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    Trend On Don Hallmark Founder of Impedium Advisors

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    Heidi Feemster and Tamara Leigh TREND ON Don Hallmark founder of Impedium Advisors. As Don says, "Many companies today are surviving, but not thriving. What if you could reduce expenses and recover overcharges? What if you qualified for state and federal government programs? That's precisely where Impedium Advisors come in." Don has worked in sales and marketing for more than 20 years, both for Fortune 1000 companies and startups. Prior to his business career, Don served in the U.S. Army, where he was promoted to the rank of Major before leaving the service after the first Gulf war. Don started Impedium Advisors in 2010 to help companies to recover revenue that they are entitled to but have lost because they are not familiar with changing tax laws or are being overcharged on complex vendor contracts. Impedium Advisors has two offices, one in Madison and one in Appleton.
    Don is married to Lynn and resides in Appleton.

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    Guest: Geoffrey Kent, CEO, Cognis IT Advisors, LLC

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    Geoffrey Kent, CEO, Cognis IT Advisors, LLC

    Cognis IT is an Information Technology Consulting Services Provider, proactively working to accelerate the business growth of our clients through technology based solutions. Targeted clients include businesses with 100+ digital devices, who are looking to augment their existing IT support or outsource all of their IT needs.


    Geoffrey Kent is a proven leader with the ability to apply strategic financial and operational tactics to achieve increased profits and sales, improved cash flow, and a higher return on assets. He is known for building strong client and employee relationships, as well as high performance teams that exceed senior management expectations. He brings a comprehensive business background and skill set focused on rigorous analysis to drive decision-making. Geoffrey’s expertise includes financial and economic market analysis, business process reengineering, new business development, strategic operations, and delivery and distribution strategies.



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    Advisors Ahead - Committed to the Next Generation of Advisors

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    As the average age of the Financial Advisor tops 57 years of age, our industry faces a challenge.  Where will the next generation of Advisors come from?  Join me today as I chat with Craig Pfeiffer, CEO of Advisors Ahead as we discuss the unique mission of Advisors Ahead. 

    With partnerships and carreer tracks at universities all over the U.S. Craig and I will discuss why he beleives his model is poised to help the indusrty find those that will be filling the ranks in the future.

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    The Tools of Psychic Advisors and How They Work

    in Spirituality

    For centuries people have sought out readers, advisors, fortune tellers, anyone that could give them answers they wanted to hear. And yet through time they call “psychism” fake and there is no way for anyone to know. This topic is what we are now going to discuss.

    What tools are used, how are they used, how can these different objects assist in finding out what you want to know. How do the readers themselves use their abilities along with these objects to bring about a result to your question?

    Please be sure to join us to discuss this long sought after answer. This is an interactive show, feel free to call in to ask questions or to share a personal experience, bring your friends, it is free to anyone who wishes to come.

    This show will be on Mon. Feb. 2 @ 7-8 (est.) (347) 838-9736   And be sure to visit our website: http://www.starzpsychics.com to see if you may find other things that may interest you.

    To enter our chatroom where you can receive a mini reading:  https://secure.blogtalkradio.com/register.aspx?type=listener

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    The Best Ideas from Hundreds of Advisors

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    After coaching and consulting hundreds of offices, Matt Halloran knows that advisors want ideas. Most advisors feel they are alone on their own island and need great new ideas to help them run their businesses, market to new clients, and communicate to existing clients. This is the book for the advisor who always wants to stay ahead of the game.

    Today's discussin will be with Matthew Halloran, President of Top Advsors Coaching.  We will discuss his newly published book, "99 Best Ideas".

    You can check out the book on Amazon by clicking this link:  http://amzn.com/B00SM4CBA8

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    Protecting Your Clients "Digital" Assets with Estate Assist

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    When most Financial Advisors consider asset protection they may not be thinking about "digital assets".  Today Woody Levin, Founder and CEO of Estate Assist and I chat about the importance for Consumers to keep an eye on their digital assets.  We also chat about a potential solution for Advisors to use with their client, heirs and other parts of their professional planning team.

