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    It's Thursday and it can only mean another edition of the Jamtastic Game Show. This time is Jamtastic Jeopardy! If your a fan of the popular game show, then you will enjoy our take on it. We also answer some of the questions submitted by you the listening audience. Jamtastic Podcast is and will forever be the new leader in podcast entertainment.

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    My Accounts are in Jeopardy (Madison Star Moon)

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    All of my websites are in jeopardy and could be deleted by March 15th. Today I will discuss the different methods being used against me to remove my work and accounts on social media.

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    Jamtastic Podcast #22 "Jamtastic Jeopardy 2"

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    It's time to play the Jeopardy! Jamtastic Jeopardy is on again tonight, as our reigning defending champion Alfonso Davis is set face off against one of our listeners and a winner takes all event. Of course, we will have the news, headlines, and top stories that you so crave. Also we have a ton of questions to answer. Submitted by our great listening audience. Jamtastic Podcast starts @8 so be there and join in on all the fun!

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    E.E.R.S: It's Game Night - ERN Jeopardy!

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    Tonight at 8pm ET on Ernest Radio Network, it's The Ernest Experience Radio Show.

    Ernest is joined by the gals tonight, and it's game night!  We are playing ERN-Jeopardy!  It's always a fun time when we do that, so you don't wanna miss it.

    Also, NPR news, weather.com forecast, old school throwback music all night.  Call us to join the fun, or just listen by phone, at 1.347.989.1942.

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    Joes Aldo's injury puts UFC 189 main event in jeopardy, and Fight Night 70 recap

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    The MMA world almost exploded when rumors came out that Jose Aldo suffered a training injury that could force him out of his title defense against Connor McGregor at UFC 189. The UFC seems to have a back-up plan in Chad Mendes, but other lobbied for that spot as well. Was Mendes the right choice? Plus we will look at UFC Fight Night 70 and perhaps dig even deeper into the Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock fight fix controversy.

    All this and more on this week’s The Majority Decision Sunday at 10 PM central. 

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    Assignment America Radio Show - Grand Canyon in Jeopardy

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    Will the Grand Canyon be the next place to be sold off, piece by piece? This is the topic of today's show, and Betty is livid that the National Park is being threatened by developers, the Navajo Nation is being split by the offer of billions. Natural resources are being leased to foreign countries. Assignment: tells the stories of America from history, military, politics, social and economic to entertainment - the things you never thought about to the trivia you never knew.

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    Ken Jennings Game Show Genius & Jeopardy Grand Champion

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    Ken Jennings was born just outside Seattle, Washington, but grew up overseas. His family spent fifteen years in Korea and Singapore, where his father worked as an attorney. His only lifeline to American pop culture during those years was TV on the Armed Forces Network, where he watched Jeopardy! religiously after school every afternoon.

    At BYU, Ken captained the university's successful quiz bowl team & began writing/editing questions for National Academic Quiz Tournaments, a company that organizes quiz competitions attended by hundreds of colleges and thousands of high schools nationwide. Ken began to notice a parade of his friends and acquaintances from the world of quiz bowl appearing on game shows where many were able to pay off their student loans and buy flashy sports cars. With this in mind, Ken began to revive his childhood dream of appearing onJeopardy!

    Much to his surprise, Ken's Jeopardy! appearance extended far beyond a single game: he took advantage of a recent rule change allowing returning champs to appear on the show indefinitely, and spent the next six months hogging America's TV screens. Before losing on the November 30 show because he didn't know enough trivia about H&R Block, Ken won 74 games and $2.52 million, both American game show records.

    Ken currently lives outside Seattle, Washington with his wife and children. http://ken-jennings.com

     This show is sponsored in part by http://audibletrial.com/northwestprime 1st book is FREE, click and see if audio books are right for you!


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    Episode 293: Russia and the Nuclear Shadow: 2015’s Revivals with Tom Nichols

    in Military

    They never really went away, but for almost 20 years the world had a holiday from an old challenge and a new one; Russia and the prospect of nuclear war.

    Some thought, and more hoped that with the end of the Cold War, a newer world order would emerge that would enable an era of stability and peace. In a way, it did – but only in spots and for short periods of time.

    While for the last 15 years most of the attention was focused on the expansion of radical Islam, two not unrelated events began to wax. From the ashes of the Soviet Union, fed by a charismatic leader and a resource extraction economy, Russian began to reassert itself in a manner consistent with the last 500 years of its history, and in parallel – the boogyman of the second half of the 20th Century began to grow as well; the proliferation and possible use nuclear weapons.

    To discuss this and more for the full hour will be Dr. Tom Nichols,

    Tom is a professor at the Naval War College and at the Harvard Extension School, as well as a Senior Associate of the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs in New York City and a Fellow of the International History Institute at Boston University. Previously he was a Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC. Before coming to the War College, he taught international relations and Russian affairs for many years at Dartmouth College and Georgetown University. In Washington, he was personal staff for defense and security affairs in the United States Senate to the late Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania. 

    He received his PhD from Georgetown, an MA from Columbia University, and the Certificate of the Harriman Institute at Columbia. 

    He's also a five-time undefeated Jeopardy! champion. He played in the 1994 Tournament of Champions, is listed in the Jeopardy! Hall of Fame. He played his final match in the 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions.

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    A RRR Takeover! Extreme's Jeopardy Challenge CT Edition

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    The Random Radio Revolution cannot be contained! It has takin' over Champion Talk! Extreme hosts the show-down of the century where John "The Wire" Mcguire defends his Heavy Weight Championship of CT. Against everyone's favorite character Tommy "Picture Perfect" Valintine as they face off in a last man standing no-holds-barred trivia throw down for the ages. Who will take home the title? Tune in to find out! It should be fun with Extreme trying to stump the chumps mean Champs.  Feel free to call in to see if you can stump the champs with your own wrestling trivia. 

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    Bossman Show (Sports Jeopardy)

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    JR The Bossman will bring one of the most entertaining, electrifying, and educating events in all of radio today, Sports Jeopardy, hosted by the one and only JR The Bossman and judged by lovely, Ms. Arabia (@Adore_Arabia). January's Sports Jeopardy contestants are AJ (@ajjourdanSPORTS) from AJ Jourdan Sports, Jamieson Welsh (@therealjamieson) from LOCKS, Greg Smith (@g_twitty) from No Coast Bias, and Marc Francois (@francoismarc) from The Marc Francois Podcast.

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    The Doc in the eBox

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    As healthcare grows ever more expensive, more and more people are turning to the Internet for everything from diagnosis to treatment options.  More telling still is the fact that doctors are also utilising the web for everything from consultation to telesurgery.  Even computer giant IBM has anted up, retooling the Jeopardy winning Watson into Dr. Watson into a cancer specialist.   For those of us that lead active lives, not to mention the mobility impaired, turning to the Internet can not only save time, but lives.  Tune in for this week's episode to learn more about the Doc in the eBox.