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    Manifesting Through Intentions

    in Health

    Join us as we launch Pure Rejuvenation Station where we talk about finding Happiness, Health & harmony in pure ways. today's topic is all about setting your intentions to manifest the dreams in your life! 

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    Conscious Intentions

    in Spirituality

    There are many types of intentions you can create in your life, and we're going to focus on one of the highest forms: Conscious Intentions! Bring to this party something you want to shift, change, or upgrade in your life, and I'll guide you through setting a Conscious Intention that is high-vibe and awesome. Cuz those are the type you want to experience, right!


    Molly McCord is a Consciousness Catalyst whose Spiritual Awakening began in 2002. She shares her gifts as a writer, author, intuitive, astrologer, messenger, and spiritual teacher in this weekly show. Discover more on her popular website, Conscious Cool Chic.com




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    Intentions & Peace of Mind

    in Entertainment

    I'm finding as the new year moves forward, I want to set intentions for ways I want to experience life. A quiet peaceful mind is a beautiful thing & helps to not over-think any situation (which only leads to illusion & trouble) So, this show addresses these topics & more. Enjoy!

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    When Good Intentions Go Bad

    in Family

    We've all had situations where we intended one thing and something else entirely happens.  Today we're going to talk about setting intentions and what to do when those intentions get scrambled in their execution.  We'll look at real life situations and how some were handled better than others and what the outcome of those choices were.  Join us live at 11am Eastern Standard Time online, listen to the archive version at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/betterlivingdaily/2014/10/30/when-good-intentions-go-bad or listen live on your phone at (347) 945-6060.

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    Good Intentions - A Political Satire

    in Politics Conservative

    Bob Zeidman studied physics and electrical engineering at Cornell and Stanford, and filmmaking at De Anza College. He is the founder of several successful high tech Silicon Valley firms, holds numerous patents, and is considered a pioneer in the field of analyzing software source code. Bob’s secret life includes writing three award-winning novels and three award-winning screenplays. He earned a 1999 Opus Magnum Discovery Award from the Hollywood Film Festival for his novel Horror Flick, where he got to walk down the red carpet with celebrities like Jon Voight, Martin Landau, Harrison Ford, and Cameron Diaz, and he came “this close” to abandoning Silicon Valley for Hollywood.

    Bob Zeidman, Good Intentions, satire, politics, humor, government, social,

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    Good Intentions - A Political Satire

    in Politics Conservative

    Good Intentions is about a future United States that has become the ultimate nanny state. One man, Winston Jones, is chosen by the mysterious Fairness for EveryBody Society to be the next president because he has the required makeup—ethnic, racial, religious, sexual orientation, etc.—to “fairly represent the diversity of America.” The book is his reluctant adventure to discover what America is about and how to get it back to its real values. He comes across many clashing groups including “The Documented,” a group of legal aliens that refuse to break the law and thus get no government entitlements. He also comes in contact with Radical Femlamism, a bizarre melding of Radical Feminism and Radical Islam. All along he’s tracked by the Freedman Group, a collection of “subversives” who believe in free market capitalism and secretly run businesses without government interference

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    Easy Ways to Set Your Intentions for 2015

    in Spirituality

    Many talk about New Year Resolutions that are broken before the first week has past.  Let's discuss how you can set your intentions for the year in such a way that you can succeed easily and effortlessly.

    Do not stress yourself over the drama of resolutions.  Do not stress yourself over things that did not get accomplished in 2014.  Maybe you weren't supposed to or your focus was in other areas. 

    In this episode I will discuss ways that you can plan your year with intentions.  I will also introduce you to a webinar "Mega-Manifest 2015" that will get you jump-started on your path.

    Join me by calling in or listening to the recorded episode.

    Have suggestions send me an email at beverly@commandingyourlife.com

    visit http://commandingyourlife.com  and http://silverfox.silvacourses.com

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    July Global Intentions Meditation

    in Self Help

    Join other Starseeds and Lightworkers in seeding and anchoring our powerful New 5D Earth Global Intentions for our beloved Gaia. Many souls are awakening during 2014 and the Wayshowers are being called to support their Ascension.

    As we move beyond the ego’s ‘service to self’ mentality, and open our hearts to serve the greater good, we are ready to live in Unity Consciousness. We are more aware of our interconnectedness, of blending in the Oneness with All That Is. We no longer see others or our world as separate entities, but more of an outer extension of creation. As our hearts open to Divine Love, we are ready to freely participate in the birthing of the New Earth.

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    Aquaware 4.0: How to Manifest 7 Intentions at one time!

    in Art

    I was excited to hear about the new release of Aquaware 4.0, the powerful technology that allows you to imprint your desires into your water! 

    I wanted to hear more about the cool new updates in this manifestaiton technology, so I invited the Peter Schenk to come on my show to share the behind the scenes details of this technology including some of the new features: 

    Ability to put up to seven intents in a single glass of water
    Ability to build Quantum Layering Sessions and save them
    700 + pre-established intentions
    Ability to write in your own intent and continuously direct it into any target water anywhere
    Incorporates the energy and passion of 20 of the most influential people in all of history    

    How cool is that? 

    To learn more visit: www.imacupuncture.com/aquaware4.0

    Peter Schenk is a research engineer, visionary and software designer. While exploring the quantum database, Peter discovered an amazing secret that he has now merged with modern software so that you can assess higher dimensions.



  • Plan 2015 ON PURPOSE! Declare Your Intentions Show! Write it. Speak it. Hear it

    in Finance

    Plan 2015 on PURPOSE! Call in LIVE, or leave a post and I will read it on the air for you. Friday, Jan 2, 2015. Listen in on

    www.DebtFreeWealthRADIO.com @ 10:45AM

    There is something POWERFUL about writing, declaring, and hearing your intentions spoken back to you, that help MOVE YOU to taking ACTION!!!!

    Want to call it in yourself? Call (323) 417-6775 between 10-10:15 am EST


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    Intentions That Empower

    in Goals

    There is so much online about setting goals, intentions, and outcomes that everyone gets confused.  Well, today we want to empower you with setting up intentions and vision so that the goals almost set themselves.  I have found that goals without vision and intentions get lost and thrown away.

    We want to explore the opportunity to expand our horizons and lead to bigger and better accomplishments throughout the years.  So why not give our subconscious minds something it can hold on to.  Intentions are great ways of getting your thoughts in the right frame as you set about accomplishing what you set out to do.

    We all know that if we don't have the right miondset we might as well do nothing.  So Let's get the right frame of mind before we set goals and get our intentions straight.

    If you haven't already signed up now is the time to do that and get a hold of the awesome treats we have in store for you this month.  sign up here http://eepurl.com/bahnev

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