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    The Truth About Weight Loss Infomercials

    in Comedy

    This week Michael and Robyn bring in a guests to talk about late night infomercials, junk food, and what to do if your trainer smokes!

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    Infomercials and the lies they want us to believe!!!

    in Fitness

    Join us tonight as we discuss infomercials on fitness n supplements, and the lies they want us to believe!!!! 

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    Forbes Riley – Mastering Your Pitch

    in Entrepreneur

    In this powerful episode Forbes Riley uncovers the art and science of Mastering the “Pitch”.

    If you don’t recognize her name you will surely recognize her face and the sound of her voice, because Forbes has been on your TV screen for the last 30 years, selling you some of your favorite products.

    Whether you know her from Home Shopping Network with her wildly successful SpinGym® or the Jack LaLanne Juicer infomercials, you will quickly understand why Forbes Riley is a National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee, an award-winning TV host, author, highly sought-after spokesperson, motivational keynote speaker, and life coach to celebrities and CEOs.

    Oh… and she’s managed to sell TWO BILLION dollars worth of health and wellness, lifestyle products.

    If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, philanthropist or in any position in which you need to influence others to want what you have to offer, you need to hear this conversation.

    To Learn More:
    Check out Pitch Mastermind with Forbes Riley at http://influencersradio.com/forbes to learn how to quickly implement simple, proven and multi-million dollar earning tactics that anyone can apply to their particular product, service, field or industry check out this special opportunity Forbes is making available to Influencers Radio listeners.

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    "Pumping Pioneers"

    in Fitness

    For those of us in the fitness industry long enough , we know that the field was not molded by the barrage of infomercials of endless gadgets and diets, that dance along our TV screens daily. It was built by the vision of these people. Join hosts Laurie Towers and Elite Ziegelman as they welcome fitness guru and creator of the "Buns and Abs Of Steel" series Tamilee Webb on this debut segment of "Pumping Pioneers".

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    Watching Live TV With KC & EV

    in Television

    The TV Talkers will broadcast their live show while flipping through their TVs. This is going to be so much fun!!!

    Maury. Court Shows. Kardashians. Infomercials... EV & KC will be breaking down the randomness that comes across their TV screens.

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    A chat with acting coach Brenna McDonough

    in Entertainment

    The King of DC Media welcomes back acting coach Brenna McDonough, who will discuss effective tips for actors to book roles consistently, and how to look great on camera!

    McDonough teaches on-camera workshops at Betsy Royall Casting in Baltimore and her studio in Kensington, MD.

    Brenna is an accomplished actress in her own right, having appeared in the following TV commercials and films:


     Bush Gardens/Col Williamsburg
     Giant Food 
     Close Call
     Med-Star Health 
     Red Cross
     Prudential Health
     Travel Lodge 

    Infomercial Host
    Tommy’s Mom
    Mother of the Bride
    Hotel Executive

    Fredrickson TV
    Raimondi Films
    Madison Media
    Gray, Kirk, Van Sant
    Red Cross
    Noble Steed
    Gray, Kirk, Van Sant


     HOMICIDE “Pit Bull Sessions”
     THE WIRE 

    Network Reporter
    Mary Tjarks
    Tess’s Doctor
    CNN Reporter
    Political analyst Kate

    HBO, Barbara Kopple, Dir.
    Columbia Pictures
    HBO “Slapstick”

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    Fitness ZumbaBaby Style

    in Health

    Zumba established a foothold in the U.S. fitness industry after the considerable success of infomercials launched in 2002. By 2007, Zumba had spread to six continents and established credibility with such fitness icons as the American Council on Exercise, the Aerobics Fitness Association of America and the IDEA Health and Fitness Association.

    Debbie "ZumbaBaby" Fisher is a a child of GOD and a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. She often says, "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13 sets the foundation on how she lives her daily life. Starting and Ending her day with the very one who gives her LIFE. She's a wife, mother, IT manager, entrepreneur, sister, friend, fitness lover and the list goes on and on.

