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    Advisors Ahead - Committed to the Next Generation of Advisors

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    As the average age of the Financial Advisor tops 57 years of age, our industry faces a challenge.  Where will the next generation of Advisors come from?  Join me today as I chat with Craig Pfeiffer, CEO of Advisors Ahead as we discuss the unique mission of Advisors Ahead. 

    With partnerships and carreer tracks at universities all over the U.S. Craig and I will discuss why he beleives his model is poised to help the indusrty find those that will be filling the ranks in the future.

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    The Tools of Psychic Advisors and How They Work

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    For centuries people have sought out readers, advisors, fortune tellers, anyone that could give them answers they wanted to hear. And yet through time they call “psychism” fake and there is no way for anyone to know. This topic is what we are now going to discuss.

    What tools are used, how are they used, how can these different objects assist in finding out what you want to know. How do the readers themselves use their abilities along with these objects to bring about a result to your question?

    Please be sure to join us to discuss this long sought after answer. This is an interactive show, feel free to call in to ask questions or to share a personal experience, bring your friends, it is free to anyone who wishes to come.

    This show will be on Mon. Feb. 2 @ 7-8 (est.) (347) 838-9736   And be sure to visit our website: http://www.starzpsychics.com to see if you may find other things that may interest you.

    To enter our chatroom where you can receive a mini reading:  https://secure.blogtalkradio.com/register.aspx?type=listener

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    The Best Ideas from Hundreds of Advisors

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    After coaching and consulting hundreds of offices, Matt Halloran knows that advisors want ideas. Most advisors feel they are alone on their own island and need great new ideas to help them run their businesses, market to new clients, and communicate to existing clients. This is the book for the advisor who always wants to stay ahead of the game.

    Today's discussin will be with Matthew Halloran, President of Top Advsors Coaching.  We will discuss his newly published book, "99 Best Ideas".

    You can check out the book on Amazon by clicking this link:  http://amzn.com/B00SM4CBA8

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    Tamara Leigh's TREND ON Mike Lehr of Omega Z Advisors

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    Do you ask for directions if lost or seek out help when you need it? Helping people navigate internal cultures and politics to bring change is what Mike Lehr, President of Omega Z Advisors does exceptionally well.

    In business and organizations, seeking out solutions and the skilled people providing them means cost savings in time, resources, and energy. Mike Lehr joins us as our guest on Tamara Leigh's TREND ON to discuss his  positive results as a Change Management Advisor and Speaker on influencer and problem-solving for leaders and others.

    Clients have called him the Analogy King and Thought Provacateur. His insights will give your world a fresh new look! @MikeLehrOZA;  mikelehrblog.com

    Tamara Leigh's TREND ON airs LIVE every Wednesday at 10am CT. Check out our past shows on blogtalkradio, youtuve, & at tamaraleighllc.com; follow on Twitter @tamaraleighllc.com

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    Short Refinances, Everett - Cairn Advisors

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    In November, FHA extended the principal reduction loan program for two more years.  The FHA short refinance program was first authorized by Congress in 2008 to assist non-FHA borrowers that are underwater. It has evolved over time and is now being extended through 2016.

    The short refinance is an under-utilized tool for investors who are looking to monetize their performing loans at a higher yield than a sale of the re-performing note.

    Joining the broadcast to discuss short refinances is Craig Everett, principal at Cairn Advisors.

    Craig has over 20 years’ experience in the mortgage industry in a variety of lending environments.  Craig’s previous positions include Vice President of Distressed Originations for Lime Financial/Credit Suisse and Founding Partner of Wealthbridge Mortgage a 50 state originator and special servicer. Craig has spent the last 5 years as principal of Cairn Advisors working in the distressed origination space where he has helped hedge funds, servicers and other clients maximize the return on their assets through unique loss mitigation strategies. 

