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    icon sting vs triple h

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    people wanted this match to happen when the wwe bought out the wcw. have sting step in a wwe ring and face one of there top guys. now at this wrestlemania it going finally happen cause the icon sting going face the game triple h. and sting finally made his notice well made on why he there at the wwe. question is who are u going for on this one sting or the game. me i am going with the icon sting. cause like what ric flair said to triple h one night on raw. don't take sting so kindly he knows what to do in the ring. plus u got remember this goes way back to the monday night wars.

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    the icon sting

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    what can we say about sting. he been through it all with wcw and tna impact. he had some greatest macthes with ric flair,hulk hogan,rick rude and many more. plus he even change his looks with the face paint. cause some people remember the blond hair flat top sting with the warrior look alike make up. but u got remember sting and warrior where tag team partners when they first started they where call bladerunners. but warrior went to wwe and sting went to wcw. sting had some the greatest pormo that got u pump up before his matches. there times he even tag up with lex to take on the legion of doom. but there was one dark day in wcw when fans and people in locker room thought sting turn his back on wcw and with the nwo. and sting gave them a answer with a new a look. but sting is with tna impact on thursday night on spike tv. cause now him and hulk and rest of the locker room been dealing with the aces of 8 which is like a biker verison of the nwo. and now that one of tna rosters turn to the aces of 8. hulk can't trust sting no more so this mean sting turning back to the old slient sting and carry a baseball bat and take down aces of 8. or his he going try earn hulk trust again. but call in give us your favorite sting moment with tna and wcw. cause i got alot. and for this halloween i am dressing up as sting. but there one match people want see so bad and so do i and this is sting vs undertaker at wrestlemania i would love to see that match happen. let make this match happen.

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    The Alex Cardinale Show Episode 8: Wrestler Spotlight The Icon Sting

    in Wrestling

    Sting has finally arrived in the WWE! Alex is a life long Wrestling fan and one of his favorite wrestlers is The Icon Sting. When Alex did tune into WCW and TNA it was for one reason and one reason only, to see Sting. Sting is one of Alex's favorite Wrestlers and he is happy Sting joined the big leagues. This is a show all Sting fans will enjoy.

    Alex will discuss his favorite Sting Matches and Moments, he will discuss his reaction to Sting's WWE debut, who he thinks Sting will face, and much more!

    You can call in LIVE to discuss Sting with us! 


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    Testing facebook icon

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    Testing facebook icon

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    icon sting vs the undertaker

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    this match needs to happen for wrestlemania. icon sting vs the deadman undertaker. image what would happen these two icons meant in the ring. steve borden aka sting said he wants the match and the undertaker said he wants the match to happen to. so does the fans of both tna and wwe. vince been trying get it off the ground and have it happen. so what holding it from happen spike tv and tna. they don't want sting to show up on the wwe and fight the undertaker for one night only. i would put my money on sting if they meant he puts that number 1 on the streak of the undertaker victims that have beat him at wrestlemania. i believe sting could beat undertaker at wrestlemania.

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    WWE Night of Champions re-cap & Sting News !

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    WWE Night of Champions re-cap Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Lock and Rollins grab the bottom rope. Rollins with a side kick. Rollins tries for another Pedigree and Sting counters with another Scorpion Death Lock submission attempt and Rollins rolls Sting up to pickup the victory. After the match Sheamus comes with the Money in the Bank Briefcase and fire explodes and out comes Kane with the Mask. Kane chokeslams Rollins. Sheamus trys to buddy up Kane and he gets Chokeslammed. Kane hits Rollins with a Tombstone Piledriver.

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    Will Sting near 60 years Old Win The WWE Championship This Sunday on KJR!

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       Will Sting win his first WWE Championship Steve Borden will try this Sunday as for WWE&The US Title are on the Line as the Champion Seth Rollins vs The Icon Sting also on This Sonday's PPV Will see The Return of The Dudley Boyz as the Take  on The New Day fpr The WWE Tag Team Title

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    Nonprofit Coach: Memorial To The Wit and Fundraising Wisdom of Tony Elischer

    in Social Networking

    He lectures around the world but now is here for you. From the latest in charity news, technology, fundraising and social networking, Ted Hart and his guests help you maneuver through this economic downturn in the charitable sector to greater levels of efficiency and fundraising success. PAGE 2 Renowned fundraising icon known around the world, Tony Elischer has died.

    The chief executive of Buckingham, U.K.-based THINK Consulting Solutions died Jan. 12, 2016 “after a courageous battle with cancer,” according to an announcement released by the firm. Elischer founded the company in 2001 and previously worked for Age UK and Cancer Research UK, according to UK Fundraising.Elischer was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer about 18 months ago, according to fundraising industry friends and associates. He is survived by his wife Nicky.

    On this edition of the Nonprofit Coach we share memories, and the wisdom of Tony that future generations will benefit from.

    A true force of nature Tony leaves us a bright light in Fundraising that must be kept illuminated.

    Join us, call in, share your best Tony memories.

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    Aude Lang Sting - 2015 Hornets Review

    in Basketball

    For Hornets fans, 2015 started with promise that turned into disappointment and ended with hope. We're taking a look back at some of our favorite Charlotte Hornets moments from 2015. Will the Hornets keep their December momentum going forward against the Clippers? Do they have enough wins to weather a January chock full of road games? Tweet us your thoughts @HiveTalkLive.


    We suggest some 2016 New Year's resolutions for your favorite Hornets players
    Michael Kaskey-Blomain from Queen City Hoops joins to discuss Al Jefferson's return to the lineup
    We recap and preview all of the holiday Hornets action!

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    Jayne Kennedy Overton is an American icon, pioneer, award winning actress, broadcaster, TV personality, producer, exercise guru, talk show host, model, dancer, lecturer, product spokeswoman, author and the list TRULY does go on and on. She has demolished barriers and ceilings for not only African American women, but ALL women. Don't miss this phenomenal story!

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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch talks to NFL Exporter Lance Goodman about the playoffs, Cam Newton giving Footballs to Kids, Charles Woodson's retirement, Peyton Manning's HGH scandal, Broncos' punter Britton Colquitt having to buy a ticket for infant daughter for Super Bowl, Broncos' Ryan Murphy being sent home after being questioned in a prostitution sting and Lance makes predictions for the Superbowl. Also 8 Reasons Children of the 1970s Should All Be Dead, Sunny Defends Her Use Of The N Word On Twitter and is Offered $100K For Sex Tape, and 14-Year-Old Willow Smith Causes an Uproar After Posting a ‘Topless’ Photo in Support of #FreeTheNipple — Is It Too Much?