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    Nov. 28: Pregame for Indiana

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    On Gold and Black Radio, we break down Purdue's matchup at Indiana for the Old Oaken Bucket and look at what the game means for the Boilermakers' rebuilding and offseason. We talk to Matt Weaver of Peegs.com about the Hoosiers. Plus, a feature on what the Boilermakers are thankful for during this holiday season. Recruiting, "Over/under" and more. 

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    One on One With Indiana Hoosiers Safety Mark Murphy

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    Indiana Hoosiers safety Mark Murphy was honored by the National Football Foundation as a national scholar-athlete, as well as a William V. Campbell finalist at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City (December 9), which is where I was able to sit down with the Indiana product. Murphy was a four-year starter for the Hoosiers, he is IU’s active leading tackler, and a two-time first team Academic All-American. Murphy talks about being a student-athlete, the Indiana Hoosiers football program, his fandom of the Green Bay Packers (Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre), as well as LeBron James (Mark is an Akron, Ohio native), and gives a scouting report on the Ohio State Buckeyes. Hosted by Daniel Mogollon. (8 Minutes)

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    Blood in My Eye was completed only days before the martyrdom of George Jackson, August 21, 1971 at the hands of San Quentin prision guards.  While in prision he read widely and transformed into an activist and political theoretician who defined himself as a revolutionary.  As a revolutionary he found meaning in his prision existence.

    George Jackson University is designed to turn the criminal mentality into a progressive one. Every prisioner behind bars or walking the streets have the potential to have a changed mentality, and work against the system that enslaved us to begin with.

    Listen in as we discuss the writings of George Jackson, talk to his family, friends, comrades, those whom he was incarcerated with.

    We will examine the ideology of George Jackson; and see how far advanced he was/is.

    What can we do for Political Prisioners?  What's the latest news and more!

    Join Comrade Castro & Komrade Kadafi - Kilaika Baruti & Alafia Medina

     CALL 1 (877) 225-3532









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    Ohio State-Indiana postgame show. All the complaining!

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    Needing to impress the Playoff Selection Committee, and with a 30 point spread, the Buckeyes came out flat, turned the ball over 3 times, and barely beat Indiana. So Matt and Chuck, along with the callers, break down the game, talk about where things wene wrong, what went right, and what it means for Michigan on deck next week. We also update on OSU recruiting, OSU basketball, and other B1G action. 

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    Todd Wilkinson on Ted Turner

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    In writing his new book "Last Stand: Ted Turner's Quest to Save a Troubled Planet," environmental journalist Todd Wilkinson ventured deeper into the inner space of Ted Turner than any other before him. That inner space reveals a Turner who has largely been unknown to most people.  Last Stand has won national critical acclaim and has been widely adopted as an essential reading for conservation organizations, universities, government policy makers, businesses, and book clubs across the country. But as many say, "Last Stand" actually reads like an adventure story.

     Todd, who started his career nearly 30 years ago as a violent crime reporter in Chicago, first met Ted in 1992 in Montana where Turner has his flagship ranch, the Flying D, and where Todd lives today.  For the book Todd interviewed a number of noteworthy individuals including four Nobel Peace Prize laureates, Jane Fonda, Sen. Sam Nunn and many other major figures. Todd has been on a national tour promoting Last Stand and he joins us today from the wild American West.


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    Home Based Business University Radio Show is here to promote opportunities both domestically and internationally. We will hear from Entrepreneurs from all countries around the world. We will learn about new and exciting business opportunities as well as innovative products and services which will help us make for a Better World.

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    Big Ohio State recruiting updates, plus Indiana week with the Crimson Quarry

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    After a big win at Minnesota, we turn our attentions to some major recruiting developments, and Indiana week, with Kyle Swick at the Crimson Quarry, SB Nation's Indiana blog. We take stock of the Kevin Wilson era, talk about what makes Tevin Coleman so dangerous, where things went wrong with Indiana, and if they have a shot here (or at least at covering the spread). We also discuss Ohio State's big new offensive line commitment, and who else is likely to fill the few remaining spots in the 2015 class. 

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    Join the Southeast Green GAScar 500 Clean Air Challenge

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    Joining us today is Alison Thomas, president of Keep My Planet Green, offering small businesses and consumers an easy way and affordable way to support renewable energy and sustainable practices. The company is part of Sterling Planet, the nation’s leading supplier of renewable energy and low carbon solutions and EPA’s Green Power Leadership Award winner for the past two years. Alison joined Keep My Planet Green after 18 years with Southern Progress / Time, Inc.  As national director of sales and marketing, she ran the Coastal Living Homes program and became involved in the promotion of green building products and practices working with well-known consumer brands across the country. Her career also was immersed in the travel and tourism industry, which prompted the formation of the development of the Certified Green Lodging Destination program for Keep My Planet Green.

    Amy Linde is a thirty-year veteran of marketing and business development working for Fortune 500 brands. She began focusing on the renewable energy field in 2009, primarily sales and installation of commercial scale solar energy systems, and recently partnered with Keep My Planet Green to develop school fundraising programs.

    Alison and Amy have joined us today to announce the launch an exciting new campaign in partnership with Southeast Green. We’re kicking off a challenge for our listening audience to offset their car’s emissions, and our goal is 500 cars. We’re calling it the GASCAR 500 Clean Air Challenge. But first let’s find out a little more about Keep My Planet Green and what offsets are.

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    BGU: Starting Your First Year Of College In January

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    Join the Bougie Girl as she offers up tips for those students starting their first year of college in January.

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    Leaders of Change Southeast Radio Show. What Are You Thankful For This Thanksgiv

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    Date: November 26th

    Call in: (657) 383-1934

    Time: 11:00

    Join The Movement

    Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you and your families from Leaders of Change Southeast Radio Show and the entire Southeast Memorial Page Family, Darryl Mohammed, Greg Crews, Andre Johnson, Olivia Dixon, P-Do, Mark Payne, Jackie Dunn, Curtis Howard Author of the book Cellmates and Cell Outs and others. We will be hosting our next show on November 26th at 11:00 am. We are asking for your participation by calling in and just voicing what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving. We also will be reading quotes and letters from our loved ones who are incarcerated. Our host and guest will be our sisters Anesha Spikes, Monica Kelly sharing information on her new Ministry which we want to support, Patrick L. Turner and of course the Southeast Memorial Page Family.

    God Bless you and your families. If you have an issue or topic that concerns this community request a show at heartofsoutheast@yahoo.com


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    Home Based Business University Radio Show is here to promote opportunities both domestically and internationally. We will hear from Entrepreneurs from all countries around the world. We will learn about new and exciting business opportunities as well as innovative products and services which will help us make for a Better World.

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