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    Dr. Shawn's The Collision of Faith and Politics! Kill Terrorists or Hug Them?

    in Politics Conservative

    What does the Bible say about defending ourselves from our enemies who are sworn to KILL us?  Why are many Christians saying we should just LOVE them and HUG them 'as Christ told us to do?'What does Scripture tell us to do about this 'Refugee Crisis?'  What IS this 'Crisis?'  What is it REALLY? What is hijra? Why is the meaning of hijra CRITICALLY important to your very life?  Why does it seem as though Hussein doesn't know what hijra means?  Or.... Does Hussein Obama know exactly what that word means to the very country he is SWORN to protect?

    Why Liberal Theology churches are the ruination of our country... In my book,   "Excellence Killed the Church, How Mediocrity is Destroying America!" I talk about, in great detail, what happened INSIDE the churches across America that defies Scripture itself and our mandate to protect and defend this great gift from God, Liberty and Freedom!

    Listen in and tell your friends!  This will be one fast-paced, hard-hitting radio show!  Delivering the TRUTH with Love and power...  I say what most others are afraid to say...  What you'd say if you had this microphone...  The Truth.  Time is ticking away...  What will you do to prepare?

    Thank you!

    Rev. Dr. Shawn M. Greener




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    Episode 2910 - Looking for a Father - Healed with a Hug - Scott Lathrop

    in Paranormal

    Episode 2910 - Looking for a Father - Healed with a Hug 
    Prophet Scott Lathrop www.soulbait.org
    Recorded 10-21-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    in Self Help

    Brenda is visiting for the second time. She is woman who began making what she calls HUG WRAPS to make any clinic or hospital visit warmer, more comfortable, and insuring that a person's butt is NOT exposed. She has many stories to tell about how these wraps have made a difference. How to get them will be explained.

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    Sunday's with Dr. Shawn! Should Christians Fight Terrorism or Should we Hug?

    in Religion

    Have you wondered, as a person of Faith, what WOULD Christ Do?  What SHOULD Christians THINK and KNOW about the Immigration Jihad going on in America even as you read this?  

    Europe is being taken over by an INVITED Muslim Invasion, America IS doing the same foolhearty and DEADLY thing even now... The Hussein Obama administration is acting more like TREASONOUS enemies of America than as the Leadership of THIS country.

    But what should the Christian think about the "Refugee Crisis?"  What should the Christian DO about the "Refugee Crisis" being foisted upon the INNOCENT American people even today?

    Learn the TRUTH right here TODAY!!!!  Tell your friends!



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    ISIS needs a hug! - DC police Chief shifts on guns! -

    in Politics

    Hr1  President Obama says he’ll rebuke ISIS by talking about climate change

    Talking Thanksgiving (and Christmas) traditions with media personality Xander Gibb #Xandermonium.

    And President Obama's Medal of Freedom recipients. Did you get one?

    Hr2  Washington DC police chief says should a Paris-style attack occur, citizens should take action to stop attackers. That's great! Maybe she should think about allowing citizens to be armed.

    Some students at Vanderbilt University are calling for black conservative Carol Swain’s head, accusing her, a law professor, of “unprofessional intimidation on social media, discriminatory practices in the classroom, and unclear representation as a Public Figure with invocations of the Vanderbilt name on her Facebook page,” and other acts. Basically... she said something liberals don’t like.

    Obama will not read intelligence reports on groups he does not consider to be terrorists, according to journalist Sharyl Attkisson. Dangerous arrogance.

    Yes, we still have free speech AND religious freedom, and it IS ok to say Merry Christmas!

    Hrt3  Atheists not even based in Texas demand the city of Port Neches remove a cross on display at a tax-funded park or hide it. Christians (and possibly unbelieving freedom lovers) refuse to give in to either option.

    Some lessons are hard-learned. Austria teen ISIS bride has been beaten to death trying to escape. So sad.

    As part of an event on diversity and inclusion in the labor movement, professors at Cornell University displayed cartoons depicting Republicans as knife-wielding terrorists, raving lunatics, and even molesters.

    EMU speaker tells students France brought terrorist attacks on itself.

    Obama says Americans having guns is worse than Islamic terrorism.

    Washington Post forgot to fact check themselves before criticizing Trump and Carson. Oops!

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    in Spirituality

    The Holidays are here and I know how difficult they are after the loss of a child as I have lost 2 of my own while in their 20's to Cystic fibrosis  ....tonights show I am here to listen ..let you vent ..or  maybe give you a reading as I am also a intuitive medium .....let me help you in some way if I can....we can do this together .....know you are not alone .....


