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    Jamming With G|D Musical Pilot Test for Season 6

    in Entertainment

    Season 6 of GD's A Touch of Grace - Premieres Monday May 11th 2015 - 2P/PST : 5P/EST

    Music has been the constant in my life. 

    It has been one of the most beautiful quientessential elements adding joy and light to my soul.

    As I embark on this new era of radio broadcasting I embrace the new freedoms I've found in recovery, and I reflect only to remind myself of all the great accomplishments I've had on this journey.

    Blessed Be!




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    Twerk Thirst Live Jam Session

    in Radio

    Just jamming to a few personal favorite records.

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    GetAtMeInDaMixxx ft TheWeekNd and More

    in Hip Hop Music

    Man on this mix we’re finally found out how were gonna do these weekly mixes.  Now we’re gonna take the top selling cut on iTunes and mix it other top trending new cuts (we were sort of doing that already but know I’m just letting you know the process of how we pick the lead song.)

    The WeekNd “THE HILLS” went straight to the top of the itunes sales chart (over 20, 000 downloads a day.  Somebody’s buying #LSMH)….

    Rihanna “BBHMM” this record is probably the summer anthem (also still selling strong.  It was just the right song for the mix…….

    Young Thug “CHECK” No matter how you feel about Thug, this dude finds hits #FRFR.  No doubt about that…….

    Kendrick Lamar “KING KUNTA” Kendrick put together a really great and funky track with this one.  Are today’s hiphop fans the children of Kunta Kinte and has hiphop cut their legs off so they can’t get off the plantation……?

    Mark Ronson ft Mystikal “FEEL RIGHT” This is a great comeback record for Mystikal (I really hope this cut catch on because it’s a great cut).  I’m sure this will be jamming down on Bourban Street…..

    Dizzle RED ft D-Roc (of the Yin Yang Twins) “RATTLESNAKE” This cut here brings us back to why Yin Yang worked.  They just made some fun ass club songs that kept the girls dancing and twerkin.  This cuts no exception.  Dizzle RED has a sharp clever delivery and folks are on his team.  #DjAlert #ThisOnesInTheMixxx

    That’s this GetAtMeInDaMixxx #10

    Call in (347) 826-7743

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    Interview with Mike LeBlanc

    in Music

    New Brunswick's MIKE LEBLANC brought his traditional country sound to the Cadillac Lounge this spring as part of Canadian Music Week. He played songs off his album Alive And Well.

    Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Mike moved at a young age - along with his family - to a small town called Collette, NB. Growing up, there was always music playing in the house or people jamming with their guitars and other instruments. Mike's first public appearance was at 7 years old in church. He didn't know he could sing back then but his teacher knew right away.

    At 15, Mike entered a local singing contest and took everyone by surprise with his covers of songs by Randy Travis. From that point on, he was frequently asked to do amateur shows and house parties. When he reached the age of 17, he joined his first band and played all over the province and into the U.S. In 1999, he packed his instruments and his clothes and headed towards Calgary, Alberta to see what the music industry had to offer there. He was hired by a band called Uptown Riders three days upon his arrival to the big city. The band toured all over Western Canada for a few years. 

    In 2011, Mike's songwriting went into high gear. In this period, he wrote songs such as "When I'm Good" and "We Lived On" which were the first songs to be created for the album Alive and Well. His influences range from George Jones to Merle Haggard to Waylon Jennings to Travis Tritt. You can hear those influences in the way he sings a country song.

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    in Entertainment

    The Collective is honored to have on this program the internet sensation Felicia O'Dell better known around the world as Auntie Fee, the woman who cooks with a lot of love and a lot of cursin, and some comedy in between. Auntie Fee will be chatting with Saint and the crew and talking about her rise to popularity and keeping it real with what she does. Plus they will be jamming some music and doing the usual roundabout of things....Join the Collective for an inspirational evening!



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    The ORACLE Speaks With ... YOU!

    in Spirituality

    Todays show is dedicated to Keg Johnson, Jr. who went on to Havona yesterday, May 16, 2015, 2:43 PM. I love you Keg.


    Legendary Music Producer keg Johnson Jr., son of Jazz Hall of Famer, Keg Johnson, Sr. and nephew of Jazz Hall of Famer Budd Johnson, Sr. has joined the many musical greats now jamming in Havona and producing beautiful music for G-D.

    He made his transition yesterday, Saturday, May 16, 2015, at California Hospital, at 2"43 PM. He fought a good fight but lost the game to colon cancer. He was surrounded by family and friends when he said, "it's time" and life giving nutrients were shut off. That's right! Anyone who knows Keg knows he liked to call the shots. It was often his way.

    It was the most astounding experience. He was able to attend his own living memorial as we played songs of artists he had produced over his 40 year history of producing musical icons and greats too many to mention without leaving someone out. Keg was known to say, "google me man..." So, I suggest you do just that. You will find his dad listed as well, so be sure to make sure you are looking at Keg Johnson, Jr. and not Sr.

    We sang along with the artists as Keg listened and smiled and bobbed his head to the music. He couldn't talk much, but he was lucid and in control to the end. And then he made the call, "it's time."

    Keg Johnson Jr. leaves behind to celebrate his life three children, Michael Charland-Tait, Medina Noelle Johnson and Joshua Frederick Keg Johnson, dear friend and hanging buddy to the end Denise Lyles-Cook, a host of friends and family and you, his fans. Keg is loved and already missed.

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    Jamming With GD on A Touch of Grace [ep131]

    in Entertainment

    Jamming with GD on A Touch of Grace is a new segment of the show that is currently being trialed at odd times of the day. There has not been an official launch date set for this show segement. 

    Today's show was the result of a guest who went missing action; however, that show has been re-scheduled and will be episode 132. 

    In the meatime,

    Enjoy the music,



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    Kortney Windless and Meme Downs Live - We Jamming

    in Entertainment

    Kortney Windless and Meme Downs Live - We Jamming

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    Meangirlz Jam it or Slam it

    in Radio

    This show is to show case all the Up-Coming Artist promoting their  music in our Facebook Group. Call in and listen to and let Team Meangirlz know if you Jamming the songs or Slamming them 

    Hosted by: Yazmine Bratz

    Co-Host: Sherry Byrd

    with Guest apperences by Candy Flossin & Ms. Weakness

    Sponsored by: DAy 1 Ent 

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    Be Magnetic: Divine Marketing through Archetypes of Pleasure with Dr. Kris Oster

    in Women

    Hear Kris Oster, PhD talk about how the archetypes of pleasure can make your marketing more magnetic and unique. It's time to turn on your business! Find out how you can use the myth of Aphrodite (Venus) from the story of Psyche and Eros (Cupid) to help improve brand and marketing. Learn more about her upcoming program "Unbound" which is based on these principles of archetypes and pleasure.

    Kris Oster, PhD. is a scholar of mythology + archetypal psychology, who happens to be skilled at marketing + business design, who also happens to be a writer, musician and entrepreneur. And that’s just the tip of the mermaid’s tail.

    Companies hire her when they need a spark of imaginative mysticism, to jolt a department into action — or dive ten fathoms deeper into a marketing campaign.

    Entrepreneurs hire her when they need a serious celestial shake-up. Fresh priorities. Vibrant branding. A clear sense of their story — their personal mythology. And more.

    When not jamming with business owners, She is playing on her congas, going on dates with her husband Chris, and playing in the surf with her 5-year old girl, or talking to Mer-Angels. Yup. Literally.



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