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    The Health and Humor Show

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    Hosted by Maureen Sullivan who is both a Registered Nurse and a standup comic, The Health and Humor show combines information and education on getting and staying healthy with humorous stories and news items.
    The audio quality is a bit better than the first show, but still nothing to be proud of...we are still working on it!

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    The Health and Humor Show

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    Our apoligies for the audio quality of this broadcast. It is the first show and we obviously need to work on our settings! The next one should be much better!
    Hosted by Maureen Sullivan who is both a Registered Nurse and a standup comic, The Health and Humor show combines information and education on getting and staying healthy with humorous stories and news items.

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    We will discuss how to effectively use humor to create a successful group dynamic. 

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Chicken with Biscuits, and the "adventure" recipe will be Chickpea Chili.

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    January Jones-Holiday Healing & Humor

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    Nick Hoesl, author  Laughter: The Drug of Choice: Definitive Doses of The Best Medicine and upcoming book, Proverbial Laughter of The World.

    Nicholas Hoesl is a community pharmacist, toastmaster, national keynote speaker, columnist, broadcaster, lecturer and global volunteer. He lives, loves, laughs and lasts in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    In his first book, “The First Humorously Medical Dictionary” Hoesl stated that “ our five senses are incomplete without the sixth, a sense of humor.” Many of those early gems can be found in all of his books and interviews.

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    The Importance of Direction, Humor, and Determination...

    in Politics

    Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss some thoughts I have had recently about moving, life, and how much I have grown in the past few years. Areas of interest include knowing our direction as individuals and as a race, keeping our sense of humor (and ridiculing the anti-Whites), and not surrenduring to them, circumstances, or ourselves.

    Your calls are always welcome.

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    Seeing the Humor in Life's Experiences

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    Many of us fail to see the humor (or often the irony) in life's experiences. In this context, irony is incongruity between what actually happens and what might be expected to happen, especially when this disparity is absurd or laughable. If we take the time, we find that life is full of such moments. Now that the event is distant and the pain has subsided, thinking about such experiences can make us smile. It turns out that such reflection is a valuable practice.  Medical science tells us that if we take life too seriously we will have physical and emotional problems. Tune in this week as Nancy Herold and I discus the importance of ‘lightening up’ as we pursue enlightenment. The recent passing of Robin Williams has left a void in many of our lives because of his gift of laughter.  His loss is a reminder that sometimes we have to ‘carry’ the torch of laughter for ourselves.  This should be a fun show!

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    January Jones-Sporty King with Holiday Humor

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    What Do Women Want For Christmas?

    Hint: What Kind of Man?

    As an 18-Year Wall Street Journal Veteran...

    I believe there is no perfection. The pursuit of excellence took me to Regional Classified Advertising Manager 1988, & now an inspiring "Messenger" since 1994. 

    As a Youth Program Volunteer… 

    I get to thank those who patiently believed in me.

    As a Former Basketball Coach...

    I believe that how you win is more important than that you win.

    As a Cadre Speaker for the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program...

    I believe our Military Service Members & their Families are Silent Heroes. My weekends are spent doing Communication, Humor and Life Skills sessions.


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    Humor Has It

    in Politics

    Humor Has It... that one leaf does not make a tree

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    Tactical 16 Radio can be heard every Wednesday  from 7-9pm EST. With that being said, Where will you be this Wednesday night? Tuning in to Tactical 16 Radio w/Silent J is the only answer.
     We are going to have some great guests for our fourth episode. Call up and ask them questions and hit up the chat room.
     Edward Hernandez and Angela Pena. Edward is a Navy vet and San Antonio comedian and Angela Pena is the president of Humor for Heroes. They will tell us what Humor for Heroes is and how it started. Edward will tell us about how he went from the Navy to comedy. He also has a pretty big show this weekend that we will chat about.
     Due to issues out of our control Howard Davis Jr couldn't be on last weeks show. So this week we will have Howard on. Anyone who knows the art of boxing and not the sport punching will know his name. He is an Olympic gold medal winner in the 76 games. A pro boxer with a record of 36-6-1. Howard is also a boxing instructor for American Top Team working with today's MMA fighters and was also Chuck Liddells boxing trainer on the Ultimate Fighter 11. 
     Remember to check out our parent company https://tactical16.com Show some support to our veteran authors and remember to buy a kick ass t-shirt.

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    Friday Funnies - How to harvest some humor

    in Motivation

    Once again we will have Daniel Mentz with us and we'll be chatting about how to harvest your humor and bring some laughter into your lives. Humor is a great tool for the professional speaker and it's also a valuable tool for anyone in the business world.  Humor breaks through the tension barrier, puts people at ease, develops a more creative and relaxed environment and increases productivity. Humor also always boosts morale and develops enthusiasm. Plenty of good reasons to learn how to be funny. 

    If you have a funny story to share, please share and we'll share it live on air. 

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    What makes us laugh? Using humor to captivate.

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    Some speakers are reluctant to use humor in their speeches. They fear that they won't get a laugh and will feel embarrassed. Some say that they don't feel like they can be funny. We believe that anyone can learn to develop their sense of humor and use it in their speaking. It is a valuable tool that helps to relax an audience and will make them feel more comfortable with you as the speaker. Humor can also illustrate a point you are making and make your talk more memorable. It breaks down barriers and will make your audience more receptive to your ideas. When people laugh, they are able to relax and they derive more value. The entertainment factor is enough reason to develop humor in your speaking. During this show we will talk about how to use humor effectively. 

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