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    "Survivors Standing Strong" Human Trafficking

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    Please join me Christina Robinson for my 1st show of "Survivors Standing Strong" Thursday Nov. 13th at a special time 10pm est - 9pm cst.

    A gripping story of a mothers determined journey to find her Missing daughter Jessie Foster. Jessie has been Missing since March 29, 2006. Jessie's family have been living with prayers & faith since that last day they saw Jessie so long ago. Glendene has been doing conferences on Human Trafficking & keeping hope alive to many others that have Missing children. Stay tune for Glendene Grant and her brave journey to bring Jessie home.

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    Human Trafficking Awareness

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    Join us this week as we have another great show planned for you. This week we welcome for the first time Dr. Kalyani Gopal. We will discuss "Human Trafficking Awareness" and how things are really getting out of hand. Dr. Gopal will do a great job informing us about this very in humane practice that is getting worse by the days and months. So be sure to tune in to our show this Sunday August 10. We start at 6pm est and our call in number is 619-393-2813. Please tell a friend and relative to tune in.

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    Live with Tim Taylor - Sex Trafficking in Atlanta Exposed

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    Sex traffcking in Atlanta, yes Atlanta is the number 1 city for human sex trafficking. We are a Georgia Non for profit committed to rescue, recovery and education

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    Human Trafficking

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    Atlanta is the #1 hub for human trafficking. A representative from Youth Spark, a local anti-child trafficking agency in Atlanta, discuss what you need to know about human trafficking and how you can help stop it.

    Allison Hood serves as the Program Coordinator for YouthSpark. She works to provides support for the Stop Child Sex Trafficking Program, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Social Work from Georgia State University. 

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    Human Trafficking

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    A must hear show! Jaida Im, Founder and Executive Director of the Freedom House is our guest speaker. Freedom House helps provide victims with the care and services they need to rebuild their lives and works closely with law enforcement and community partners to identify survivors of human trafficking. Listen in on today's show on how you can help and be aware of this heinous crime that takes place right our backyards. 

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    Human Trafficking

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    Join Whisper n Thunder Radio for another informational show, this week the topic is “HUMAN TRAFFICKING”   Hidden secretly yet it’s there.  Tonight our host Russ Letica, board of Director member will be talking with Trace DeMeyer an adoptee , journalist, and author. She writes about Human Trafficking and Adoption on her blog: www.larahentz.wordspress.com. Lara is a name Trace uses since she has been reunited with her birth relatives in Wisconsin and Illinois.  Her two books about the Indian Adoption Projects are available on her website www.tracedemeyer.com and bluehandbooks.org.

    Short video on the topic: http://youtu.be/E1pXg3OqH_g

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    Live with Tim Taylor - The Social Media Epidemic

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    Social media plays an important role when it comes to finding children but it also plays an important role in how a child goes missing. Now a days few parents know their childs login to their social media. By using social media we have found that these children will actually plan out how they are going to runaway. Social media is widely used by pimps and pedophiles to lure children into their hands. Smooth talking and fake profiles designed to lure these children is very common. Knowing your childs login and passwords can greatly aide in finding your child if they do decide to runaway. Every parent must remember that when a child decides to runaway they never intend to become a victim of child exploitation or human trafficking. Be aware of your childs activity, monitor that activity and learn the techniques to review your childs social media.

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    STOP "human trafficking" with Alexa

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    It's sad but true: right here in this country, people are being bought, sold, and smuggled like modern-day slaves. They are trapped in lives of misery, often beaten, starved, and forced to work as prostitutes or to take grueling jobs with little or no pay. The victims include some of the most vulnerable in society: abused children who've run away from home, women with few job skills, immigrants who fear deportation or retaliation against their families overseas if they speak up. For them, there is little hope of escape.

    the problem of "human trafficking"—discussing its scope within the U.S. and, more importantly, detailing our growing efforts to help free these victims and disband the criminal enterprises behind these hateful crimes.

    The problem of child prostitution: who the victims are and how the criminal enterprises that exploit them operate.

    The "Innocence Lost" initiative: what it is and why it's making an important difference in finding victims of child prostitution and putting pimps and other criminals behind bars.

    The "Stormy Nights" investigation: how it ended a ring of child prostitution at truck stops stretching from Florida to Colorado.

    It’s sad but true: here in this country, people are being bought, sold, and smuggled like modern-day slaves.

    They are trapped in lives of misery—often beaten, starved, and forced to work as prostitutes or to take grueling jobs as migrant, domestic, restaurant, or factory workers with little or no pay. We’re working hard to stop human trafficking—not only because of the personal and psychological toll it takes on society, but also because it facilitates the illegal movement of immigrants across borders and provides a ready source of income for organized crime groups and even terrorists.

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    Human trafficking modern day slaves

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    Modern day slavery': America must fight epidemic of human trafficking here at home | http://fxn.ws/1jfhNxy

    10 Things You Didn't Know About Slavery, Human Trafficking (And What You Can Do About It) http://huff.to/1d4Y1kb

    Human Trafficking and Culture: History of Human Trafficking http://juliewedam.blogspot.com/2010/02/history-of-human-trafficking.html

    The Faces Of The Forgotten http://huff.to/1yhHDXr


    The Faces Of The Forgotten http://huff.to/1yhHDXr

    Theme park employees caught in sex stings, child arrests http://www.cnn.com/2014/07/14/us/theme-park-employees-child-sex-stings/index.html


    From wet T-shirts to oral sex contests: A brief history of sexploitative party games http://www.salon.com/2014/07/14/from_wet_t_shirts_to_blow_job_contests_a_brief_history_of_sexploitative_party_games/


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    People Just Don't Care- Fact or Ficton

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    Could it be true that when it comes to human sex trafficking that people just do not care and want to turn a blind eye to the problem or are these concerned citizaens just scared to face the problem head on. Do people think that as a single person in their community the epidemic is so large that they could not possibly do anything to help fight it. Join me Saturday August 8 at 12:30 p.m. eastern standard time as I dig into why it so often seems that people do not care. 

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    Regional and National Issues feat. Collaborative to End Human Trafficking

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    The threat of human trafficking is real and it is growing. Kicking off the show, Mr. Yancey will share another breast cancer fact and a domestic violence statistic. Then tune in as Mr. Yancey speaks with Anne Victory, HM, RN, MSN, Education Coordinator for the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking and has served on the Collaborative’s Steering Committee since its founding in 2007. They will talk about what human trafficking is, the difference between it and smuggling, how to prevent it and more. You can call in with your questions and comments at (914)338-0665.

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