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    6. How Smart Emerging and Mid-Cap Companies Avoid Post-IPO Financing Pitfalls

    in Entrepreneur

    Discover the post-IPO financing challenges Wall Street newbies face when making decisions after the IPO honeymoon is over and how to avoid those post-IPO financing pitfalls when Adam J. Epstein, capital markets and corporate governance expert shares his proven strategies with Business Confidential host, Hanna Hasl-Kelchner.

    Mr. Epstein is a nationally recognized small-cap expert and advisor to the boards of pre-IPO and small-cap companies through his firm, Third Creek Advisors, LLC (TCA).  Prior to TCA, he was a long-tenured institutional investor. He speaks monthly at corporate governance and investor conferences, and is a distinguished National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Board Leadership Fellow and faculty member.  He is also the small-cap contributing editor for Directorship magazine and author of the best-selling book The Perfect Corporate Board: A Handbook for Mastering the Unique Challenges of Small-Cap Companies.  

    He is an active supporter of U.S. veterans and their families; all of his royalties from his book are donated to Fisher House Foundation, and he serves as a mentor to retired military officers seeking board of director positions through NACDs “From Battlefield to Boardroom” initiative.

    This program is proudly sponsored by the Legal Leverage Academy.a division of Business M.O., LLC, 

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    Short Refinances, Everett - Cairn Advisors

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    In November, FHA extended the principal reduction loan program for two more years.  The FHA short refinance program was first authorized by Congress in 2008 to assist non-FHA borrowers that are underwater. It has evolved over time and is now being extended through 2016.

    The short refinance is an under-utilized tool for investors who are looking to monetize their performing loans at a higher yield than a sale of the re-performing note.

    Joining the broadcast to discuss short refinances is Craig Everett, principal at Cairn Advisors.

    Craig has over 20 years’ experience in the mortgage industry in a variety of lending environments.  Craig’s previous positions include Vice President of Distressed Originations for Lime Financial/Credit Suisse and Founding Partner of Wealthbridge Mortgage a 50 state originator and special servicer. Craig has spent the last 5 years as principal of Cairn Advisors working in the distressed origination space where he has helped hedge funds, servicers and other clients maximize the return on their assets through unique loss mitigation strategies. 

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    Family Business and Transition

    in Business

    Today we will hear from Delmar Jones of Jonsey's Cleaners, a first generation business owner, Chuck Ellis of Pearl Valley Cheese about the challenges of running a fourth-generation manufacturing business, and Troy Gerspacher on being the third generation in Gerspacher Real Estate Group.

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    The Exit Coach Radio Show with Bill Black

    in Management

    Bill Black interviews 9 top Advisors, Authors and Thought leaders for their Tips, Ideas and Precautions so you can be well-planned. Join us every week for the full show or listen to individual episodes daily by clicking on "The Exit Coach Radio Show" at www.ExitCoachRadio.com. You can also search our Audio Library and find archived interviews (search by Guest name or browse over 35 topic folders.)

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    Tamara Leigh's TREND ON Mike Lehr of Omega Z Advisors

    in Social Networking

    Do you ask for directions if lost or seek out help when you need it? Helping people navigate internal cultures and politics to bring change is what Mike Lehr, President of Omega Z Advisors does exceptionally well.

    In business and organizations, seeking out solutions and the skilled people providing them means cost savings in time, resources, and energy. Mike Lehr joins us as our guest on Tamara Leigh's TREND ON to discuss his  positive results as a Change Management Advisor and Speaker on influencer and problem-solving for leaders and others.

    Clients have called him the Analogy King and Thought Provacateur. His insights will give your world a fresh new look! @MikeLehrOZA;  mikelehrblog.com

    Tamara Leigh's TREND ON airs LIVE every Wednesday at 10am CT. Check out our past shows on blogtalkradio, youtuve, & at tamaraleighllc.com; follow on Twitter @tamaraleighllc.com