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    What's new with the IGEES

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    On Friday May 4th at 9 pm est,8 pm cst and 6 pm pst. Mr.Bill Gill,Director of the IGEES will be on the show to discuss all the new things happening with the IGEES and other news.Listeners will be able to call in and talk with Bill during the show at
    1-949-534-0637 or email your questions to us at
    underthesearadioshow@gmail.com or if you are already a member of guppies.com I will be in the forum for all members to post any and all questions or comments and read them live on the air!!
    Look for the UNDER THE SEA RADIO SHOW thread and a thread for the show will be started!!!

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    Boston Aquarium Society-Bill Gill

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    Thursday October 13th at 2PM EST,1PM CST,11AM PST, Mr. Bill Gill President of the Boston Aquarium Society ,President of the Boston Guppy Club and Director of the IGEES will be on the UNDER THE SEA RADIO program for a discussion on proper arranging of an aquarium society as to protocals of the FAAS.
    Mr. Bill Gill will also be discussing other issues involving the IGEES and GUPPY CON in Boston.

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    Tim Brady

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    On July 16th 2011,Tim Brady from the American Livebearers Association and also member of the IGEES will be live on the Under The Sea radio show. Tim will be discussing livebearers and listeners will be able to phone in at 1-949-534-0637.