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    Liz Newman - President - Indulgence

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    Liz Newman created Indulgence Miami to bring five-star wellness treatments and guest services to her clients at home, in a hotel room or any other location of their choice. At places such as The Standard, The Walt Disney Company and Marriott International, Liz helmed every guest’s spa experience to ensure impeccable service and quality from beginning to end. Now, she’s doing that everywhere. Fast-forward a few months and, inspired by a friend’s departure to travel the world, Liz took off alone for a three-week trip to Bali. After a life-changing experience, her world was turned upside down on the plane ride home. Severe stomach pains sent her to a hospital in Malaysia for seven terrifying days. But blessings come in disguise, no matter how heavily cloaked they are. After returning to Miami, For six months, Liz began a journey of health and worked with the best healers, from trainers and yoga masters to massage therapists and acupuncturists, all from the comfort of her home and community. 

    Six months in, Liz realized she was healing quickly, and she felt it was partly because she was doing it at home, in her own space with her own scents, colors and energy.  The Indulgence Miami team provides clients with the most natural, curated healing experiences straight from the people who know what the best truly is. A client’s service is tailored to meet their needs and cater to how they want to feel. Indulgence Miami is recently launched a line of luxury spa products made from scratch, with essential oils, mists and topical indulgences made from over 35 live herbs grown on Liz’s own balcony.  All of these individuals & circumstances had put Liz on a journey to wellness and health, a journey she is still on. And now she’s paving the way for yours. 

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    There must be a revival of the strait testimony. The path to Heaven is no smoother now than in the days of our Saviour. All our sins must be put away. Every darling indulgence that hinders our religious life must be cut off. The right eye or the right hand must be sacrificed, if it cause us to offend. Are we willing to renounce our own wisdom, and to receive the kingdom of Heaven as a little child? Are we willing to part with self-righteousness? Are we willing to give up our chosen worldly associates? Are we willing to sacrifice the approbation of men? The prize of eternal life is of infinite value. Will we put forth efforts and make sacrifices proportionate to the worth of the object to be attained? {PH001 6.3} 


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    Parenting: Love vs. Indulgence with Dr. Barbara

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    FAITH RESTORATION MINISTRIES INT'L with Dr. Barbara Stuart www.frministry.org

    Do you have a problem? Do you need someone to talk with? Do you need Prayer?

    Dr. Barbara holds Weekly Talks & Seminars on BTR on various topics pertaining to  Marriage, Family, and Singleness. The aim is to help individuals cope with painful situations.


    WEDNESDAYS 9:00 am  www.livestream.com/irieatl  
    FRIDAYS @ 9:00 am  Blogtalk Radio

    TUESDAYS 9:00 am @ http://www.livestream.com/irieatl
    WEDNESDAYS 09:00 am  on Blogtalk Radio
    For Weekly Programs and Archives go to the Blog @ www.frministry.org/blog 
    For Contact Dial 678 964-4096.
    Leave name, number and a brief message. Calls are returned within 24 hours.

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    The human family have all the help that Christ had in their conflicts with Satan. They need not be overcome. They may be more than conquerors through Him who has loved them and given His life for them. “Ye are bought with a price” (1 Corinthians 6:20). And what a price! The Son of God in His humanity wrestled with the very same fierce, apparently overwhelming temptations that assail men—temptations to indulgence of appetite, to presumptuous venturing where God has not led them, and to the worship of the God of this world, to sacrifice an eternity of bliss for the fascinating pleasures of this life. Everyone will be tempted, but the Word declares that we shall not be tempted above our ability to bear. We may resist and defeat the wily foe. – {1SM 95.3}

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    Real, Relevant & Raw: Samson & Delilah-Who's Playin' Who?

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    Have you or do you know someone who has lost a sense of themselves or self-worth, for the sake of desire and passionate lust? Have you ever been "sprung" by a man or a woman to the point that you couldn't function emotionally, physically, or spiritually?The biblical story of Samson & Delilah (Judges 16) accounts for this type of relationship. When Samson fell for Delilah, a woman from the Valley of Sorek, it was the beginning of his downfall and eventually led to his demise.

    Samson, a man of self-indulgence, sarcasm, and conciet, had been set apart to God through the Nazarite vow at birth. As part of the vow, his hair must never be cut. Using her seductive influence, Delilah persistently petitions Samson of knowing where his "strength" lies, until he finally divulges the information. Though he was set apart for special service to God (Judges 13:5), Samson ignored the Nazarite vow of devotion and relied upon his own strength and abilities. Not only did he refuse to acknowledge the supernatural strength of God in his life but his weakness for Philistine women was more important than God's expressed will.

     Join Truth Talk w. Lady Tae with conversationalists, Amber "A.J." James and Prophet John Scott for an in-depth discussion on the relationship dynamics between Samson & Delilah and 21st century dating & marital relationships. Tune in Monday, March 23, 2014 @ 6:00 pm. Call 347-945-7377.