    Call me @ 1-347-838-9201 to talk or listen to show or Skype me for Worldwide listeners to do either or ..or click us on the net @blogtalkradio.com/peggysimmanesi

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    It's the day before Thanksgiving

    in Sports

    It's Sports Time Radio with The Big Jack and Dan the Man. Dan the Man has decided to fast for a day before his Thanksgiving meal; so he might be a lottle crabby. Dave Roberts is the Los Angeles Dodgers new manager. Will Dan be alright wit that hire? Are you prepared for the holiday? and to sit on the couch and watch all 3 NFL games?  The day starts with the Philadelphia Eagles at the Detroit Lions. From there we'll see the undefeated Carolina Panthers vs. the Dallas Cowboys and the night wraps up with the Chicago Bears vs. the Green Bay Packers.


    On Twitter @SportsTimeRadiio @DanZeeeMan & @Burketime

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    This Thanksgiving, Let Them Eat Vegan!

    in Food

    This year, there was a shortage of Thanksgiving turkeys because of the bird flu. In light of this shortage, there are many options for enjoying family meals without using meat or animal parts. When you make your own food from scratch, it is not only more economical but it helps you to connect with your food, where it comes from and who is growing it. The more that people choose to shop consciously, the better it is for the environment. Only when people understand the devastation caused by factory farms operating in a monoculture environment will they understand just how devastating the impact. That is why more and more people are making the transition to veganism. Plant based diets are not only more humane, they are healthier! In Dreena Burton's Let Them Eat Vegan: 200 Deliciously Satisfying Plant-Strong Recipes for the Whole Family you will find a myriad of easy to make, delectable recipes ranging from soups and burgers to wraps and ice cream! What is especially great about this book is that the recipes are not only plant based but have handy options for raw and gluten-free! Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer is joined by special guest, Dreena Burton to discuss her new book, Let them Eat Vegan! Stay tuned! Do you like FREE stuff? Tune in to The Organic View Radio Show, Mon-Fri@6pm Eastern and visit our contest section at www.theorganicview.com/contests to win one of our monthly prizes! Today’s show is sponsored by Austria’s Finest Naturally Authentic Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Oil from the Steiermark available at OrganicUniverse.com. Listeners of TheOrganicView can receive $1 off their purchase by using the coupon code "orgview".  For more offers, please visit our website at www.theorganicview.com

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    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Review

    in Movies

    Marc and Shane review the final installment of The Hunger Games. It may be critic proof at this point, but we'll let you know how the franchise wraps up, and whether the movie series can end as strong as it started.

    We'll also run through some of the week's industry news, answer listener questions, and take a look back at some of the year's titles that we haven't covered yet.


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    Hug Wraps By Brenda Jones

    in Lifestyle

    Breast cancer survivor Brenda Jones goes Onlinewithandrea to discuss her homemade kimono style Hug Wraps designed to give dignity to cancer patients. Cancer patients from all over the world are requesting her Hug Wraps. Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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    Kimberly Jonas Series Quieting the Mind goes to the REVOLUTION stage

    in Lifestyle

    Kimberly Jonas Series wraps up Quieting the Mind and revs the revolution into a new phase. Remember, it takes three simple steps to start your own personal revolution:

    1. Make a bold decision to quiet the mind and say....YES, I'm in.

    2. Identify the sources that overwhelm you. Get very specific and pinpoint the issues.

    3. Dismantle those sources....then practice this new lifestyle of slowing down, breathing, balance and mental equilibrium.


    On this show, we will discuss:

    ·   Quieting the mind as a way of life, rather than a passing fad How to learn from your mistakes along the way·       Why repetition is essential

    ·       The personal commitment to quieting the mind and how it feeds into collective and cultural healing

    Kimberly Jonas is a self-employed spiritual coach and inspirational author. After acting as a project manager and art director in the corporate world for nearly 10 years, she left in 2002 to teach conscious dance, meditation, and other mindful practices.

    Let’s take a minute to recap the process that you’ve been sharing with us for quieting the mind. What are the specific steps one needs to take in order to move toward a quiet mind?

    It seems like people often come to quieting the mind only after they’ve been in crisis; it only comes into play when nothing else has worked. Kind of a last ditch effort. Why do you feel that that isn’t the best way to step into the practice of quieting the mind?People often give up before this sets in as a lifestyle. Why? And how to counteract that?Why is repetition so important?

    NOW...go out there and revolt against the noise, confusion, and fast pace. Quiet your mind and transform the rest of your life.

    This show is brought to you by the new and improved www.gracefully-yours.com lifestyle site.

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