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    in Entertainment

    It's Thursday and it can only mean another edition of the Jamtastic Game Show. This time is Jamtastic Jeopardy! If your a fan of the popular game show, then you will enjoy our take on it. We also answer some of the questions submitted by you the listening audience. Jamtastic Podcast is and will forever be the new leader in podcast entertainment.

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    TW49: Always Listening Grudge Match

    in Hobbies

    Josh and Joel from Always Listening stopped by the Trivial Warfare studios this week with one thing on their mind - settling once and for all who knew more useless crap. It's the hopeless optimist vs. a ruthless sandbagger and one of them is gonna get murdelated! This episode could not be more fun.

    Need More? Today we discover that Delaware is still a state and discuss whether or not Rhode Island is getting too big for its britches.


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    The libertarian Perspective on the Hammond Ranch

    in Current Events

    The United States government and court system has now set a precident allowing for double jeopardy to be practiced.  Does this mean the end of fair trials?  What is the United States Code or court precident used to justify this egrigious act of unconstitutional abuse of power?  What is being done to stop this? 

    Tonight on "The libertarian Perspective," we will be discussing these very things and much more.  Jeff Roberts, President of the Oregon III% will be my guest to discuss this situation and to talk about the rally scheduled for Saturday in support of the Hammonds and in protest of initiating double jeopardy.

    Other guests may include a representative from the Oregon Cattlemen's Association and the Oregon Farm Bureau. 

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    Tipping Point Plays Georgia Wrestling Jeopardy

    in Sports

    Hosts Stephen Platinum, Rachael Freeman and Matt Hankins and a special guest contestant play the famous quiz game with a Georgia wrestling as the category.

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    in Hobbies

    In this week's episode Jonathan takes on both Chris and Daniel in a handicap match. We'll see if he can maintain his composure with the odds stacked against him. Carmela hosts and really brings the pain with a very challenging set of questions. Enjoy!

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    The Andrew Powell Show presented by FanDuel and netTALK Connect

    in Sports

    TONIGHT ON THE SHOW (LIVE @ 8:00 PM ET): Chiofalo returns tonight! How was his time in Dallas and experience seeing his Miami HEAT win? What does Chiofalo think about the Golden State Warriors being the "clear frontrunners" for Kevin Durant? John Paul of USA Today Sports joins the show! Johnny Manziel has denied rehab (twice), threatened to kill his girlfriend and threatened to kill himself. What's the future looking like for 'Johnny Football'? Shaun Ranft of FOX Sports also joins the guys! And a guy dominates the hell out of Jeopardy... PLUS MORE! You can call into the show at (929) 477-1592 and you can tweet the show @andrewrpowell or @ThePowellShow. The Andrew Powell Show presented by FanDuel and netTALK Connect is LIVE Monday-Friday 8:00-10:00 PM ET here only on FOX Sports Radio and iHeartRadio.

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    New Release and Giveaway! THE GIFTING, Star Girl Bk 2, a Sensuous Sci-Fi Romance

    in Books

    Come join me on February 1st as I read an excerpt from my soon to be released sensuous sci-fi romance, THE GIFTING, Book 2 of the Star Girl Series.

    One lucky listener will win a copy!
    * * *

    Six months after Sah'Reena's arrival, a strange object crash lands on Earth. A device she's positive came from her home planet, Murrall. At the same time, NASA scientists discover a strange new body orbiting the sun exactly opposite of Earth. It's only when a Deathship appears close to the Johnson Space Center in Houston that she and Robin learn the truth: Murrall was caught up in the same anomaly as her space pod, and has been brought into this solar system.

    Now her life is once again in jeopardy as her planet wants her back to fulfill the original death sentence placed upon her. But when Robin travels back to Murrall to present himself as her true mate, and to ask them to spare her life, they witness the horrible devastation caused when the planet was ripped from its galaxy.

    Knowing it may be his only chance to save the woman he loves, Robin offers a possible solution to save both Sah'Reena and her dying world. But first, he has to prove to everyone that he and the woman he’s taken to wife are compatible by undergoing a proving ceremony.

    However, regardless of the outcome, one man is determined to see the powerful Gifted dead, no matter what the cost.

    Warning: Contains dangerous rock slides, paint balls, arrogant men in high positions of authority, alien food, see-through tents, skimpy uniforms, in-laws, and a transference of power that shocks both Robin and the woman he loves—a woman who may be the most dangerous creature in the universe.

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    TW46: Carmela Explains It All

    in Hobbies

    This week is an episode focused exclusively on American History. Why? Because 'Murica!

    Uncle Chip, our resident history expert is hosting and Carmela joins Chris and Jonathan in the contestant chairs as a solo player for the first time. Out of the three of us there was one person who significantly underperformed their expectations. Want to know who? You'll have to listen!

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    TW45: Waterloo

    in Hobbies

    Jonathan has vowed revenge after last week's defeat at the hands of Carmela and Chris. This week Jonathan is joined by Marc (who is participating as a contestant for the first time) to take on Chris and his Uncle Chip.  Carmela asks the questions in this grudge match.

    NOTE: If you are a parent listening with young kids you may want to skip the intro where we talk about Santa Claus.

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    Back II Basic Episode 459 : Commenting on the news stories of the day!!!

    in Politics Conservative

    Our rights come from God! Thomas Jefferson and the committee of five stated that fact in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” God gave us these rights and more! So if God gave them, can man without good reason take them from us?

    Can our rights be violated by anyone? Seems in this day and age, not only the government wants to take our rights away, but individuals want to do so also!. It's alarming how many people want to have our rights taken away from us. If one free person has their rights taken away from them, then all of our freedoms are in jeopardy!!!


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    Al Porter M.A.N.in The Street

    in Music

    Music,Activism,news-Cityhall is stealing out of it's citizen's pockets,but the residents are striking back-Pastor's are calling out people for not voting,but should they vote?Inner City Republican Movement Honor's Dr.Rev.Martin Luther King&it went bigger than usual as M.A.N.in the Street was invited to be a part of this-A city Prosecutor is in jeopardy as people are seeing that he always sides with police-New music,your thoughts,concerns,events,call 646-478-0944&let us know!