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    A Salute to Our Military Veterans

    in Politics Conservative

    Jack Blades from Night Ranger and Damn Yankees with Ted Nugent and Tommy Shaw is the featured guest this week. Jack will discuss politics, our veterans, and his 2008 performance for our troops in Guantanamo Bay. Sha Na Na founding member Jocko Marcellino also joins me to talk about his passion for our military veterans. As an actor, Jocko has appeared in such classic films as Grease, Rain Man, and Alcatraz, now he’s supporting our military heroes. Also, award winning author John Mariotti will also be here to discuss all the latest political news.The Don Smith Show “where it’s ok to be a conservative,” brings you the most in-depth coverage of all the latest political news. While the liberal media currently dominates the airwaves, now there is an alternative. Listen to The Don Smith Show every Saturday at Noon ET to hear great interviews with people like Ted Nugent, Chuck Woolery, Jon Voight, Ben Shapiro, Deneen Borelli, Victoria Jackson, and many more leading conservatives.Don Smith is a business executive, and fiscal conservative. As seen on Fox News, CBS, PBS, and heard on various radio broadcasts around the country, The Don Smith Show takes the complex issues facing this nation and breaks them down in an easy to understand format. Tune in every Saturday morning for all the latest political news, and hear from famous conservatives from around this great country.

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    USCHO Live! Season 2, Episode 14: Burkholder, Connolly

    in Sports

    Join hosts Jim Connelly and Ed Trefzger, writers for USCHO.com, for USCHO Live! -- our weekly college hockey talk show. Each show features a look at news around NCAA hockey, a look ahead at upcoming games and events, and conversation with people who coach and play college hockey and journalists who cover the sport.   Guests will be Niagara coach Dave Burkholder, whose Niagara Purple Eagles stand alone atop Atlantic Hockey, and John "Jocko" Connolly, writer for the Boston Herald, talking Beanpot.   Join us for the conversation and information, Tuesdays from 8 to 9 p.m. ET. If you can't listen live, check out the USCHO Live! podcast. Be sure to visit the USCHO Live! blog at http://www.uscho.com/uscho-live/

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    Red River Writers Live - Notebook Writer with Mike Marcellino

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    Mike Marcellino, award winning journalist, interviews an eclectic mix of writers about their writing and lives, takes calls from listeners and reads his own stuff. An Army war correspondent Mike first wrote poems during mortar & rocket attacks in Vietnam. He likes to surf and the film "Viva Zapata" with Marlon Brando. Natalie Bliss, a poet, writer and artist from Auckland, New Zealand, is Mike's sidekick and techie on the show. She likes Leonard Cohen, animals, rugby and teaches grade school kids art. Mike reads poetry songs "Amelia Earhart, soft silver wings,” & "Las Cruces," recently recorded by folk band Mike Marcellino with Ensor. Mike's performed at Cornelia Street Cafe & Spike Hill, NYC; Gypsy Cafe, Tulsa; and the Barking Spider Tavern and Macs Backs Books in Cleveland. The shows airs from 7-9pm Central Standard Time, Wednesday, Nov. 4th This show's guests are Aine MacAodha, poet & photographer from Omagh in Northern Ireland. Aine writes about her rediscovery of the beauty of the countryside in County Tyrone and rememberances of war; Shane Hollands, an Auckland, New Zealand performance poet and radio show host; Terese Svoboda, poet, author of "Weapons Grade" from New York City & Heather Fowler, San Diego, CA writer of flash fiction, short stories, poetry, novels, plays. Listeners may bring their questions or comments by going to the Red Writers Writers Live Notebookwriter show page or call 646-595-4478. The show is live and archived.

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    Red River Writers Live - Notebookwriter with Mike Marcellino

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    Do we yet know the whole truth behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy? Was one of the most popular U. S. presidents shot by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, or was it a conspiracy as the U. S. House Assassinations Committee concluded? Was the CIA involved? Who else?

    National award winning journalist and host Mike Marcellino talks with Joan Mellen, author of the controversial book, "A Farewell To Justice," which began as a biography Jim Garrison, New Orleans district attorney who investigated the assassination, and ended up as her own nine year long investigation.

    A professor of English and Creative Writing at Temple University in Philadelphia, Ms. Mellen is author of 17 books, ranging from film criticism to fiction, sports, true crime, Latin American studies and biography.

    Since "A Farewell To Justice" in 2005 Ms Mellen has uncovered new evidence to support a conspiracy. She will talk about her quest for the truth about the cover up she asserts that began in Louisiana months before Kennedy was shot in Dallas. Ms. Mellen will also talk about a new book she has just completed revealing evidence of a long standing involvement of the CIA in U. S. affairs.

