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    Batman: The Killing Joke Review!

    in Entertainment

    Those Guys discuss Batman: The Killing Joke, and More...

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    Mark Hamill Returns for 'The Killing Joke'!

    in Film

    DC on SCREEN news!

    *Mark Hamill Returns for 'The Killing Joke'!

    *Stephen Amell reveals strong feelings about his goatee!

    *Supergirl adds a Reactron!

    *Chris Pine chooses his role in the DC Extended Universe!


    *Mercy Graves confirmed!

    *Jena Malone is Barbara Gordon?

    *Scoot McNairy is amputated Jimmy Olsen?

    *Inside the September issue of Empre Magazine's coverage of Batman v Superman!

    *Ben Affleck's Wayne wig?

    *Wayne Manor abandoned?

    *Zack Snyder in charge of the entire DC Extended Universe?

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    Are Black folks a joke?

    in News

    In this episode of Black soul radio PTH Africa love discusses the issue of "Are Black folks a joke?" In today's day and age.

    Follow PTH Africalove on Facebook to stay up to date with Black soul radio and also join our group Black Truth on Facebook.

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    Introducing Kno Joke

    in Entertainment

    Introducing the world to the greatest up and coming label in the world... Kno Joke Entertainment. 

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    Entretien avec Kizo Bomaye Fondateur du No Joke & President d Hope4Congo

    in Lifestyle

    Radio Nyabinghi Intercontinentale (R.N.I) se veut être la caisse de résonance d'une rumeur aujourd'hui grandissante. Longtemps professée & longtemps prophétisée. Un bourdonnement sourd, impérieux qui bientôt se transformera en tumulte impétueux. Inexorablement.

    Il s'agit du rapatriement des Afro-descendants. Des membres de la Diaspora Noire disséminés à travers l'occident & au-delà. Ceux pour qui l'appel du plus beau Continent retentit & s'exerce en eux comme une attraction magnétique. Comme un devoir, une nécessité, comme un vide à combler, une raison d'être. Ceux bien inspirés qui pressentent l'implacable marche de l'Histoire se dérouler sous leur yeux & qui pour rien au monde ne la laissera se jouer sans eux. Actifs pas passifs. Victorieux pas victimes.

    Radio Nyabinghi Intercontinentale (R.N.I) veut œuvrer avec réalisme & pragmatisme à donner encore plus d'écho à cet état de fait. A répondre aux interrogations nombreuses, aux doutes & à l'incertitude. A donner un modus operandi. A travers l'expérience concrète de ses animateurs, de ses thèmes abordés, de ses invités & de l'Irrépressible Culture Noire.

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    Is Men's College Basketball a joke?

    in Sports

    UConn Women's Basketball Coach Geno Auriemma said he thinks the Men's game is a joke.

    Is he telling the truth?

    I will discuss if I disagree or not.

    Also, is the NBA playing to many back to back games?

    Well, Stan Van Gundy thinks so.

    Plus, did WrestleMania just rejuvenate the wrestling industry?

    I will give you my thoughts.

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    AMCPress #498 "Trump For President: For Real or Joke and More"

    in Blogs

    We are the #1 disabled satirical news program in the world (65,000 and Counting) that provides uncensored news on numerous topics worldwide.   AMCPress & Co is the brainchild of Redhood and Alison.  Johnnie is our resident Tech Wizard. Redhood is our resident international news satirist along with Alison who is the feeder of jokes and frank opinions.  Tonight’s episode: we'll be discussing how Trump is wanting to run for president? Is this a bad joke....  Then we are discussing how the affordable housing is unaffordable for many people disabilities. Then we'll be discussing how a Florida woman allegedly called 911 to report a drug rip off and she allegedly gets arrested herself. Then our final topic we'll be discussing a new campaign in the UK for disability diversity  where kids who have different abilities can have a doll that is just like them which would be progress. AMCPress & Co is also apart of the Uncensored Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio. You can find out more about Uncensored Radio at http://myuncensoredradio.com/.  Find all of our links at http://itsmyurls.com/amcpress.

    ** Some Media  (sound effects, news clips and other sounds. etc) is protected by Fair Use. Beginning theme song is composed by Redhood & Alison and is owned by AMCPress&Co Digital Entertainment. All rights Reserved.©  No copyright infringement intended**

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    in Comedy

    NYC based Comedian Nancy Lombardo, host a cornucopia of terrific guests. Mixing it up with Comedians, Authors, musicians, professionals. Nancy Lombardo has performed her unique comedy from coast to coast.  TV credits include The Colin Quinn Show NBC, Saturday Night Live “All my Children” PBS, network and cable television Comedy Tonight, Nickelodeon and the Comedy Channel. She can be seen weekly on The Nancy Lombardo Show channel 56/83/34 NYC and live worldwide on WWW.MNN.ORG. She has written for Penthouse and Cracked magazine and created Ms. Quotable, a comic strip for Lady's Circle Magazine. Nancy was a winner of the Toyota Comedy Festivals "Laughter in Motion” and a Cable Arts Insight Comedy Award." Spot-lighted more than once in *Backstage, as both comedian/writer, she currently indulges her taste for the irreverent in her Stand Up Comedy and show, "Jazz Housewife." Nancy is creator of MOMEDY™, part of the International Mamapalooza Festival. She roasted Vincent Pastore of Soprano fame and is a member of The Friars Club.  Her comedy and music is  available at  www.cdbaby.com/Artist/NancyLombardo


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    Once again, Canada goes from leader to bad joke on refugees, by Emperor's design

    in Politics

    On February 6, 2014 the Harper government introduced C-24 The Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act. This bill, now law of the land, changes core aspects of Canadian citizenship as we know it.

    In Canada, citizenship had always been secure. Whether born here or an immigrant, once you were granted Canadian citizenship, you were secure. That is no longer the case. Gone is the Federal Court hearing if citizenship was being questioned. Gone is the appeal process. Now a bureaucrat will decide and inform you by mail, end of story.

    New immigrants will have to wait longer before they can apply. Qualifications have been changed that seem to put some at a disadvantage. Application fees have been tripled. Despite organizations who have sponsored immigrants for generations being ready, willing and able to perform their purpose, the government has choked off their ability to do so.

    The line between immigrant and refugee has been blurred at best, removed at worst by the Harper government. The world community has no explanation for this step backwards. United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has stated that Canada is regressing at an alarming rate. Why? Well, from 2012 to 2014, some $350 million has been returned to the treasury unspent by the Citizenship and Immigration ministry. Processing time for "Express Entry" employer driven requests average six months. Dependent children overseas is 18 months. Family members overseas is more than 30 months. Basic medical needs such as pre-natal care, heart medication and even insulin is now deemed "excessive" for those caught in the system. Money and fear is once more the motivating sales pitch.

    This is a country of immigrants apart from indiginous peoples. How many of our own ancestors would be denied today by this fascist system of the CPC? Is this your Canada? Listen, chat, call in and contribute.

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    A joke for the elder

    in Entertainment

    Just blogn in or call n. Joke for the elderly over 50 no crime fun an smile.