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    Meet the Arthors as they discuss (How to Finding a Good Husband

    in Religion

    Join Apostle Williams and Pastor Shan Davis as they discovered how to find a good husband

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    Mrs. Dugger says it "her fault" that her husband cheated on her????????????????

    in News

    This headline has to be addressed!   Who is to blame?    It is Mrs. Dugger's fault that her husband cheated on her?  

    Let's look into this.

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    The Husband of the Virtuous Woman

    in Christianity

    Who is he? Why does she choose or accept his proposal in marriage?  She is already an accomplished woman so what is it about him that makes her say "yes"? Let's take a look into their relationship and talk about the pros and cons of it. Can we perhaps find some answers to wedded bliss in this passage of scripture? Proverbs 31 is a loaded chapter! Tune in for more nuggets on this couple. Perhaps they have some sound advice for the couples of today.


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    Teaching Women how to LOVE their HUSBAND

    in Lifestyle

    Titus 2:3

    "The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To bediscreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed."

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    The Purpose in Husband and Wife Business Owners

    in Motivation

    Guess who's back???? Yea I took a couple of weeks away, but I am back and with me comes a powerful duo, husband and wife team! 

    Mesi James is C.E.O. of James & James, LLC. Mesi grew up in a single-parent home, with her 2 brothers. After graduating from high school, she enrolled at Savannah State University. At SSU, Mesi was involved in student government, honor societies, and charity work. In 2012, she graduated with a BA in Political Science and married Jared "International L.o.$.E." James shortly after. Unable to find a job fitting of a political scientist, her husband invested in her art and founded James &James, LLC. Under this company umbrella, Mesi established RAW Passion Photography, specializing in graffiti photo shoots and Art Heart ATL, which features photographic 3D, street art. In 2014, Jared and Mesi begin filming Art Heart ATL TV on Youtube, promoting entrepreneurs in the arts. Visit ArtHeartATL.com today, where art, music, and fashion thrive and RAWPassionPhotography.com

    Jared "International L.o.$.E" James was born in Brooklyn, now living in Atlanta. He is the youngest child of three and grew up with a love for the streets. Jared's best qualities are his leadership skills as well as his ability to sell anything. As a teenager, he sold items from door to door and store to store. Eventually, his ambition led him into the music industry. After many years of being a successful party promoter, he decided to move down south. Slowly working his way down the coast, he finally settled in Georgia. Jared founded James & James, LLC. in 2014 with his wife, C.E.O. Mesi James. James & James, LLC is black owned and operated, with a vast internet portfolio. Businesses managed by Jared range from art to fashion.

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    40 - HUSBAND

    in Comedy

    Strong bro-MANCE vibes belied by aggression start this episode with guest comic / future Big Brother / attendant to Phil Hanley, Sam Morril. Anya explains true friendship and how to foster intimacy. Phil shares big news, Sam gets out of jury duty and nails a Dave Attell impression, while Anya gets triggered by the blizzard. Topics include Three's Company, "husband," retro phrases, Sam's dating life, how Phil meets women, and whether or not Anya is closed off.

    Call in with your questions 347-467-1240
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    Is It Acceptable For A Husband To Take His Wife's Last Name?

    in Culture

    The newlyweds knew it would be surprising.As Donna and Mike entered their wedding reception, an unwitting announcer told the expectant crowd, "Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together for the new Mr. and Mrs. Salinger!"Some guests clapped, some chuckled at what they presumed was a joke and most looked at one another in confusion. The couple spent the entire reception and some of their honeymoon explaining to people what they had done.The groom, you see, had started his day as Mike Davis and ended it by doing something precious few of his brothers-in-arms do: He took his wife's last name instead of her taking his. They were married in November. "We figured they'd say 'Huh' and get on with it."Three months later, I'm still taking (flak) from one of my college roommates."The Salingers broke a patriarchal tradition so ingrained in American society that many women's studies researchers have yet to study it. "It hasn't been a large enough social phenomenon that it's hit the radar as something to be studied."That may be coming. The California Legislature is set to consider a bill this month that would allow men to change their surnames upon marriage as seamlessly as women now can. Only seven states now allow a man who wishes to alter his name after his wedding to do so without going through the laborious, frequently expensive legal process set out by the courts for any name change. Women don't have to do so.The bill is co-sponsored by the ACLU of California as a follow-up to a federal lawsuit the civil rights group filed in December on behalf of Michael Buday, a Los Angeles man who wants to take on his wife's surname, Bijon, to show his affinity for his father-in-law. He accuses the state of gender discrimination for forcing him into the more complex process.


