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    Episode 89 "Our Legal Identification With Jesus" Pastor John Kyle

    in Religion

    deliverance, live deliverance session and coming out party, learning to do spiritual warfare,unbelief and how it hinders you so much, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, overcoming the lies about yourself and your position in Jesus, how your warfare can be more effective,

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    Transgenders,Gender Bending,Societal Role Choices & their Relationships to Sex.

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    Tonight's discourse will involve ideas of biological sex and how this relates to gender; is gender more of a mind-life existence than a bodily or 'born this way' dictation? Can issues of gender involve the ultimate social choices and rebellions?

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    This Episode we will be disscussing why we as a community must learn how to use to correct numbers in business, should we be using a debtor social securty number or a ceditor employer identification number.

    Join the discussion 424-222-5250 and press (1) to add to the conversation.

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    Shattered Lives: Michael Streed "SketchCop"

    in Current Events

    Many of Michael’s cases have been profiled on such shows as: ‘America’s Most Wanted’ and ‘Unsolved Mysteries’. He has also been profiled in several major newspapers and has been interviewed on: CNN with Connie Chung, Fox News Channel, ABC 20/20 with Barbara Walters and ID Discovery’s show “Wicked Attraction: Bad Fortune.”

    Michael is also a noted author and popular lecturer on the subject of facial imaging/identification and true crime.  He is currently working on his next book, Creating Digital Faces for Law Enforcement (Elsevier/Academic Press) scheduled to be published in 2017.

    Michael’s current true crime/memoir, SketchCop – Drawing A Line Against Crime (Order HERE from WildBlue Press) is scheduled for release in January 2016.  The book is a collection of true crimes stories where Michael made significant contributions to select investigations in his role as a police sketch artist.

    Guest website: http://sketchcop.com

    HOST website: http://donnagore.com


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    Christian Married Couples & BDSM

    in Religion

    BDSM is a variety of erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other interpersonal dynamics. Given the wide range of practices, some of which may be engaged in by people who do not consider themselves as practicing BDSM, inclusion in the BDSM community or subculture is usually dependent on self-identification and shared experience. Interest in BDSM can range from one-time experimentation to a lifestyle.                           

    Should Christian married couples experiment, should they be in the lifestyle... Is there a biblical bases to why Christian married couples should not be involved? Is there a social problem. Share this with your friends and join us this Thursday for just one hour... Call in and leave your two cents where it matters.

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    Kick-off of the God-Directive Body of Christ Solemn Assembly (B.O.C.S.A.)

    in Spirituality

    In ancient Israel, the call for a solemn assembly was issued by the nation’s leaders –prophets, priests, or kings. It was given to them & then passed to the people. Prophetess Letitia Peters has proclaimed a BODY OF CHRIST SOLEMN ASSEMBLY (B.O.C.S.A.) as a directive from God for His people to seek the face of God before He removes His hedge of protection & judgment comes upon the people & nations. God’s people needs to commit to Him fully NOW & this is His response: B.O.C.S.A. She will blow the shofar at 2:00 PM ro signal the opening of the solemn assembly., which will end on Feb. 13, 2015. Let's recommit our lives to God for 21 days to God by prayer, fasting, & blowing the shofar. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn explains the act of desecration. He states,” Now, desecration is when you take something that’s of God & you turn it against his purpose.” He explains the 3 acts of desecration against God in America: holy vessels of marriage, the rainbow, & the White House. Others include: President Obama meeting with Pope Francis on the Day of Atonement & the human bodies, which are made in the image of God are being used “secretly” as lifetime, generational, involuntary or unwitting human subjects in human research projects without their informed consent or knowledge & “secretly” implanting them with implants  You can do a 3 days & 3 nights fast each week. Who do you need to forgive? What are the forgiveness processes?  Blow the shofar with on the hour. We are calling people to repentance & for the oppressed to be saved BY BLOWING THE SHOFAR (Numbers 10:9). If you don't have a shofar, then you can play the video (s) at http://www.manifestthetruth.com/blow-the-shofar--play-song.html. Sound the alarm several times a day on the hr Have you prayed Prayer 1 The Believers'/Saints' Commitment Prayer? Visit www.ManifestTheTruth.com for additional info.

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    Bible Study Time On The Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Let's begin to explore the book of Acts.  The foundation of the church today.  The church was and still is the structure of the tabernacle.  Designed by God.  For us and to us.  We cannot find any other way to find salvation.  The church is God's covering a santuary of santification that endwells with the Holy Spirit to pour out blessings upon us.   We cannot find God by ourselves.  Something partners with our very being, angels seen and unseen guiding us to the path prepared for us.  A prepared place for all people to come to a relationship with God.  The Church is the only station identification reminding us of who God is.  Reminding us that God is for us.  Blessed by this assurance we study to show ourselves approved.  We are his ambassadors fit for service by the church.  Bible Study is needed.  .

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    Myeloma Crowd Radio: Dr. Kenneth Anderson, MD, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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    The advances found for multiple myeloma over the past two decades have been extroardinary. Much has been learned, and much has been accomplished with new treatment developments and arguably more discoveries than other cancers in the same time period. The past is impressive for this complex cancer, but there is more work to do. Dr. Ken Anderson helped lead the way for the discovery of new developments over a prestigious career of 40 years. He shares with us a brief look back and what he sees for the road ahead towards a cure.

    Dr. Anderson is the Kraft Family Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School as well as Director of the Lebow Institute for Myeloma Therapeutics and Jerome Lipper Multiple Myeloma Center at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He is a Doris Duke Distinguished Clinical Research Scientist and American Cancer Society Clinical Research Professor. After graduating from Johns Hopkins Medical School, he trained in internal medicine at John’s Hopkins Hospital, and then completed hematology, medical oncology, and tumor immunology training at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Over the last three decades, he has focused his laboratory and clinical research studies on multiple myeloma. He has developed laboratory and animal models of the tumor in it is microenvironment which have allowed for both identification of novel targets and validation of novel targeted therapies, and has then rapidly translated these studies to clinical trials culminating in FDA approval of novel targeted therapies. His paradigm for identifying and validating targets in the tumor cell and its milieu has transformed myeloma therapy and markedly improved patient outcome. 

    Thanks to our episode sponsor, Takeda Oncology

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    Friday Fire with Unleash the Fire Ministries

    in Spirituality

    There is a place of identification with Christ where we take on his character and fragrance. Kingdom demonstration is impossible without the anointing. Join us for part 5 on our series on the Cost of the Anointing

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    in Basketball

          If you want a true identification of the word FAN, it's here.  She probably knows more about the LAKERS than the LAKERS do themselves.  Stephanie Beard - THE LAKER GURL.  Steff has the run down on the team, the team's dreams and the latest scoop on rumors, trades, I can't believe she's a woman, however - women are taking the driver's seat on every opportunity they can get, and that is obvious here with THE LAKER GURL.  347-205-9366 is the way to reach her every Sunday.  Ain't NO DOUBT ABOUT IT - this is one of the favorite shows on the JKN.  I asked her why she wasn't a CLIPPER GURL and she looked at me as if to say, that position is open, do I want it?  Of course not.  Okay, LAKER GURL - you got it!

  • Deliverance Psalm 51: Identification & Justification

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    Join Apostle Lakeisha Grant and DITR Ministries for weekly word infusion.