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    Actress, Singer Mackenzie Phillips Shares Her Story Of Growing Up And Addiction

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    Today is my 6th. year anniversary for my radio show on the Blog Talk Radio Network.  For my 6th. year and 135th. show Mackenzie Phillips is my very special guest she is an actress and singer best known for her roles in American Graffiti and as rebellious teenager Julie Cooper on the sitcom One Day at a Time.   She is most recently known for her role on Disney channel’s science – fiction show So Weird. She will be sharing the story of her incredible and turbulent childhood, how she battled severe addiction and made it to the other side; to a life of recovery and helping others.  Mackenzie is the daughter of John Phillips, lead singer of the 60s band, The Mamas and the Papas. As a troubled teen star, Phillips made several visits to rehab before getting sober. Mackenzie’s struggles with addiction have been well documented in her bestselling memoir High On Arrival and in the media. She now wishes to use her past experiences to help others and offer hope to individuals who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction. She is now working for the Pasadena Recovery Center as their Recovery and Treatment Advocate, running groups on a weekly basis.  For California listeners, every month Pasadena Recovery Center welcomes experts, celebrities and authors to their Speaker Series Event where members of the community can attend; listen to inspiring stories, learn about addiction treatment, and more.  For more info on the next speaker series, follow Pasadena Recovery Center on Facebook       https://twitter.com/MackPhillips ,   https://www.facebook.com/mack.phillips.33?fref=ts


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    Singer/songwriter Megan Golden Returns!

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    Hi listeners and welcome to another edition of Weekdays with Murph.  We've got a really special guest on today's show, somebody I consider a dear friend.  Singer/songwriter Megan Golden returns to the show to talk about what she's been up to since the last time she was on.  I got a chance to meet Megan a few months ago at one of her live shows, and I'm sure that will be brought up on the show.  So, with that, let's get this thing going!

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    "A Journey Through Love" with singer/songwriter Krista Richards

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    I would like to welcome Krista Richards to the show! Krista invites you to take a journey with her.  To really feel into each aspect of love.  To search your heart and soul and uncover the mysteries and emotions that may be hidden there.  To heal, and restore that which requires it.  And ultimately to set yourself free, to love without hindrance, with a purity that only comes through the refiners fire. Ready to take a journey with Krista Richards to heal and feel love? Then you won't want to miss this interview! Be sure to tune in to www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio or you can listen in by dialing (347) 850-8423.

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    Talk! with Marie Presents Songwriter/Singer @Kirbanu

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    Today you'll hear one of my favorite musicians I met online. @Kirbanu is an Australian singer/songwriter, traveling within the world & myself, weaving the journey into songs.  Her new album, Drifting is now out. You can hear her live at @adelaide_fringe 2016, the largest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere | 12 Feb - 14 Mar 2016 |. Check out  @Kirbanu's website for upcoming tour dates. 

    On Sunday, January 31, James Olmos is performing at Gallery Rouge in Second Life. If you are a resident, join us at 12pm slt. 

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    Invaded by the Queendom w/ Singer/Songwriter Cherae Leri & Hip-Hop Artist Swade

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    Tonight, she returns! Her 'Queendom' is making a strong presence each day as her music and voice spreads wider across the music world. Her buzz of her new single "Just Bizness" has her following and fans, including us here at the show, eager to hear more. The southern singer, songwriter, and model from the midwest Cherae Leri talks to us LIVE tonight to let BlackTop Nation know what's been going on since we last spoke to her, new opportunities ahead, her year 2015, fun, and more! (Instagram/Twitter: @cheraeleri)

    Our "Fresh Face Artist of the Week" is a multi-alented man in the art form of music. From the land of where many hip-hop legends emerged from (Brooklyn, NY), he is on a clear mission to be as successful as possible not just for hip-hop's sake, but for music in general. Tonight, Swade talks to us LIVE about what fuels his passion, his music, his many talents, representing New York in the music game, & more! (Instagram/Twitter: @musicbyswade)

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    An Interview: Singer Songwriter Designer Roxanne Fontana "Time Won't Wait" Song

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    Roxanne Fontana is a dual-national Italian American  author, singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist, poet, actress, and clothing and jewelry designer.  A native from Brooklyn, New York who lived in the magical neighborhood where America's famous Playwright Arthur Miller grew up, Roxanne has 80 compositions to her credit.  After running an official international fan club for Rolling Stone Brian Jones  she moved on to write her own songs, fronting for and dominating several high profile male rock bands.  The East Village's local newspaper Downtown labelled Roxanne, “The Hippest Lady In New York”  She formed the psychedelic  group Ruzenka and the Big Dream with drummer Rich Teetet [the Dictators] and collaborated with drummer Dino Danelli [the Rascals], Marty Willson-Pipe [the Church] and Benjy King, [Scandal].  Roxanne wrote the prophetic song "Time Won't Wait" produced by Jack Douglas [John Lennon's producer] hours before John Lennon died.  Read her full bio on Wikipedia.

