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    My Name Is Jonas

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    Host Derek Felix returns for a special show devoted to Jonas. The first snow storm of winter to hit New York City. Over two feet of snow from the ongoing blizzard. Also a Weezer hit song from the blue album. Sunday is NFL championship day with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning hooking up once more. Who will prevail between the Pats and Broncos? Cam Newton and the Panthers look to defeat Carson Palmer and the Cardinals and make the Super Bowl. Plus the usual chaos. Did LeBron fire David Blatt? Yoenis Cespedes chooses the Mets over the Nats. 

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    “The Social Lab” TM Hyman Radio is a high-energy exchange of views, insight and entertainment executive produced and hosted by TM Hyman with co-host Madam Boston, Hot Chocolate, Sabe James, along with special correspondents DD Willingham & Toya Cooper. The one-hour weekly program offers a unique blend of fresh topics and practical conversations with over 100,000 listeners worldwide. The show has featured regular celebrity guest including Christopher Williams, Supa Producer Bing Dawg (Straight Outta Compton Soundtrack), Dru Hill, Cast of Money & Violence, Mack Wilds, Joe Smith, Dawn Richard (Dirty Money), High Five, 112, Dr. Gray Ray (FAMU) and so many others. Each Monday, Wednesday & Friday TM Hyman engages co-hosts and guests in substantive and provocative discussions on a wide range of topics including: politics, health, finance, sports, technology and pop culture. A humorous, but insightful navigation of the issues that matter from fresh, diverse points of view is the show's hallmark.

    REAL TALK. REAL PEOPLE. REAL TIMES. Log onto http://www.tmhymanradio.com to listen LIVE Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9pm. Don't miss it! Produced by: HAC Media

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    Kimberly Jonas Series continues on Quieting the Mind

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    You will be transformed by Kimberly Jonas' series on Quieting the Mind.

    If you are jumping into the middle of this, here's last week's session on Quieting the Mind that will get you caught up.


    On this show, we will discuss:

    Why we avoid quieting the mind

    The first, essential step required to start quieting the mind

    Specific techniques and practices

    Last week, we invited you to look at how technology crowds your life and choose ONE thing that you could remove so that you could start this practice of quieting the mind. We hope that was successful. We'll be talking more in depth today about additional practices and techniques.

    Before we do that, Kimberly would like to address a few topics that came up in our discussion last week:

    Working with our survival instinct
    The primary reason why we avoid slowing down and quieting the mind
    Why “sleeping on it” isn’t always helpful

    Before we talk about specific techniques, can you remind us about the essential step that comes before those techniques?

    I imagine that you see a lot of different sources of overload in your work. What are the most common sources of busy-ness and excess?

    So let’s talk now about specific techniques..... missteps and mistakes along the way?

    WEEK TWO- we discussed-

    The importance of quieting the mind in the our busy lives - rather than completely unplugging
    Letting go of our knee-jerk reactions
    The "culture of rudeness" that has cropped up as a result of our fast-paced society
    Taking charge and not allowing yourself to become a victim
    Practices for identifying sources of distraction and busy mind in your life

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    Jonas Menarde for President

    in Entertainment

    Jonas is joining me today to discuss his viewpoints on the current state of America's political system. He has high hopes and ambitions for a better government. Tune in to hear his thoughts! 


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    Kimberly Jonas Quieting the Mind Series Declares 2016 the year of quieting

    in Lifestyle

    Kimberly Jonas Quieting the Mind Series Declares 2016 the year of quieting. It's a new year and time to dismantle the sources that slow you down. Breathe in the new year and new start with Kimberly.

    This show is presented by Gracefully-yours.com, America's favorite inspirational greeting cards, wall decor and journals.

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    Hal Elrod

    in Lifestyle

    Hal Elrod took a tragic event (dying) and has made it his life's missioon to inspire and educate others on overcoming adversity and living life to its fullest. Hal is the author of The Miracle Morning and Taking Life Head On, He's a frequent guest on television, radio, and stage, inspiring audiences with his high-energy and endearing story.

