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    A Strong Immune System for Winter

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    A strong immune system is essential for winter, especially with the challenges of emerging infection agents. Natural living, and essential nutrients can restore health and strengthen the immune system. Certain vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, colostrum, silver and herbs are especially helpful for immune support.

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    Can Poor Sleep Affect Your Immune System

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    We’ve all heard the expression, “Don’t lose any sleep over it,” yet over 50 percent of Americans don’t get a good night’s sleep. The number one culprit: stress. Whether work, family, or finance related, many North Americans are bringing stress into the bedroom, which can seriously impact the amount (and quality) of sleep they obtain. The consequences of not getting enough shut-eye is a weakened immune system that increases your susceptibility to health issues including colds and flus.

    Find out how sleep and your immune system work together:

    • How to tell if six, seven or eight hours is the proper amount of sleep for you.

    • Why poor sleeps habits are really just treatable symptoms of everyday stress.

    • Why bedtime rituals are important and should be followed nightly.

    • How sleep and other natural aids strengthen your immune system and your overall health.

    Kick Stress Out of the Bedroom Tonight for a Healthier Tomorrow!

    Guest Bio Information:

    Stuart Reeves, Ph.D., author of "The Key to a Healthy Immune System", researcher and international biotechnology scientist, has been instrumental in spearheading research on the health benefits of a balanced, not boosted, immune system. Dr. Reeves has authored dozens of peer-reviewed papers for such revered publications as Advances in Therapy, Nutrition Research Journal, and The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. He earned a bachelor's degree from Imperial College, London, and a Ph.D. from Kings College, London, followed by post-doctoral studies at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He is Director of Research and Development for Embria Health Sciences and contributor to the Wellsphere site.

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    Natural Health and A Strong Immune System

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    What are the essentials of natural health and a strong immune system? The diet and lifestyle that has been offered and advertised is not healthy. Stress, toxins, and poor nutrition cause “distress of the organism“, the real disease, which may take the forms of heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, infection, etc. Natural living can restore health and strengthen the immune system.

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    Lymphatic Stagnation and Immune System Health

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    The lymphatic system is one of the most underrated functions of the body. It is responsible for removing metabolic wastes from tissue, as well as a major center of immune system activity. Often stagnation in the lymphatic system preludes chronic illness. This can include chronic infections, tonsilitis, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, thyroid disorders, cysts, polyps and illnesses related to the reproductive area.

    Organs of the lymphatic systems (spleen, appendix and tonsils) are often thought of as suplerflorus or unneeded, when in fact they play an important function in terms of long term health.


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    The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Immune System

    in Health

    Have you been told that you have immune issues?

    Tired of the impenetrable code used by doctors to describe immune problems?

    Want to be empowered about what is causing you pain and dysfunction?

    Join us on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 8 pm Eastern when Dr. Jess Armine takes us through The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Immune System!

    Dr. Armine is known to make complex information understandable and fun!

    Put an hour aside this week to learn about the most important area of your health!   See you then...

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    Fertility and Your Immune System

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    Can your immune system affect your ability to get pregnant or stay pregnant? What is the immunological conncetion to infertility or miscarriage. Host Dawn Davenport will interview Dr. William Kutteh, board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist, with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Immunology. He serves as Director of Fertility Associates of Memphis and Laboratory Director for Memphis Fertility Laboratory. fertility, infertility, immunology, immune system, miscarriage, recurrent pregnancy loss
    Blog summary of the show and highlights can be found here:   Blog summary of the show   Highlights   More Creating a Family resources on immunology and infertility can be found here.

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    Building Your Immune System

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    Your immune system is your body's most important system.  It is your defense against millions of bacteria, parasites, viruses, microbes, and toxins which are constantly attacking your body.  It works 24/7 without you even paying any attention to it. In fact most of us hardly every think about it unless we get sick. 
    Join Judi Moreo, author of Overcoming Cancer:  A Journey of Faith" as she talks about Building Your Immune System, part 3 in the series of what to do "When the Doctor Says 'You Have Cancer.'"  Even if you don't have cancer, your understanding of the importance of your immune system is valuable information.  We all need to take care of our immune systems in order to avoid illnesses and disease. and most of all, stay well.

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    Strengthening Your Immune System

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    On this 4th Anniversary episode of "Doc Talk", I'll be discussing natural and simple ways to strengthen your immune system.  I'll discuss a variety of foods, healing herbs, supplements and vitamins that enhance immunity and I'll tell you the things to stay away from that weaken immunity.

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    Make Your Immune System Strong

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    Barbara Frank is a Holistic Practitioner who has practiced for 35-years. She is an Internationally Certified Lymphologist and her focus is on Folk Medicine and parasites. She has the only comprehensive treatment for parasites.
    She is the author of “How To Take 10 Years Off Your Face And Add 10 Years To Your Life Naturally.

    There's a lot you can do to make your immune system strong. A good diet is probably the most important thing, although some people would argue that your attitude and frequency are most important. I agree that both are important.

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    How LifeWave Supports The Immune System During Cough and Cold Season

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    With Ebola being such a hot topic right now, many people are scared about getting sick. 

    But you don't have to be a victim! There are simple, drug-free steps that you can take to bolster your immunity and skip out on the cough and cold that pops up so frequently this time of year. 

    Join me as I talk with LifeWave Doctor Dr. Dennis Lobstein as we talk about how LifeWave can support your immune system. We will be sharing some patch placements for symptoms of snuggled nasal congestion, sinus pain, cough, excessive mucus production. 


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    How to Boost Our Immune System Naturally

    in Women

    Sara Chana is a International board certified Lactation Consultant, Master Herbalist and Classical Homeopath who empowers her clients how to integrate alternative medicine safely into their lives.  She also teaches Pediatricians at a medicinal school and works with Doctors teaching them how to not fear herbs and homeopathy.

    Sara has a pediatric and woman’s health clinic where as a Classical Homeopath and a Master Herbalist she treats ear infections, ADD and chronic and acute conditions for children and women.  She worked with over 10 thousand woman in various stages of their lives, from giving birth to navigating menopause. Click to learn more

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