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    God is raising up Samaritans with a heart of compassion

    in Religion

    Pastor Brad Morgan from New Life Beginnings Church in Brookshire / Patterson, Texas speaks from Luke, Chapter 10, the story of the Good Samaritan. There it says, "a certain man went down from Jeruselem to Jericho and fell among thieves." He fell among the wrong type of leadership. The devil is the thief in these passages. Two leaders in ministry passed the man by. But a certain Samaritan came where the man was and helped him. At that time in history Samaritans and Jews did not interact with one another. Christ came to break down racial division. This happened because when the Samaritan saw the man he had compassion. When you have compassion it always requires movement. Compassion requires you do something. In the case of the good Samaritan he came and bandaged the man's wounds. God is raising up Samaritans with a heart of compassion.


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    Avi Lipkin/ ISRAEL NOW

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    For fourteen years now,  Avi has been writing and speaking worldwide about the need for and the inevitability of the creation of a Judeo-Christian Western Civilization and Democracy political party to run for the Knesset. The Gush Hatanakhi/Bible Block Party bases its principles on the ethics and teachings of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and faith in the coming of the Messiah who is a Jew from Israel who speaks Hebrew.
    Avi has written countless books on ISLAM being a religion of hate.  Calev Myers has been asked to apear but due to the sensative nature of these cases and as attorney a lead attorney in Jeruselem on immigration matters who speaks on human rights for all groups and is the lead attorney at Jerusalem Institute For Justice has decided against appearing due to the sensative nature of these cases., However, we will be discussing Ami Ortiz the victim of a ultra orthodox Charedi who has firebombed his house on Purim which is an act of terror, yet the Jewish Agency for Israel still clasifies this event as an act of criminality. 
    We will discuss Judaism, ISRAEL, Messianic Jewish Believers, Christians and why Islam is a threat. Also we will be discuss the blatant discrimination and persecution faced by Messianic Jewish People and thier christian friends.

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    Counter-Racist Observations and Experiments

    in Education

    Sonny and Cree will pick up where we left off in the last conversation and share other observations we've made about the socio-material terrain over the last couple of weeks.

    We'll play a very interesting audio clip. But, it's not the same as seeing the video footage.  Here's a link so you can SEE it for yourself:  Democratic Flap over God and Jeruselum

  • David Perez Interview June 6 2015

    in Music

    Nashville Singer , Song writer David Perez will be my guest on June 6th ,to promote his latest release The Jeruselem Project. 

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    The Ugly Truth.We are losing our community

    in Politics Progressive

    Dominicans are taking over the hair cutting and hair care in the African American community.In many traditionally Black areas in New York the new Spanish community have taken over.Every other group now have thriving businesses while traditionally Black owned businesses are disappearing.Tonight the shocking "Ugly Truth"about the loss of a stronghold the funeral burial businesses.Tonight a must hear show.

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    Bicentennial Year.1976,A year I will always remember

    in Politics Progressive

    Beginning in New Years 1976 I was a very young boy with big ideas about the world.I was told one day I would change the world.This was the year of the 200th anniversary of our country.The previous Christmas I was given a silver streak red white and blue train set for a present.Patriotism was high in my house.It was the year the gas station 76 appeared so did the 55 mph speed limit.Tonight I will share my thought on 1976 the year of our Bicentennial and what does the 4th of July mean to us now.The question are you a patriot?

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