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    Brooklyn Real Estate Attorney Robert Howe News Recap: Blizzard Jonas Edition

    in Real Estate

    Brooklyn real estate attorney Robert Howe examines the biggest real estate stories in Brooklyn from the past month of January.

    You can tune in to hear Bob discuss New York real estate, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn small business, community affairs, and events. Call in or email us with any questions and follow Bob on Facebook and Twitter @RobertHowePC. 

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    #033: The Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod

    in Health

    Overcoming difficulty is always hard - and sometimes we find ourselves at our most resourceful and creative in pushing through obstacles when we're at our most desperate hour.

    Hal Elrod died for six minutes, broke his pelvis, was put in a coma and told he would never walk again when he woke up (and then dumped by his girlfriend) and got pretty creative with his attempts to continue to pursue his dreams.

    Like all good thought leaders he created a system - it's called The Miracle Morning and he shares it on this week's edition of RAW Health Radio.

    We covered:

    - The Life SAVERS that Hal used to remind himself that results come from self-mastery, not being a victim

    - The surprising results that come when you dedicate a portion of each day to improving yourself

    - What to do if you're not a morning person

    Hosted by David White of RAW Health Movement

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    DPC Secrets (Time, Time and Time. Relationships.)

    in Health

    Dr. Pat Jonas, your host on the Dr Synonymous Show, will discuss Direct Primary Care again focusing on some DPC secrets that make it appealing.  Time, Time, Time.  Expanded Differential Diagnosis.  Depth of personalization.  Even genomics.  Even eating strategies.  Time, Time, Time.

    Eating for Health.  Learning from Dr.'s Davis and Perlmutter.  Probiotics:  Eating microbes to seed the intestinal flora and Prebiotics:  Fiber that feeds our intestinal flora.  What is it?  Why is it important?

    Dr Jonas will also comment on the DPC Ohio UnSummit IV to be held in Dublin, OH on February 20 from 8:30 until 4:30.  We;ll have some fun learning and sharing about DPC.

    Blog and Tweet Review as usual.  Connect in our chat room.

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    Closing in on Iowa

    in Politics

    Good evening, tomorrow morning on The Meter we will discuss the calm before the storm of the final debate before the Iowa caucus, on February 1st, in both the Republcian and Democratic primaries. Donald Trump leads Ted Cruz and the others on the Republcian side, while Hilalry Clinton is holding off a surging Bernie Sanders for the Democrats. This week a group of conservatives have united against Trump in an article in the conservative magazine, National Review. Will this alliance stump Trump? In the meantime, Donald Trump was endorsed by former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin before a rousing crowd in Iowa. Will Palin's nod help Trump with conservatives? As the FBI probe continues to haunt the democratic frontrunner, her campaign has launched an attack on Sanders being a Socialist, as Sanders says Clinton is establishment. Also, Winter Sorm Jonas has pounded the Northeaast and Midatlantic region dumping as much as 40 inches of snow in some parts. New York and Washignton have declared states of emergency. After a December heat wave and now a super snowstorm, the issue of climate change once again is raised. Are emissions from oil and coal causing erratic weather and enhancing storms? Please join the discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential. www.blogtalkradio.com/themeter.


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    Kimberly Jonas Series continues on Quieting the Mind

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    Kimberly Jonas Series continues on Quieting the Mind.

    Today's show focuses on The Mind::Body Connection plus Live Q&A.


    On this show, we will discuss:

    ·       How the mind and body are inextricably connected

    ·       The connection between a busy mind and illness – and how a quiet mind can help you to heal

    ·       Learning how to identify and listen to body cues


    Kimberly Jonas is a self-employed spiritual coach and inspirational author. After acting as a project manager and art director in the corporate world for nearly 10 years, she left in 2002 to teach conscious dance, meditation, and other mindful practices. She is the founder of BodyMantra, has her own line of healing essential oils, and recently self-published three volumes of poetry. www.kimberlyjonas.com.