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    Jillian Eichel, Beryl Stromsta, Cheryl LaTray

    in Business

    Jillian Eichel coach and faculty member with Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential in Chicago and Wisconsin. She coaches people in Chicago at Wright Foundation close to Navy Pier for the past 10 years and works with people to get off auto-pilot and get engaged with their lives and have meaningful and satisfying careers

    Beryl Stromsta Transformational Coach and Leader at the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential. She has been coaching individuals and groups for over a decade on living a robust life guided by principles and beliefs that matter to you. She loves supporting people to achieve their outcomes and embrace their power everywhere in their lives

    Cheryl LaTray broad experience in real estate and business is an asset to both the investor and the seller. She has over 19 years of experience as an Associate Broker, residential and commercial investor, and real estate developer. As an entrepreneur, she founded and ran two companies. Her strengths include finance, sales, marketing, training, and entrepreneurship.Her skill in creating companies and helping other companies achieve their goals through wise real estate investing and selling, gives Cheryl a competitive edge in today’s fast moving market.

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    Mr.Jeffrey Michaels singer/songwriter/entertainer

    in Entertainment

    mr entertainer will join us from las vegas live on air and answer our questions as to the life of the songs from the mind to paper  to the stage. call 718-766-4118 blogtalkradio.com/fretmichaels

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    The Attitude of Success

    in Women

    Join author, blogger and coach to women in business Sharon Michaels as she shares her strategies for developing an attitude of success. Listen as Sharon gives you helpful tips and strategies for staying positive in your business and, your life. Get ready to listen with pen and paper handy because you're going to want to make notes and jot down a few "aha's." It's all about Women Enjoying Success!

    Sharon shows you how to do business successfully! Sharon has been a woman in business for over 25 years - she is a coach to entrepreneurial women, author of empowering books for women, radio host and executive producer of not only this radio show but also Entrepreneurial Women Radio. Sharon's mission is to empower women to greater personal and professional success.


    Purchase your copy of Sharon's paperback and Kindle books on Amazon.com How to Give Yourself the POWER to Succeed   AND 21 Days to Living Your Dreams

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    Jillian Neal is LIVE on The Librarian

    in Books

    Host Tabatha Pope welcomes author Jillian Neal to THE LIBRARIAN on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. 

    Jillian Neal, bestselling author of the contemporary romance series, Gypsy Beach and the urban fantasy saga, The Gifted Realm, will be here to discuss her sexy writing style, her belief that love and coffee can conquer all, and that she’s incapable of writing inside the proverbial box. She showed her skill weaving the intricate plot lines that make up The Gifted Realm saga and created a bohemian beach town that we all want to visit in Gypsy Beach. She’s taking on adult illiteracy and has partnered with the ProLitearcy organization for her latest release in the Gypsy series, Gypsy Hope. For every copy sold, Jillian is donating $1 to help stamp out this global epidemic. Next year, we’re going back for another Gifted saga and she’ll add another fictional locale to her repertoire when the seductive cowboys of Camden Ranch gallop onto the scene. Jillian’s characters not only have legendary bedroom skills. They always manage to capture our hearts, fill our souls, and make us think. Her self-proclaimed love of love is evident every time she takes pen to paper. Visit Jillian's website for more information about her and her books: http://jillianneal.com/.

    Host of "The Librarian", Tabatha Pope, can be found at All For Love of the Word and Facebook. 

    This is a copyrighted and trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors On the Air Global Network LLC. on the web at authorsontheair.com.

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    PRW Radio Episode 163: Kerri Bolen and Jillian DeCoursey

    in MMA

    Our first guest will be IFPA Pro Bodybuilder Kerri Bolen. Kerri recently won the Yorton Cup, her final show as a competitor. Kerri showed amazing improvements this year. We will talk about those improvements, the Yorton Cup, her stepping away from competing and more.

    Next up will be amateur fighter Jillian DeCoursey. Jillian sports an impressive 4-1 recrod and is the current ACC Strawweight champ. We will talk to her about her start in the sport, where she is at now, future plans and more.

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    Are You Going to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

    in Women

    ***Rebroadcast of a favorite Women Enjoying Success Radio Show.*** Join author, blogger and coach to women in business Sharon Michaels and Performance Coach Janet Hilts as they discuss their thoughts and experiences with New Year's Resolutions. They share tips for staying motivated and on track for turning resolutions into reality. It's all about Women Enjoying Success!


    You'll want to purchase your copy of Sharon's Paperback or Kindle book, 21 Days to Living Your Dreams  available on Amazon.com.

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    shout out and thank yous

    in Entertainment

    wanna give shout outs and thank you's to my guest of the first year of the fret michaels show, life a s a rockstar.thank you so much for the great success .i am so blessed and amazingly lucky. 2015 was great but the new year 2016 is gonna be even better so buckle up. we are defintley gonna rock this year....F orever. R emeber E very T roop.


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    Writing Your Money Making Business Building Goals

    in Women

    **Rebroadcast of a favorite show.** If you don’t believe in the importance of setting goals, they won’t be important to you. And if they aren’t important to you, you aren’t going to get around to working on them. Join author, coach and mentor to women in business Sharon Michaels as she shares 10 money making reasons to set business-building goals. It's all about Women Enjoying Success!

    You'll want to purchase your copy of Sharon's Paperback or Kindle book, 21 Days to Living Your Dreams  available on Amazon.com.

    Read Sharon's blog - http://WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com

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    A chat about DFW sports with Dave Michaels

    in Sports

    Guest:  Dave Michaels, DFW sports journalist and radio personality, joins me for a look at the NFL postseasom games starting this weekend......the best game is Green Bay at Washington because of our rivalry with the Redskins....... 2015 Texas Rangers........how is the off season going...........the Dallas Cowboys........are we in the post-Romo era...........the Dallas Mavericks.........impressions so far..........The Dallas Stars........best of the NHL.........and what is going on in Texas and Texas A&M football.............

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    Wrestling It Factor Radio:Trina Michaels interview

    in Wrestling

    The interview of star and women's wrestler Trina Michaels.Hosted by Wayne Benitez.

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    Jeff Michaels: A Day At The Beach

    in Spirituality

    Join best-selling metaphysical author, Jeffrey Michaels, tonight as he talks about his book, "A Day At The Beach... and Other Brief Diversions."

    Jeff will talk about his journey as an author, his books, key note speaking appearances, monthly newsletters and his experience as a noted Channeler.

    If you have a question for Jeff relating to his books, call 323 657-1493 to ask a question!

    Buy Jeff's book on the Rated G Radio Superstar's Swag on Amazon here!

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