    As a newspaper reporter, Host Mike Marcellino wrote stories about the assassination based on interviews of former U. S. Rep. Louis Stokes, chairman of the House Assassinations Committee, Common Pleas Judge Burt Griffin, a staff attorney on the Warren Commission, which conducted our government's investigation of the assassination, investigative journalist Jack Anderson and others.

    Call 646-595-4478 to listen and comment or ask a question. 8-9pm Eastern time 7-8pm Central 5-6 pm Pacific. You may also listen on the Internet (register to and use a mic to comment)

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    Red River Writers - Notebookwriter with Mike Marcellino

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    Mike's guests are Nevada Barr, author of the Anna Pigeon series of thrillers about a National Parks ranger and poet and author Lucille Lang Day of Oakland, CA.

    Nevada Barr's 16th mystery in the Anna Pigeon series, "Burn (Minotaur Books 2010)," reached #12 on the New York Times Best Seller list. The setting for her latest thriller, a departure from her wilderness settings, is the urban jungle in New Orleans where Anna while Anna is stationed at the Jazz Heritage National Park in New Orleans. Ms. Barr worked as a National Parks ranger herself. Her first Anna Pigeon novel, "Track of the Cat" in 1993 won both both the Anthony and Agatha awards for best first novel. Ms. Barr worked as an actor for eight years and she is also a painter. She currently resides in New Orleans with her husband, four magical cats, and two adorable dogs. She also recently published her first psychological thriller outside of the Anna Pigeon series, "13 1/2."

    Lucille Lang Day is the author of five poetry collections and three poetry chapbooks. Her most recent collection is "The Curvature of Blue," which was published by Cervena Barva in 2009. Her first poetry collection, "Self-Portrait with Hand Microscope," was selected by Robert Pinsky for the Joseph Henry Jackson Award. She is also the author of a children’s book, Chain Letter, and a memoir that will be published by Heyday in 2012. Her poetry, essays, and short stories have appeared in many magazines and anthologies, including Eclipse, The Hudson Review, Measure, Nimrod, River Styx, Passages North, Tar River Poetry, The Threepenny Review, California Poetry: From the Gold Rush to the Present, and New Poets of the American West. She received her M.A. in English and M.F.A. in creative writing at San Francisco State University. She is founder and director of a small press, Scarlet Tanager Books. The mother of two grown daughters and grandmother of four, she lives in Oakland, California with her husband, writer Richard Levine

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    Red River Writers Live - Notebook Writer with Mike Marcellino

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    Join national award winning journalist Mike Marcellino who talks with guest writers who also perform their work.

    Guests -

    Kelsey Waldon, an emerging 22-year-old singer songwriter from Barlow, Kentucky known as "Anchor in the Valley."

    Barlow is located at the very Western tip of Kentucky and is very close to both the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Waldon has been writing songs and playing guitar since she was 13. Anchor in the Valley's first album (out now) was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Phil Harris at Battle Ridge Studios in Nashville, TN and features 10 original songs written by Waldon herself. There is nothing that makes her more happy than writing a good tune.

    Elizabeth Brown, writer and musician and professor of writing from Chicago who directs the Chicago Writers Workshop and will soon launch the LA Writers Workshop. She is also a violinist.

    Annie Finch, a Portland, ME author or editor of fifteen books of poetry, translation, and criticism, including the trilogy of poetry collections Eve (1997), Calendars (2003), and Spells, and the long poems The Encyclopedia of Scotland (2002) and Among the Goddesses: An Epic Libretto in Seven Dreams (2009). Calendars was shortlisted for the Foreword Poetry Book of the Year Award, and Eve reissued in the Carnegie Mellon Classic Contemporaries series in 2010. Other honors include the 2009 Robert Fitzgerald Award and fellowships from the Black Earth Institute and the Wesleyan Writers Conference.

    Rebecca Cantrell, Hawaii

    A few years ago Rebecca Cantrell quit her job, sold her house, and moved to Hawaii to write a novel because, at seven, she decided that she would be a writer. Now she writes the Hannah Vogel mystery series set in Berlin in the 1930s, including “A Trace of Smoke and the forthcoming “A Night of Long Knives.” “A Trace of Smoke” was considered by major cable networks as a television series.

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    Red River Writers - Notebookwriter with Mike Marcellino

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    Mike's guests are singer songwriter Sweet Soubrette and poet Tara Betts, both from New York.