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    Online Psychic Advisors Radio Show, featuring Starbreeze Tarot!

    in Spirituality

    Hello again everyone, and welcome to Online Psychic Advisor's Radio Show!  My name is Mona, your host for the show tonight, and we will be talking with one of the awesome psychic advisors from our website, http://www.onlinepsychicadvisors.com Starbreezetarot.  Starbreezetarot is a wonderful and very compassionate advisors we have here and she will be taking your calls tonight and giving you all free readings!  All you have to do is call in now, at 646-716-5330, and she will be happy to answer any of the questions you may have, from love, to jobs, or to just anything in general, she will here for you!  Then, all you have to do to continue your reading is go on over to http://www.onlinepsychicadvisors.com/starbreezetarot to make an appointment to continue your reading, or pick any one of the other awesome psychic advisors we have to get answers to your questions.  So, come on in and visit us now at 646-716-5330 and get any of your questions answered!  Remember we only have 30 minutes to take all of your calls so please limit your questions to one only. Follow us here on our page to keep up to date on all of our shows, and also on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Onlinepsychicadvisorscom , and twitter at http://www.twitter.com/onlinepsychicad

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    3-25-15 Responsibilities of a Business Owner

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    Today our guests are Vicki Tifft of Clinical Research Management, Mike Ziccardi of the Advisor Resource Center and Ed Gonzales of Pilot Signs and Design. Clinical RM is responsibly managing clinical trials through partnerships around the world. The Advisor Resource Center works with financial advisors to meet the challenge of managing 401k plans for clients. What the business owner needs to know can be the difference between large fines and penalties and meeting those new challenges. Ed Gonzales made the choice to leave a high-flying career in manufacturing to launch his own business. His responsibilities to his family and community won out in the end.

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    NARPP | What 401k Advisors Should Know

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    Today Laurie Rowley Co-Founder and President of NARPP joins me today to discuss her mission to empower retirement plan participants. 

    NARPP is a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to advocate for individual savers. Through pioneering research, independent coalition building, and innovative educational programs, NARPP is making financial information transparent and universally accessible for the 145 million working Americans saving for retirement.

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    Business Nuggets 101 with Damien Fields

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    HME Consulting, Inc (formerly known as Heavenly Minded Enterprises, Inc.). is a business and financial consulting team composed of MBA's, CPA's, IT, and Advisors with over 30 plus years of experience. HME is dedicated to superior professional service in order to provide competitive, cutting-edge and quality business and financial solutions. We strive on knowing our clients goals, needs and weaknesses so we can help our clients reach their goals, fulfill their needs and turn their weaknesses into strengths. We at HME will work diligently to become "vested partners" in the systems and processes that make our clients successful, effective and comfortable within their industries. We are dedicated to improvements in the critical business function of Business and Financial Management, Executive Decision Making, Systems and Organizational Development that will assist you achieve your business goals. Together we can build the bridge between your present and future.

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    3/26/2015 - The Exit Coach Radio Show

    in Management

    Bill Black interviews 9 top Advisors, Authors and Thought leaders for their Tips, Ideas and Precautions so you can be well-planned. Join us every week for the full show or listen to individual episodes daily by clicking on "The Exit Coach Radio Show" at www.ExitCoachRadio.com. You can also search our Audio Library and find archived interviews (search by Guest name or browse over 35 topic folders.)

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    It's A Good Day For Lacrosse™ with JoJo War Drummer (2)

    in Health

    It's A Good Day For Lacrosse™ (2) Radio Personality/Host JoJo War Drummer Brings in Segment 1: Outlaws WarParty Part 2 with Chris Spangler Strength & Conditioning Coach of the MLL franchise, the reigning Champions the Denver Outlaws-we'll get a lil' history on Coach Chris plus his High School & Youth contrbutions in Colorado! Segment 2 LAX Youth Nation™: MLL Houston getting an MLL franchise in future(?) well, Timon Lorenzo, Savoy Sports Advisors, LB3 Liam Banks and Casey Powell along with yours truly (JoJo War Drummer) say YEP YEP let's do this! Let's hear from MLL Houston Tmon and LB3's Liam Banks and see what's going on with this outta the crease running for Texas and how reaching out to LAX Youth Nation™ is doing!

    Plus JoJo's Hidden Trick Question

    TWITTER & INSTGRAM: @JoJoWAR_DRUMMER  --LaxWormRadioExperience- From Youth To The Pros And Everything In Between- MLL Radio

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