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    Hungarian Jewish Genealogy

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    The Forget-Me-Not Hour takes a trip outside the U.S. for tonight's show. Jane welcomes genealogist András Koltai from Hungary. Andras will talk about researching Hungarian Jewish ancestry, as well as other groups in Hungary. 
    For a decade now, András Koltai has been researching Hungarian ancestry for clients mainly from the USA and Israel. Though he focuses on Jewish genealogy, he has had a number of cases where the family researched was non-Jewish. Apart from doing the regular work genealogists do, he has also been the researcher for five episodes of the tv-series "Who Do You Think You Are?"; in some of these episodes he was on screen, too.

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    Why does the idea of a Jewish State offend you?

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      Article 4 of the Palestinian Authority constitution says that Sharia law is the main source of legislation. In fact,  Muslim countries proudly call themselves "Islamic" and even actviely discriminate against non-Muslims. But in Israel, which is not even governed by Halacha i.e. Jewish law, [case in point, secular Jews are allowed and overwelming do drive on Shabbat], people get offended with the idea of Israel being a "Jewish state". Case in point is the new Jewish state law and the fear mongering from the anti-Israel far left. But the question remains: Why are people so offended at Israel being a "Jewish" state? Tune in, as I will give you the reasons as to why this is so.

  • Chief Langley Returns with Part II- Indian Slavery & Racial Reclassification

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    Chief Langley Continues with Part II of Indian slavery and Colonial Racial Reclassification of Indian People.  Writing Indian Tribes out of history. Indian slave raids and slaving wars. Follow the slave trades and Chief Langley takes you on the Trans Atlantic, South Pacific and the Middle Passage Slave Routes. Learn the Rice, Sugar, Cotton, Indigo and Tobacco corps trade.   Slaves the occuplied plantations,  Who, What, Where and When, Chief Langley discuss the genealogy of three indian sisters that married three of three races.  Chief talks the importance of knowning ones own history. Learning to research beyond the walls of time. crossing the rivers of understanding.  Living beyond hope.  Remembering your oral stories and using them as road maps to navigate through time.  Breaking the silents of ancestor secrets.  Whose who in your family tree.  Gettaway from the nonsense. Bringing life to hope.  who was speaking in tongue and what were they saying. Indian culture and spiritual practices inside the Colored Methodish and A.M.E. Church. Studying and understanding burial practices.   Communicating with your ancestors beyond the walls of death. 

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    "The Scapegoat: Its Jewish Origins"

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    There are a lot of words the Bible uses that people today have no idea what they mean. Try this experiment: ask ten non-Christian friends what the word "gospel" means. Tell them, "I don't mean the music; I mean the message the the music celebrates. What's the message?" Changes are, they won't be able to tell you. But some words, everyone seems to know what they mean. Take the word "scapegoat" for example. Yet most people don't know the origin of the word. It's a Jewish concept, and it was first used to mean a literal goat that was executed in place of guilty people. Tonight we'll talk about its origins, on "Jewish Roots", an Internet pod-cast live talk radio show. Your host, Rev. Rick Anderson, each Thursday night 9:30 pm, EST. To call with a question or comment: 347-324-5759.

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    Chief Langley Gives tribute to his grandmother - Remembering Moma

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    Chief Langley paids tribute to his grandmother that raise. Dedicates the Lecture not only this Grandmother but to all Mothers. Reflecting on the ones we love and while they are hear and the rememberance of them when they are gone. Life precious mother moments a mothers kiss, the touch of her hand, To hear your mother voice again. There no gather give in life then to have a love of mother. So tonite i give praise to the life of moma. 

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    Today in my introductory show I will be talking about the Anti-Jewish Palestinian Appeal that a lot of Christians and the world has. What spurs it on. Are there Palestinians?

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    Arnold Leese M.R.C.V.S. Jewish Ritual Murder pt2

    in Politics

    Part two of 'My Irellevent Defence being meditations inside gaol and out on Jewish ritual Murder' pdf

    Part One Here

    Little St Hugh of Lincoln

    Religious Slaughter RSPCA

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    Voice of Albion - Arnold Leese M.R.C.V.S. Jewish Ritual Murder pt3

    in Politics

    The 3rd episode of Arnold Leese's 1938 work on Jewish Ritual Murder

    Part 2

    Part 1

    The Bull Beatus Andreas of Pope Benedict XIV

    The Jews and their lies by DR. Martin Luther pdf

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    Jewish Spirituality

    in Judaism

    Rabbi Rober Wolkoff's continuing series on spirituality

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    THOES - Prophet Tom Deckard - Who is Jewish? III

    in Spirituality

    This show is dedicated to finding and educating Ephraim. Who is Ephraim but the ten lost tribes as described in the Tanach. The question you must answer is: Are you Ephraim? Join us as we speak with Prophet Tom Deckard as he gives us key information about Ephraim today.

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    All of them witches...No, but they are Jewish!!!

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    Good evening loyal fans and welcome to another installment of The Rebellious Rev and the Doc. We may not be talking about witches tonighht, but we will be talking about actors and actresses, singers and Hollywood types, who have changed their names and are of the Jewish faith. One might ask, why? So do the Doc and the Rebellious Rev. Call us at 646-595-3275 and let's discuss this issue. Discussions are always better with a nice cup of hot caffee.

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