichole tonght at 8pm est - 7pm cst right here on HIS HEART NETWORK.

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    Don't Judge my Path if you don't know my Journey

    in Women

    Hey Ladies,

    We are notorious for critizing one another before really hearing their stories. But realize this, judging a person does not defined who they are..... it defines who you are..   Judging  a person over the choices they have made with out understanding their reasoning is a sign of ignorance....Do you agree?

    We are excited and honored to have an awesome writer-  La Quana Jone- The book is called Stolen Virginity-it's the most heart felt book we have read in a long time yaw-   All women who needs emotional healing need to read this book for real.  So lets talk ladies, see you Sunday 1:30 PM PST

      Love ya!

    Grace and Mercy

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    Roasting Show

    in Comedy

    Show Full Off Comedians Taking Joning To The Next Level Hosted By : Javario Lapsley (JoneKing) Come And Have A FUN Time ! Profanity Mat Be Used, Viewer Descretion Is Advised ..