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    Club Infinite Radio: Holiday Weekend Party

    in Entertainment

    5/23/15.... Join us as we kickoff the new show on this holiday weekend!!!, Infinite Source Broadcast Network
    is the place to be this Saturday night!!! There will be music from today, yesterday and the day before that!..lol!!
    Guaranteed to make you move!.. This is an ADULTS ONLY show! CLUB INFINITE'S doors open at
    11pm ET- 8pm PT. Must be 21 to enter..... Listen to the show LIVE over the net, or LIVE
    over the phone by dialing, 347-850-8229. Hope you can join us and BYOB.

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    Infinite Knowledge is Power Show

    in Lifestyle

    On the Infinite Knowlegde is Power show we will be discussing everyday how your body's 100 trillion cells are being effected by all the surroundings you place them in. Do not miss this show as we will be discussing how environment , diet, frequencies, emotion and Spirit effect your body much more then you can ever realize. In order to change you must re-program at the cellular level. That starts by listening to the IKP show everyday with your host, educator and researcher Phoenix Diamond AKA Michael Alpough.  

    All our guest hosts will be providing compelling information daily, to help you move into the Infinite Knowledge is Power realm. Tune in Monday June 27th at 7PM Pacific, where we are joined by Breatholgist and Consciousness Explorer Eric Renke. Plus surprise guest!

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    Honoring The Infinite In All Manifestations.

    in Spirituality

    In this morning devotional my focus will be Honoring The Infinite In All Manifestations.  The Divine Source can be known in so many different ways.  We who are finite in nature must ultimately pick a Manifestation of The Divine which speaks to us; our experiences and our backgrounds.  But all paths to The Divine are equally valid.  So long as one is a true Lover of The Divine, one will never go too far astray.  "What-so-ever you do to the least...that you do unto Me."  See God in all people and in all things.  Love The Divine as you understand The Divine.

    For more on Temple of The Infinite Universe see: http://www.hermetictemple.com

    To make a donation to the continued running and developement of our temple see: http://www.gofundme.com/qa8ztg


    Frater Ralph



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    Infinite Source Broadcast Network: Kickoff Party with Truth Emerges Radio

    in Entertainment

    4/25/15...... Join us TONIGHT as we kickoff the new network, INFINITE SOURCE BROADCAST NETWORK!! We will be doing a simulcast with Truth Emerges Radio to
    celebrate this event!! Going to be a fun time with loads of laughs, music and so much more!! When, The Coalition has a
    party, we amp it up!!!... Show starts @ 9pm ET, 6pm PT. Listen live over the net, or listen live over the phone! Call in number is,
    347-850-8229. Press 1 to notify us that you would like to join the show! Hope to have you join us!

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    The Unknown/ The Duality- The Infinite Reality

    in Spirituality

    This Blog Talk Show discusses The Infinite Reality of the unknown and the duality of existence.This Talk Radio Pod cast is about our dulaity of existence and how to over come the unknown.

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    Your Infinite Possibilities For 2016 with Patricia Walker

    in Self Help

    Join Host Reverend Sue and her very special guest EVVY Award-Winning Author Patricia Walker as she shares how we can make our dreams a reality.

    For info on Patricia Walker, The Infinite Possibilities Program, blog and Upcoming workshops visit



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    Whispers of Infinite Possibilities- Following the feather touch of awareness

    in Self Help

    What if you can know what to do to create the life, relationships, business, everything you desire? What if the knowing will be different that what you think it will be?

    What if it's a whisper, a feather touch of awareness, of where to show up, what the next step is, who to talk to at that perfect moment you could never plan?

    Join Sylvia and Melanie as they playfully discuss and invite you to begin listening to and to create from the Whispers of Infinite Possibilties that you may be overlooking or not recognizing!

    Melanie Clampit www.melanieclampit.com Facebook

    Sylvia Puentes www.accessjoyfulLiving.com Facebook

    Colors of Infinite Possibilities Radio Facebook Page

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    Phourist & The Photons - In Infinite Indigo

    in Music

    Phourist & The Photons have achieved a firey and thrilling lift-off with their new album, In Infinite Indigo. This incredibly well-matched three-man band sparks musical alchemy as they play. The band creates a deep pocket of space for listeners to move, think and feel in as they weave each song's story with air, beats and notes. Ultimately, In Infinite Indigo is like that ride you can't stop getting back in line for at the theme park. "Again, again!" 

    Talkupy welcomes Nick Hill (guitar, keyboard, lead vocals), Scott Boice (percussion) and Stuart Wicke (bass) to the show on Friday, Sept. 25 at 8 pm ET. All three band members are accomplished musical storytellers who give everything they've got to give to their craft. We will talk about the band's history and listen to songs from the new album. We'll also discuss the new animated video for "Here's Some Moonlight For Your Day" and find out what's next for Phourist & The Photons.

    To listen to, or purchase songs from, In Infinite Indigo go to Phourist & The Photons Bandcamp Page or visit Phourist.com where you also can find more videos, contact information and the band's schedule. Please follow Phourist & The Photons on Twitter or Facebook.  For more information on Talkupy, please visit Talkupy.net or follow @Talkupy_Radio



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    OUReality ,,, Open Mic a Round Table Discussion

    in Higher Education

    PLEASE , , , Join Eva along with her host Michael Conoley for OPEN MIC a Round Table discussion.  Everyone is welcome, Come get to know us,  join in the round table discussion with other Hosts from Infinite Source Broadcast Network, as well as hosts from other Networks and the Public.  Phone Lines will be open, all calls are welcome {347} 850 - 8229 PLEASE, press 1 to chime in. 

    Don't miss out on an all new , , , Government Shenanigans

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    Dialogue With A Yogi

    in Self Help

    Thinking about taking a yoga class?  Not sure of the benefits of a yoga practice?  Well, tune in today as Infinite Vibrations  talk yoga with Yogi, Clarence Taylor.  Mr. Taylor will share his views of yoga, how its provided healing within his life, the type of yoga practice he prefers, and the tranquility he's gained from his practice.