    Sweet Soubrette features the songwriting, vocals and ukulele of Ellia Bisker, whose dark, edgy love songs have captured fans' hearts since she began performing solo in 2006. Her poetry, fiction, and essays have been published in a variety of online and print magazines, and her songwriting was honored with an ASCAPlus Award for 2009/2010. Bust Magazine describes her as “Brooklyn’s fishnet-clad femme fatale.”

    Sweet Soubrette’s first album, Siren Song, was released on indie label MH Records in 2008 and received critical praise and high rotation on national college radio. Time Out NY described it as "at once sweet and sassy, celebrating reckless behavior with a charmed wink." The Deli said it was "almost impossible to stop replaying in one's head after hearing."

    Sweet Soubrette’s second album, “Days and Nights,” will be released in January 2011, on CD and on a limited edition vinyl LP.

    Tara Betts is the author of the book Arc & Hue, her debut collection on the Willow Books imprint of Aquarius Press.[1] In 2010, Essence Magazine named her as one of their "40 Favorite Poets".[2]

    Tara is a lecturer in creative writing at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. A Cave Canem graduate, Tara received her MFA in Poetry from New England College and residencies from Ragdale Foundation, Centrum and Caldera, and an Illinois Arts Council Artist fellowship.[3]

    She appeared on HBO’s “Def Poetry Jam”[4] and in the Black Family Channel series “SPOKEN” with Jessica Care Moore. She has also been one of the writers/performers in girlstory-an intergenerational, multicultural women’s performance collective. Tara has also performed in plays, including two SouthWest V-Day productions of Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues” at Chicago’s DuSable Museum. After winning Guild Complex’s Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Award, she represented Chicago twice at the National Poetry Slam.

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    Red River Writers - Notebookwriter with Mike Marcellino

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    Mike's guests are Tao Lin, one of America's hottest writers, and Hank and Cupcakes, one of New York City's hottest bands. Tao will read from his latest book, "Richard Yates" and Hank and Cupcakes will share their electro-pop songs.

    Tao Lin, New York City

    Tao Lin (b. 1983, Alexandria VA) grew up in Orlando FL and lives in Brooklyn NY. He is the author of 6 books of fiction/poetry & has a B.A. in Journalism from NYU.

    Tao's second novel RICHARD YATES was published September 07 2010 by Melville House. His previous books are the poetry-collection YOU ARE A LITTLE BIT HAPPIER THAN I AM (2006), which is regularly a bestseller (#2, #2, #1); the story-collection BED (2007); the novel EEEEE EEE EEEE (2007); the poetry-collection COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL THERAPY (2008), which has been assigned in college-level psychology courses; the novella SHOPLIFTING FROM AMERICAN APPAREL (2009), which was available at Urban Outfitters.

    Tao's books have been translated and published (or are forthcoming) in Japan, Germany, France, Norway, Spain, Serbia, South Korea, China, Taiwan. Two of his books, SHOPLIFTING FROM AMERICAN APPAREL & EEEEE EEE EEEE, were optioned for film in early 2010. His writing has been published in/on Gawker, Noon, Vice, Esquire, Poetry Foundation, The Stranger, Mississippi Review, and bear parade, who in 2006 published e-books of his poetry, stories, and collaboration with Ellen Kennedy entitled hikikomori.

    Hank and Cupcakes, Brooklyn


    “Cupcakes is a rock star, capable of moving crowd. Hank is perhaps the best bassist I've ever seen”

    “Mind shattering, avant-garde”

    Since arriving in Brooklyn from Israel a little more than a year ago, Hank and Cupcakes have captivated New York with an explosive show noted for its simmering sexuality, irresistible dance pulse, and hard to pigeonhole sound. “If I had to define it, I’d call the music experimental minimalist pop,” Hank says. “We’re trying to make pop music without having a pop sound.”

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    Red River Writers Live - Notebook Writer with Mike Marcellino

    in Books

    Guest writers performing their work and talking with host Mike Marcellino -

    Jamie Evans, Birmingham, UK
    Singer songwriter whose rock music is gaining international attention. Jamie's band, Mexicolas, after its introduction by the BBC as one of the three most promising band's in the Midlands. Four listeners will receive signed CDs of Jamie's news album, "The Minerva Suite, recorded in a studio housed in an 18th Century building in Birmingham once a pub of the same name.