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    MH.319.001 "Those who understand the laws of health and who are governed by principle, will shun the extremes, both of indulgence and of restriction. Their diet is chosen, not for the mere gratification of appetite, but for the upbuilding of the body. They seek to preserve every power in the best condition for highest service to God and man. The appetite is under the control of reason and conscience, and they are rewarded with health of body and mind. While they do not urge their views offensively upon others, their example is a testimony in favor of right principles. These persons have a wide influence for good."

    “It has been clearly presented to me that God’s people are to take a firm stand against meat eating. Would God give His people the message that if they desire to have pure blood and clear minds, they must give up the use of flesh meat, if He did not want them to heed this message?

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    Ellee Ven’s experience is a perfect example to those interested in paving their own way.

    Born Jessica Lazaro Kunin, this Spanish, Greek, Italian, Russian and German songstress confesses, “It’s a tough business, but in the interest of creating something unique, I keep creating.”

    ellee ven’s writing is an admitted indulgence, fusing dance jams and ballads created with veteran and up-and-coming producers, such as Reggie Dozier (Outkast, Joss Stone & Justin
    Timberlake), DJ Swamp, Antony Lee, DJ Solange, Trypsin & Prodéje.

    There has been no attempt at being “genre specific” as an artist, but instead a conscious attempt to stretch out and try different ideas without yielding to commercial pressures or trends . With this formula, she has managed to hone in on a genre all her own called “groovetonics”.

    ellee ven's greatest passion remains the production of her annual charity event she founded called GIVEINTOTHEGROOVE.
    Readies for the 10th annual GIVEINTOTHEGROOVE
    completes and promotes JUMP TO FALL
    writes and records JUMP TO FALL , her 9th full length album (Spring 2013 release)
    Writes and releases HER WILDCAT LOVING MAJESTY

    • Nominated for Artist of the Year - South Bay Music Awards
    • Pecha Kucha

    • Music Connection - Top 100 Unsigned Artists

    • Los Angeles Music Awards Winner – Electro Pop Artist of the Year
    • South Bay Music Awards Winner –Video of the Year (YOUCANBUYME)
    • Nominee – Pop Artist of the Year
    • Nominee – Independent CD of the Year

    Winner – Video of the Year (Under My Skin)
    Nominee – Artist of the Year
    Nominee – Album of the Year (Funky Bohemia)

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    Eat, Drink and be Merry, pt. 2

    in Lifestyle

    Do you remember the song, More, More, More by Andrea True Connection? The question in it asks, "How do you like it?" The 60s and 70s was a time of social unrest in many facets of society. To deal with it we endulged ourselves in the "freedom" of everything. If it felt good we did it. But it didn't end there. We're still like that today. We just put different packaging to it.

    What do you overdo? Think about it. There is something in our lives that we have or give an over abundance of attention to. Is it eating? Exercising? Working? Shoes? Whatever we do in excess we show an insatiable appetite for that is beyond what God intended it for.

    Join the conversation by calling in at (917) 889-3285 or click the Chat button on the right of the broadcast description page. You can also follow us on Twitter or on Facebook.



    1/20/2015 at 5:30:00 PM 31 minutes

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    An Evening of Indulgence Intimacy & Erotic Conversation

    in Romance

    Join us tonight as we grant you this evening of erotic conversation with our special guests the host and co-hosts of It's Real Talk Radio, Tay, Nizzy, and LV. Tonight we are going to dive into a juicy and tasteful spontaneity of erotic conversation. So get ready, because this is going to be one hot and spicy show that you don't want to miss. Tonight's topic's... will have your mouth watering and you will be sensually enticed, until you get that eargasmic pleasure, and it's all going down, right here on Erotic Talk Radio.

    NOTE: If you are on facebook, don't forget to join our group page at: Erotic Talk Radio. And check us out on twitter at: eroticpleasure.

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    Discussion Edition - Indulgence & Cumpulsion

    in Religion

    I thought I would change the show up a little and discuss with Zach different approaches to the concepts of Indulgence, Compulsion, Moderation,and Abstinence. How it relates to life as a minimalist and whatever else rolls out on this one...

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    Melchizedek Gospel—Response Among the Hebrews (Part 8)

    in Religion

    In Babylon the Jews arrived at the conclusion that, if their ideologies were to prevail, they must convert the gentiles.  Thus originated their new concept of destiny—the idea that Jews must become the chosen servants of Yahweh, a chosen people, not for special indulgence and monopoly of divine favor, but for the special service of carrying the truth of the one God over all to every nation.

    [NOTE: Archive page of symmetryofsoul.org includes referenced 'Sections' previously studied in The Urantia Book. Broadcast begins each Tuesday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time (02:00 GMT). Check worldtimezone.com for local time.]