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    Are Amygdala High-Jacks Harming Your Business/Hurting Your Credibility (JChance)

    in Women

    My guest today is Julie Chance, founder and CEO of Action Strategies by Design. Julie has a rich history of success helping individuals and companies achieve a competitive edge. Her work involves aligning strategic objectives with effective communication, impactful leadership and mindful interpersonal behaviors. Today we will be discussing: Are Amygdala High-Jacks Harming Your Business & Hurting Your Credibility?  Have you ever had a reaction to something that someone said or did and then later realize that your reaction was way out of proportion to the situation?  Tune in to hear more.


    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 


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    Julie Chance - Action-Strategies-By-Design, LLC

    PH:  972-701-9311   


    Link to FREE e-book "Leader Language: http://strategies-by-design.com/leader-language/



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    STK HipHop Power Hour! Claypool & The (C)hicago (P)upil (S)layers! What's New?

    in Politics

    Tune in with Queen Daphne tonight at 7pm CST for Save The Kids HipHop Power Hour! on Str8Up RealTalk Radio Network!

    I'll be dropping some Ol Skool HipHop joints with a couple new jacks sprinkled in on the airwaves tonight and taking a break in the beats to drop some dialouge about Claypool & The (C)hicago (P)upil (S)layers! What's new coming out of Chicago's damaged public school system? Are the children of Chicago caught in the middle of a Hatesfield and Mccoys political battle between the city and the state? Tune in tonight to get your groove on and your voice heard!

    Logon www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalks

    Call in  215-383-3925

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    Handle feeling anxious in your truck. Is your mandatory enough to shake off?

    in Work

    Sometime you just start to feel antsy or anxious in your truck, you cannot seem to stretch your legs sitting in that pilot seat, and after walking around for 30 mins on a mandatory, it's simply not enough. How do you get rid of that feeling of discontent? Do you run some laps around truck, do some jumping jacks, hopscotch maybe? Who knows, we want to know! Call 516-387-1911 and tell us!

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    I Left My Bracket In El Segundo

    in Sports

    The crew is back like cracker jacks and wet naps, snapping jokes and cleaning house. We keeping it personal as usual, it's time to get the stat sheets out..

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    Charles Berton

    in Writing

    Tonight on The Wrong Angle, Jack will interview Illustrator and Author, Charles Berton. You can find out more about Charles on his website, CharlesBerton.com

    Books by Charles Berton are How to Draw with Freedom and Expression, Alpha Eye, and Dream Walker. 

    On a side note that you may or may not know, but will find out, is that Charles had illustrated Jacks children's books Are there Monsters in My Closet? and Burnt Eggs & Scrtambled Toast.




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    You Raped Her - Plus News & Comment

    in Entertainment

    I give a brief riff on my latest short track I recorded and posted to Misogynoir Exposed. 

    In The News 

    San Diego Janitors, Security Guards March Against Workplace Sexual Assault

    In East St. Louis, motorists drove around a dying boy instead of stopping to help

    San Diego Janitors, Security Guards March Against Workplace Sexual Assault

    Teenager Who Beat Sikh American in Chicago Sentenced to Community Service

    Thanks for checking out the Wine Cellar. 

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    Jack's Talk Show

    in Lifestyle

    In this episode, you are free to call in and ask us if we'd talk about any major topic you'd like. You can call and ask for opinions, advice, relationship help, just anything appropriate for a live talk show! thanks for oyur support!

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    Ramblecast Ep. 8.03: "Baldish

    in Pop Culture

    Jay and Jack debate whether or not using rogaine is cheating, talk about the Chargers, discuss baby names and much more. Be sure to join their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/jayandjackgroup.

    Support Jay and Jack on Patreon! Click here for more information.

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    Paul McKinley Taking Over IIls For The Kids Against Transgender Jesse Jacks

    in News

    What You are about ti hear today is why Faith Driven Consumers, Chris Stone, Chick Fil A, Dan Cathy,  Kirk Cameron, Roy Comfort, Hobby Lobby, Mart Green and every Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpas, should sign up for the $10 It's About The Child Conference Houston and the 2016 Presidential Candidates Town Hall www.itsaboutthechild.com. This will be a national conversation Live Streamed around the country on Pay Per View. January 29-31 2016. Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina are coming. 

     Paul's organization has blossomed from working with helping former Prisoners to  getting rid of the Homosexual Transgender issues in Chicago. Paul  wiped out Black Lives  Mater in Chicago. He knows the Ferguson Mo. He knows about all of what is happening to our children. He will give details on how the teachers who are 40-60 --years are being eliminated in education,  so that the Homosexual agenda can be implemented.  Under 30 years have been successfully  indoctrinated to be  more tolerant of the Homosexual Movement and to rebel against God. Paul has  been on Fox News, CNN And more. Paul is also familiar with The history of KKK, was started Albert Pike and the Masons. The Black Masons are under the rituals of the White Masons and the sacrifice of lynching  was a part of the ritual. 


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    Dave East, The Breaks on VH1, Year-End Lists and NY hip hop events

    in Music

    This week, we attended a concert at SOBs featuring Wu-Tang icon, Raekwon. Among the openers, the buzzing Dave East, the Harlem spitter with the Nas co-sign. We'll discuss his rise, as well as the others on the bill, including Kris Kasanova and the blisteringly entertaining Wordsmiff.

    From new jacks, to old school, we'll talk about The Breaks, the VH1 movie that looks at the rise of 90s hip-hop, loosely based on Dan Charnas' tome, The Big Payback, which chronicled much of the explosive growth of the business of hip-hop that occurred at that time.

    We'll talk (issh?) about year-end lists, and some events coming up.

    As always, we welcome your calls.

    The NY Hip Hop Report. Like sports talk radio. Just hip hoppier!

    This episode is brought to you by The Spinning Wheel, an interactive, multi-media, hip-hop theater event happening all through January at the BRIC House in Brooklyn. 

    Visit Birthplace Magazine for more information about this genre and generation-bending extravaganza.


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    GTE Radio 193.5 Chip

    in Radio

    Jumping Jacks or Push Ups or Both?