    Timothy Gager, Boston
    Author of eight books of short fiction and poetry. His latest "Treating a Sick Animal: Flash and Micro Fictions" (Cervena Barva Press) features over forty stories, many previously published in various literary magazines. He hosts the Dire Literary Series in Cambridge, Massachusetts every month and is the co-founder of Somerville News Writers Festival.

    Chris Bodor, St. Augustine, Florida
    Poet and host of the popular Heart Pour Sunday Matinee a spoken word series that gathers on the last Sunday of the month at City Coffee Company in St. Augustine, Florida, America's oldest city. Chris edited and contributed to an anthology, EMPLOYEES ONLY - THE WORK BOOK (Poet Plant Press, 2009) featuring poems and images about work and the work experience.

    New York-based lecturer, author and curator, is an expert on extremism, the Holocaust, and the fight for human rights worldwide. He is also a lyricist and poet.

    Jud Newborn is co-author of "Sophie Scholl and the White Rose" (companion to the recent Oscar-nominated German film, "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days"). Acclaimed by such publications as Newsweek International, The New York Times and Library Journal, his book provides the definitive and compelling account of the White Rose, a group of Christian students—some former Hitler Youth leaders—who became the greatest heroes of the German anti-Nazi resistance.

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    Red River Writers - Notebookwriter with Mike Marcellino

    in Writing

    Notebook Writer guests are Florida poets Terri Witek and Lola Haskins and Michigan poet Diane Wakoski. Mike's guests are presenting at the Other Words Conference of Florida Literary Arts Coalition at Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL. Nov. 4-7.

    Mike will preview the conference with co-organizers Jim Wilson, creative writing professor at Flagler College, and Rick Campbell, director of Anhinga Press, a founder of the conference.

    Ms. Witek is author of The Shipwreck Dress (Orchises Press, 2008, Florida Book Award Medalist), Carnal World (Story Line Press, 2006), Fools and Crows (Orchises Press, 2003), Courting Couples (Winner of the 2000 Center for Book Arts Contest) and Robert Lowell and LIFE STUDIES: Revising the Self (University of Missouri Press, 1993). A new book, Exit Island, will appear in 2012. She teaches English at Stetson University, where she holds the Sullivan Chair in Creative Writing.

    Ms. Haskins ninth collection of poems, Still, the Mountain, has just been published by Paper Kite Press. Her tenth, The Grace to Leave, is coming from Anhinga in 2011. In-print collections include Desire Lines, New and Selected Poems (BOA Editions, 2004), Extranjera (Story Line, 1998) and The Rim Benders (Anhinga, 2001) and Hunger (University of Iowa Press, 1993-- winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize). She teaches in Pacific Lutheran University's low residency MFA program.

    Diane Wakoski has published more than 20 collections of poetry, including EMERALD ICE, which won the 1989 William Carlos Williams prize from the Poetry Society of America. She was born and grew up in Southern California, then moved to New York City for the decade of the sixties, and in 1975 became the Poet in Residence at Michigan State University, where she continues to write and work.

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    Red River Writers Live - Notebook Writer with Mike Marcellino

    in Books

    “Poetry is music of the soul.” Notebook Writer host, poet Mike Marcellino discovers what Voltaire meant by that with his guests - poets Gil Fagiani, Queens, NY, who will read from his new collection about Spanish Harlem in the 1960s, “A Blanquito In El Barrio”(Rain Mountain Press); Jane Ormerod, from New York City, who will read from her new book of poems, “Recreational Vehicles on Fire” (Three Rooms Press); Erica Miriam Fabri, NYC poet & performance artist, author of "Dialect of a Skirt" (Hanging Loose Press) and Babs Martin, Tulsa, OK, songwriter and vocalist with “Babs Martin and the Trip” who will perform songs from her new album, “Awake in the Fog”

    Mike introduces his new recording, “Alphabet Coffeehouse” and talks with special guest Tad Sudol, president of the non-profit Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association, which operates Gallery RIVAA. Mike, Gil and Jane will perform in a two-part poetry and music series to mark National Poetry Month at Gallery RIVAA, 527 Main St., New York at 8pm, Friday, April 9 and 4pm, Saturday, April 24.

    On the air with Mike are co-host Natalie Bliss, an artist and educator from Auckland, New Zealand, and Adelia Sincliar, assistant producer, a poet and poetry and spoken word curator from New York City. Mike, a correspondent in the Vietnam war, is a national award winning journalist, surfer and poet in a folk band.

    Show airs 7-9pm CST (8-10pm EST). To listen (or comment) call 646-595-4478 (NYC) or online (register to be on the air) on the show website. Shows are live, archived and Podcast.

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