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    VSOB Competitive Edge Janice Montgomery Albokai-Strauser

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    Voice of Small Business" Blogtalk Radio, marketing your business has never been more affordable. Launched in August 2006, BlogTalkRadio is a web-based talk-show platform. "The Voice of Small Business" joined the line-up of shows on December 10, 2008. BLOGTALK RADIO · Our users are Internet-savvy - people accustomed to integrating the World Wide Web into their daily lives. · Your audio, will be archived and integrated into tens of thousands of archived podcasts available for download. · Our reach grows daily as new hosts promote their shows on their own websites and blogs - incrementally growing our user base – and your potential customers. · Every new show generates new audio and written content, constantly expanding our category channels and attracting new listeners., · Don't miss out on this powerful marketing opportunity.

    Contact us today (214) 548 - 2584 Email: janice@janicealbokai.com.  thevoiceofsmallbusiness.com

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    Organize Your Money Matters

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    I'm not a financial planner, accountant or insurance agent, but I do manage my budget so that I can pay my bills on time. I also have money for emergencies and for the future. How about you?

    Money management is not instinctive to everyone. In this episode, I talk about three keys to getting your finances organized. You will learn various ways to create systems that help you allocate your financial resources more easily.

    I cover options for people who want everything to be as electronic as possible as well as ways for paper-and-pencils listeners to be more organized with their finances.

    Adults will always be responsible for their money, but it doesn't have to be time-consuming or overwhelming.

    Listeners will be able to apply one tip immediately!

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    How to Capture Information...Other Than in Your Brain

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    Do you feel like you have so much information in your brain that it comes spilling out your ears from the overflow? Or maybe your brain feels so stuffed that you can't imagine it holding another piece of data.

    In today's episode, Productivity Coach and Master Organizer, Janice Russell, will highlight a variety of ways to capture support and reference information. She will reveal how capturing data in ways that make sense to you will free your brain for other activities.

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    Bicycle Your Way to Being More Organized & Productive

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    On a bike, sitting still, barely pedaling or pedaling like crazy aren't very helpful in getting you to your destination. You may arrive, but you might be late or you might be exhausted.

    Instead, consistent pedaling at a moderate pace is the best way to reach your destination, especially if the journey is long. 

    The same idea is true when talking about productivity and organizing-doing little things on a regular basis will help you maintain an organized space or consistently be productive.

    In this episode, Productivity Coach and Master Organizer, Janice Russell, will give you some guidelines for bicycling your way to a more organized space at your work or in your home. She will also address how increase and maintain more productive habits.

    So if you're looking for more balance in your life (and not just on a bicycle), listen to this episode and act on something you hear in it today!

    If you want additional ideas, you can find out how Janice's proprietary Flexible Structure Method (FSM) of productivity and organizing can help your desire for a better life. Check out the FSM website.


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    Roads of Destiny: Russell Chapman

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    On Today's Episode, you will meet…(Russell Chapman)

    Born in Erith Kent at the end of 1957, Russell Chapman moved to the Cathedral City of Canterbury at age five. Here he attended the local grammar school. He studied mathematics at Bristol University followed by successful careers in accounting, sales and marketing.

    Married in 1989 to Dianne, they and their cat live in a small village in West Cornwall. Russell’s extensive travel experience includes cruising on the QE2, flying on Concord and riding the Orient Express.

    Writing and publishing a book was a long held ambition. Early in 2014, circumstances gave him the time to start work on his first novel. Doctors diagnosed his father with a terminal illness, giving Russell the motivation to write Roads of Destiny. He wanted to finish the book before his father died; it was not to be.

    Today we will be discussing his new book: Roads of Destiny

    For Info:

    Web site: http://gaiagods.com/my-books/roads-of-destiny-first-chronicle-of-gaia/

    Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00OE9IABE

    Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/roads-of-destiny-mr-russell-chapman/1120905954?ean=9780692357323

    Createspace: https://www.createspace.com/5008511

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    An Exercise in Getting You Organized

    in Self Help

    Getting organized is similar to getting in shape...you will use muscles you probably haven't used in awhile. But don't let that scare you!

    In this episode, Master Organizer, Janice Russell, will help you set up just the right organizing program for you. Whether you want to organize your office or your home, she will provide motivation and exercises as if you were going to a gym to get fit.

    Not only that, she'll share how to personalize the program for you because each person has a different approach to organizing.

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    How to Buy the Right Containers to Organize

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    Plastic or wire mesh drawer dividers. Wicker or bamboo bins. Plastic cubes. Fabric or plastic shoe pockets.

    There are too many choices when it comes to containers for organizing. Some of the selections may call your name and before you know it, you've got "bin clutter."

    If getting organized is your goal, buying bins ISN'T the first thing you do!

    In this episode, Master Organizer and Productivity Coach, Janice Russell, discusses the activites you need to do before you purchase organizing containers. She also tells you how to figure out which containers you really need.

    Save time and money by finding out exactly how to make the best container purchases.

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    The Robert J Russell Financial Services Show

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    Robert J Russell has been speaking to companies and organizations since 1979.

    As a Licensed Insurance (30 yrs experience) Broker in Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina, Robert has helped people all over the world with his financial planning wisdom to help people who are looking at different and unique ways to invest their money as well as plan for their retirement.

    Robert is also a Licensed Realtor (15yrs experience) in Texas and is making plans to open a second location in the Destin, Florida area. Through his real estate experience he has helped people buy and sell real estate, has attained his International Real Estate Certification and is a member of the International Consortium of Real Estate Agents. He has also helped Investors with Foreclosures, Second Homes, Retirement Homes as well as Investment Properties to create a monthly cash flow.

    Visit http://www.robertjrussellcompanies.com to find out more about all the services that we provide.

    If you would like to schedule a online appointment with Robert, please call our office at 972.292.8967.

    Email us your questions - robertjrussellcompanies@gmail.com


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    Twilight Tuesdays w/ Dormaine & Janice: Chatting about The Walking Dead

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    Today's episode is all about the AMAZING Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead. Be sure to tune in.

    Dormaine G


    Amazon Author Page



    Janice Ross


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    Beauty Talk with Denise & Janice Tunnell

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    We have recieved your questions about the beauty industry, the film & tv industry and more, and we want to answer them this Sunday at 9pm ET/6pm PT on another informative episode of Beauty Talk.  Please call us with your additinal questions and comments. 914.803.439

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