    "Time Won't Wait" - iTunes and CD Baby.  Book American Girl, Amazon. On Facebook [search Roxanne Fontana]. 

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    Live Interview With Kirsten Whiting, High School Junior, Singer and Actress

    in Christianity

    As the New Year is upon us, I told you that we were going to mix things up.  So here is one of those mix ups.  On January 1st at 9 PM we are opening our lines up to the young people.  With so many bad things going on in Baltimore right now, it's a blessing to see that there are young people out there that are doing something positive. Let's talk to one of those young people this week.  

    Kirsten Whiting is a high school junior, singer, and actress. She became interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry following a major role in the 2010 Winands Elementary School musical production of Mostly Motown. Kirsten attended Sudbrook Magnet School where she studied vocal music, while there she had the opportunity to show her acting abilities in the school musical “13”. While at Sudbrook, she took an interest in history and government. In 2013 Kirsten starred as Balthasar in the stage play Much Ado about Nothing. Currently, Kirsten participates in mock trial and is auditioning for her school musical, Little Shop of Horrors. She is a member of the National Society for High School Scholars, the National Honor Society, and is a class officer for the class of 2017 at Randallstown High School. When she gets older, she would like to pursue a career in entertainment or politics. 

    Join me, oh I'm sorry, I did say we're doing things different, join Nichelle Johnson host of The Man In The Mirror, and stepping back co-host Hezekiah L. Montgomery as we welcome our first young person Kirsten Whiting to our platform on New Years Day January 1, 2016 at 9 PM.  We're going to learn more about Kirsten as Nichelle takes over as host and I move to the background as co-host. We're giving the young people a chance to be a voice on our show.  So pass this along, tell all the other young people to listen in, call in and hear Kirsten's story.   

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    15 Year Old Singer Songwriter Chloe Collins

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    Chloe Collins is a teenage singer/songwriter/musician. Chloe started singing when she was just a toddler, people took notice, and she has never stopped. When she was 8 she learned a few guitar chords to a Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) song that she liked and wanted to learn how to play herself. She took to the guitar quickly and in just a few weeks was singing and learning to play songs by her idols like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry. Soon Chloe started writing songs, and then started performing at talent shows and coffee houses. She’s really a fantastic budding songwriter with a bright future. On her new EP, “5 @15” she reaches down deep for an excellent release.

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    Mecca Nashangelah is an American singer, songwriter, rapper.

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    Soulful WinsDay w/ Singer Casme' & Hip-Hop Artist Tai Wo

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    We nickname him "The Black Rose" here at Da BlackTop Radio. He's a lyricist, hip-hop artist, 2015 March Music Madness Semi-finalist, and a true stand-up guy who shows passion and hunger in every recording. Tai Wo (IG/Twitter: @official_taiwo) is his name and he talks about his hit single that's circulating around social media "Just Breathe," the reaction to it from the listeners and fans, what 2016 holds for him, and more!

    Our "Fresh Face Artist of the Week" for tonight is a sensational singer and songwriter out of the Louisiana area looking to take the mainstream music scene by storm. Casme' (Twitter/IG: @casmelive) is her name and she tells Da Kool Kids & BlackTopNation (you) her background, experiences, music style, "Gumbo", & more great stuff to encourage you to hop along the Casme' bandwagon.

    We spotlight a very beautiful young lady out of the Petersburg, VA area who is a promising and ambitious actress and model looking to pave the way for women that reside in her city. Coming off of her first stage play ever, Kourtney Taylor (IG: @kourtnokardash) is LIVE to tell us about her experiences, "Church Folk," what's next for her, and more.

    Returning to us is the beautifully blunt hip-hop enthusiast and CEO of "Let Shaketa Speak" on YouTube - Shaketa Speaks (Twitter/IG: @letshaketaspeak) is her name and she provides her raw opinion on the latest happenings in the hip-hop world.

    Our "Poll of the Night" asks you - BlackTop Nation (the listeners) - should the black community be demanding of being recognized at the Oscars? Will boycotting help/hurt us? Call us toll-free between 10:15 and 10:55pm ET, tweet your opinion to us @DaBlackTopRadio , or comment on the IG post under #PolloftheNight (IG: @hostwhodothemost)