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    Is Your Husband Frustrated over Your Lack of Interest in Sex?

    in Women

    Marital sex is not a mechanical act carried out to satisfy one or both partners' bodily needs. At least it shouldn't be. From a Christian perspective, sex is the ultimate expression of physical, emotional, and spiritual unity between a husband and wife. It's a beautiful, holy, self-transcendent, and sacramental experience. It's a picture of the mystery of Christ's relationship with the church (Ephesians 5:31).

    However the question is asked by many Christian husbands “Why do I have to beg and plead with my wife any time I want to enjoy sex with her? I have a very high sex drive, and she has a very low sex drive.” What should I do?

    Join Pastor Teresa and Lady Swinson as they give a clear understanding on the true purpose and its’ importance of intimacy in the marriage. Learn some tools to regain your enjoyment of true intimacy with your husband.

    WIVES and Wives to be don’t miss this!

    Discussion Points:

    Why does he make sex a big deal?

    What if I just don’t like having sex with my husband all time?

    How do I get my interested back?

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    10 Ways To Be A Good Husband

    in Lifestyle

    Pastor Juan Goodson is coming to share with you "10 Ways To Be A Good Husband". You know Katherine the atagonist is sitting ready and waiting for what he will share. She even said she is even happy the men are going

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    Live Chat With Thomas Farr, Husband, Father, Deacon and a Man On Fire for God!!!

    in Christianity

    The first born son of Thomas and Janet Farr Meet future wife Desiree Ragland in 1977 1980 Serve 5 years in US Navy Married Desiree 1983 Husband of Desiree Farr for 32 years Came to faith in Christ in 1996 Ordained Deacon 2004 Father of Thomas Farr 3rd, Erica and Sarah Grand father of five sons Passion for ministry to men in and out of the body of Christ Hosted of two talk show Issues Christian men talk on public access TV and on BblogTalk radio Saturdays at 10 am.

    Join me host Hezekiah L. Montgomery of The Man In The Mirror, and my co-host Nichelle Johnson as do or Pre-Father’s Day Show and interview Deacon Thomas Farr.  He’s man that is very much on fire for the Lord and has the love of God in his heart for men and bring them closer to our Lord and Savior.  

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    BDSM Husband & Wife Discuss Their Books and The Lifestyle

    in Romance

    J.R. Luxor, best selling author in Amazon's sexuality category, is the nom de plume of the binary star that is a husband and wife writing team living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is currently a life coach and he is an author formerly involved in psychology and counseling teenage girls. 

    They share the character development, choosing what's in the heads of the male and female characters. They say their technique of using separate male and female voices for the characters, especially in their unspoken thoughts, produces a multi-dimensionality to the interactions and connections of the men and women in their writings. 

    Submissives Caught on Camera, by J.R. Luxor, follows the lives of four couples in the San Francisco Bay Area who practice BDSM in their sex lives, sometimes, to varying degrees, with each other. This is the third of a series, beginning with BDSM Romance, How One Man Recruited and Trained a Sub, and then Wearing His Collar, the View from Below. In Camera, the four couples decide to make a video of one of their events, their sex parties. Not every woman of the four has sex with men other than her partner. The couples have different arrangements for their sexual interactions with others.