    Reality hit her in 2009 after a doctors visit and realized she needed to do something different because she was approaching 180 pounds and a size 14. She was looking to a life of health issues associated with being overweight.  Debbie decided to try the traditional methods of losing weight - joining a gym, hiring a personal trainer and creating a long "DO NOT EAT" list, but found herself becoming bored and unhappy!

    In 2011, she took my first Zumba class with Liliana Shea who is from Columbia but resides in the Raleigh area. Debbie instantly fell in love with Zumba! She states, "Zumba has become the biggest life saver for me! Because I found something that I enjoy and look forward to doing each and every day even if it is a party of 1."

    Join me MSKeepItMoving on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show with special guest Debbie "ZumbaBaby" Fisher. Learn why she feels you should focus on being healthy and not a certain size or weight. It's more than a look! It's a TESTIMONY!



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    Performing on Camera & Why It Matters that You are Good!

    in Self Help

    Learn the real secret on performing on camera from Jimbo Marshall...how to get over the jitters and how paying attention to your performance will sky rocket your business.  Because here's the truth:  THEY ARE BUYING YOU!

    Jimbo Marshall is the Creative Director of Hell Yeah Studios, a division of Suzanne Evans.  Jimbo is an accomplished video producer of over 500 infomercials, shot for Discovery on the Great Wall of China and in a shark tank in South Africa.  He's produced videos for close to 300 online entrepreneurs and considers himself to be one of the funniest working video producers known to mankind.  He's been in the online sensation, Mr. Deity - playing Larry, God's Assistant - this little web show was picked up by Sony's Online Division.  He's also the creator of Can I get a Transformation - an online show aimed at self helper helps who can laugh at themselves.  Recently Jimbo directed and produced, Manifest This - a film aimed to point out the holes in the mega hit, The Secret.  Jimbo lives in Pawleys Island with his wife, three kids and two dogs…who he loves most of the time!  Just kidding, he loves those dogs all the time!

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    Memorial Service to Saturday Morning Cartoons

    in Blogs

    An era has now ended as Saturday mornings are now filled with infomercials, news broadcasts and talk shows.  Gone are the days of Garfield and Friends followed by Muppet Babies.  Join William and Fred as they deliver a eulogy to a tradition that has come to an end!

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    Chalene Johnson - founder of million dollar Internet Academies

    in Entrepreneur

    Motivational speaker, New York Times Best Selling author, and fitness celebrity Chalene Johnson is the #1 female in direct marketing.  The first female to host two #1 infomercials, Chalene has sold over 10 million DVDs.

    A best-selling author, Chalene combined her passion for helping others live fuller, more balanced lives, with her passion for fitness in her New York Times Best-Seller Push: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin’ Body, and the Life You Deserve.  

    Chalene is also the founder of personal and business development programs and million dollar Internet Academies including SMART Success Academy and Marketing Impact Academy where she shares what she has learned to help other business owners created even greater success and more balanced lives.

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    Increase Profits with Follow-Up

    in Business

    There are three ways for businesses to create more profits.

    1) Make new sales 2) Increase frequency and 3) Increase the amount spent per transaction. The most direct influence on all three of these ways to increase your profits has to do with your communication with the client or prospect. After the first contact it is all about the follow-up. 90% of sales people do not follow up enough and are leaving cash on the table. Ouch! 

    On this weeks show we will talk about follow-up, why it is important and what are the best methods to carry it out.

    Our guest for this show is Andrea Koochin.

    Andrea has worked in marketing and promotion for the over 20 years. She has solid background in understanding client preferences through her extensive experience in market research, television production and infomercials with companies such as Time Life and Guthie Renker. Through her experience, she discovered that these large promotions treated people like numbers and often fell short and don’t communicate in a way that creates loyal customers. As a result, Andrea turned her focus from small to medium businesses to address the follow up process. This is what truly builds a relationship and Andrea is passionate about relationships.