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    Identify a Work Passion and Get to Work

    in Entrepreneur

    More time than not we go to work entry level doing whatever we can find at the moment. The way around this is to search in an area of empoyment you are passionate about from the beginning. If you have ever seen anyone performing a job you like, make that job your target occupation. Target industry. Target skills task. Whether you are looking toward entry level employment, your very first job; or you're looking toward entry level employment transitioning to a new career; or whether you are looking to promote in an already chosen industry due to youhave recently updated your skills; for the first time ever, why not actually seek daily in the work you are most passionate about. The success we experience in life is the direct resulf of our labor producing happiness according to our standard of happiness. So today we'll talk about how to enter the occupation you love and create successes to thrive in everyday life and for a future of pleasures.

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    How to identify false flag events

    in Entertainment

    In this episode we discuss how to identify a false flag shootings. We will be specifically  discussing the christopher dorner and vester lee flanagan shootings.
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  • Episode 51 How To Identify Your Target Market

    in Fitness

    How to Identify a target market for your fitness business and get the best clients for you.

    Want to grow your fitness boot camp or personal training business? You need to Market, but most marketing will be a waste of time and money unless you do it right.

    The best marketing requires you first identify your fitness niche and your target market for your boot camp, studio, CrossFit box, or personal training business.

    In this podcast we give you some great tips on how to identify both your niche and your target markets.

    The website mentioned in the podcast: http://fitnessbootcampcoaching.com


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    ANGER! Wheredoes it come from, Howto control it, identify it and overcome it

    in Radio

    ANGER! Wheredoes it come from, Howto control it, identify it and overcome it when its a habit?  What about the spiritual and emotional effects? These topics and a whole lot more today on " The Sunday Drive Talk Show today live at 1PM EST\12CST. With your Hosts Ms Janie Nzie (Producer) and Dr William P Butler, Sr. Call in and check us out! 323-792-2968

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    Obama Admin: Boys Can Use Girls' Bathroom If they 'Identify as Female'

    in Politics

    In this Report:  Obama Admin: Boys Can Use Girls Bathroom If they 'Identify' as Girls; Common Core Math:  5+5+5 Does NOT equal 15!

    Watch on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/m4OAUtX98zY

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    FB Lynching Part III: We Identify the Hidden Hands, Their Motive and Intent

    in Current Events

    Why me? Why now? Why Facebook? Let's take a closer look and open the first chapter of this good book. Truth is what we seek and shall find, as the exaggerated lies continue to unwind. Problem Solvers have United and We are looking for those who are looking for Solutions! What would you do, if you were me? Victory is Ours!

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    "How to Identify and Overcome Daddy Issues"- Classic Rebroadcast

    in Radio

    In today's society, African American women aren't the only ones who are affected by growing up without a father in the home. Black men also struggle with various forms of "Daddy Issues" that affect dating & future relationships. Tune into Barbershop Talk on "The Dedan Tolbert Show" TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast of our special on "Identifying & Overcoming Daddy Issues". Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online at www.DedanTolbertShow.com... "REAL Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years" #RRTM

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    True Shepherds & Hirelings. Can You Identify Either? Search the Word with Dr. Barbara

    in Religion

    Faith Restoration Ministries Int'l with Min. Geketa Duru Dr. Barbara Stuart www.frministry.org This is a study of the word as the Holy Spirit directs. We will pray for you if you have a need and agree with you for your answer.

    Do you have a problem? Do you need someone to talk with? Do you need Prayer?

    This program comes to you on Tuesdays @ 3:00 pm, with Minis. Duru.

    For more information, go to the website for Archives and inspirational books

    724 444 7444 ID 11171 - To call into the program

    Faith Restoration Ministries Int’l www.frministry.org

    Prayer Line 218 895 0468 ID 927214

    For speaking engagements, counselling, and prayer, dial 678 964 4096

    Email faithresmin18@gmail.com

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    Law of Attraction - How to Identify Negative, Toxic People in Your Life.

    in Spirituality

    Join Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach Robert Zink for this exciting Law of Attraction podcast.  In this special podcast Robert will talk about toxic, negative people and what they act like You will learn how to identify an toxic person and with that information you can make decisions about the future of the relationship.  In addition, you can find out if you are a toxic person.  

    This Law of Attraction podcast in broadcast M-F for those who want and need that daily shot of energy.  Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and that way you will never miss an episode.

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    "Relationship Tuesday" HOW TO IDENTIFY MEN “ON THE DOWN LOW”

    in Romance

    As reported in these research studies, many women who are in relationships with these “down-low” men typically are unaware that their partner is engaging in “brokeback” activity.  And, sometimes, these respective women are the last to know and are harsh on themselves for not seeing the warning signs.  In fairness, I think that it can be somewhat difficult to pick up on these signs, especially when you love and trust these men.

    1. Ask the guy you are dating about his sexual history. Even if he is not completely honest, remember that there's always some truth in every lie.
    2. Does he often develop relationships with younger men who are in trouble and need long term help?
    3. Does he have close male friends that are gay? Is he familiar with gay nightclubs?
    4. Is the guy you are dating always a perfect gentleman and never makes sexual advances? Don't be impressed - be careful.
    5. If possible, talk to people that know him and see what you can find out about his past relationships.
    6. Does he have a male friend that is closer than a brother?
    7. Does your husband complain about having sex with you, or fail to have sex at all?
    8. Does he prefer anal sex?
    9. Does your husband like ographic or bi-sexual movies or magazines?
    10. Does your husband insist on using condoms?
    11. Does your husband visit homosexual Internet sites?
    12. Is he secretive about his friends and relationships outside of the home?

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    Fear NOT! Ladies Bible Study Part One - Cathy Tubbs

    in Christianity

    Don't let the things of this world bring the spirit of fear into your life!  Learn from the Bible how to identify, combat and eliminate the spirit of fear from your life.  We all face battles in this area at one time or another in our lives.  Learn how the way in which we live our daily lives prepares us for the times when we need to stand strong in faith.  Join us in this four part series as we explore what the Word of God says about the matter.