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    Interview with Rapper IBEX

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    This show will feature the West Coast Rapper OmegaRed IBEX and a few of his tracks  
    Facebook: RyJean Merovingian Listen to his tracks on Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/redibextherapper My Name:
    RyJean OmegaRed Ibex TheMerovingian CopperTop RyJean: This is from "Raijin" the Japanese Shinto god of thunder. This is also why I use Copper Top, or probably because I have dark red hair. Jean is a variation of my real name. Someone once asked me "Does the Ry in RyJean stand for rhyming?" Not not really... but what the hell, I'll go with that. I like that, it's like "Rhyming Gene" like it's in my genetics or something lol!
    “Nothing can survive higher than the IBEX” Hip Hop’s virtuosic loadstar. If the bane of incoherent lyrical content has induced disdain among the masses, then VOILA! Remedy has unearthed a jewel to nurture the emaciated. Within criterion parameters, IBEX is venerable and ever headstrong to covey veritably. The norm of sordid verisimilitude presents no avail to the burgeoning behest of true Hip Hop partisans. A gift of catharsis, IBEX is a paradigm of the Golden Era (mid 90’s rap) in attempt to supplant. Listeners will evoke the gratification of germane rap music once attainable. Each track propagates efficaciously. This sanguine music is conducive to peers and audience. A collection of lucid song themes, IBEX is universally rapport. Make a feasible commute to amicable reception. Listen and enjoy.

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    Ready, Set, IBEX

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    IBEX 2012 is a few short months away. The brochures are in the mail, and the new website is up and running. In this week's show, we invite ProBoat publisher Carl Cramer & editor Aaron Porter, along with IBEX marketing director Anne Dunbar, to join us. Tune in to hear about what's new and different on the trade show floor, and what will be taking place in the seminar rooms this year.  IBEX will take place in Louisville, Kentucky, Oct 2-4, 2012.

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    ERT: Singer/Songwriter/Musician: Kat Marco The Goddess of Metal Live!

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    Over the course of the past 3 decades Kat Marco has been rocking hard. The journey began in 1980 when her first song "Dear Friend' was written. Fueled with a devotion to Pat Benatar, the concept for the music was developed. The goal to write and perform original songs that spoke of spirituality and a positive outlook with the power of rock and heavy metal set the ground work as this project went forth. The Goddess Of Rock CD contains songs that were written from that time on. The earliest song written on the CD is 'Titanic' by Jon Maye in 1983. Kat Marco joined his New York group Toy's at that time and found a great songwriting mentor in Jon. While performing vocals in Toy's , Kat was able to sing at the famous Studio 54 in 1984, for the Penthouse Pet Of The Year Birthday Party. In 1985, Kat would go on to work with a super group as a vocalist called Ibex which was when she found out about her guitar favorite, Ynqwie Malmsteen. It was through her shred-guitarist Michael Mostert (who once had an audition for Kiss At the time Bruce Kulick joined the group, that she was mentored for power guitar playing though she would not start playing guitar until 1987. 

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    IBEX 2011 Innovation Award Winners

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    This week, our show is a walk around the IBEX 2011 trade-show  floor with Ann Avary and Pat Kearns, who was one of the judges for this year's  industry innovation awards.  Organized by NMMA and judged by Boating Writers International, these awards recognize those products that show the most benefit  in terms of practicality, cost-effectiveness, and availability to the consumer  within 60 days of award receipt. A total of 65 new products were entered in this  year’s program, of which 13 were honored at IBEX. We'll give you a commentary on  several of the winners. 

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    IBEX 2010 Onsite Sept 29

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    Ann Avary and Pat Kearns interview IBEX attendees & speakers.

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    IBEX 2010 Q & A

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    IBEX moves to Louisville, Kentucky, this year. Join us to learn more about IBEX 2010, who will be exhibiting, what seminars and demonstrations will be offered, and why this change in venue is a positive one for you. Send your questions now to radio@proboat.com.

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    IBEX 2010: What's New?

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    Want to know what’s new for IBEX 2010? Marketing Director Anne Dunbar will be joining us with details, starting with the news that IBEX is having an Opening Night Party in the streets of downtown Louisville, and the entire marine industry is invited.

    “We have good reasons to celebrate,” says Anne. “Phones are ringing and booths are selling at IBEX. We already have more than 60 NEW, never-been-to-IBEX-before exhibitors, with more signing on each day, and that’s a strong indication that our industry is on the rebound.”

    We’ll also let you know about special events, our pre-conferences, exhibitor workshops, and and all the other activities that wrap around the exhibit hall and seminar program.

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    ProBoat Radio WEST - Innovations and IBEX

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    Ann Avary (Northwest Center of Excellence for Manufacturing & Technology) will talk about her experience at IBEX 2010, investigating the annual innovation awards.

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    IBEX 2010: The Move to Louisville

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    In 2010, IBEX moves to Louisville, KY, so we talked about that new venue with special guest Jim Wood from the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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    IBEX 2010: The Seminar Program

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    ProBoat Editor Aaron Porter will be on hand to answer questions about this years bigger-than-ever seminar program, featuring 12 tracks and 68 individual sessions for marine professionals attending IBEX 2010 in Louisville, KY (Sept 28 - 30).

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    Live from IBEX Oct 18 2011

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    In this session, recorded at IBEX 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky, Ann Avary interviews New Zealander Chris van der Hor about his country's active marine apprenticeship program.