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    Callywood's ThrowBack Tuesday with Howard Hewett

    in Entertainment

    Callywood's ThrowBack Tuesday with Howard Hewett

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    Duck Dynasty's Miss Kay Robertson & News of the Day

    in Christianity

    Hey, duckophiles! You probably know that Kay Robertson is the revered matriarch of the Robertson family and star of A&E®’s Duck Dynasty®. For almost five decades, she’s been keeping her husband, Phil, and her boys from spending too much time in the woods by bringing them back to civilization with a home cooked meal. Kay believes that her cooking talents are a gift that she must share, so she often ends up feeding all of the family and most of the neighborhood. Today, Miss Kay joins us to talk about her latest release from the Duck Commander Kitchen, Celebrating Family and Friends: Recipes for Every Month of the Year.

    In typical Free For All Friday fashion, we'll also be taking a look at the current events that strike our curiosity from a Biblical perspective. Have your spiritual and physical appetites ready as we consider a good book and The Good Book on Bible News Radio.

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    Howard Payne University New Braunfels

    in Christianity

    Join us as we visit with Whitney Hooper, Assistant Director of Admissions from Howard Payne University. We will ask her about Howard Payne here in town now and what we can expect in the future here in New Braunfels. Sting 'em!

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    Howard the Duck Part 33 And An Third

    in Podcasting

    Tonight Wyatt and myself discuss Howard the Duck issues 11-15. Howard rides a bus into oblivilion. We get an "origin," of the Kidney Lady...gasp. And Lwinda...the cutest...sweetest...Satan...Worshipper...well there's also social commentary regarding how Mental Health facilities took advantage of their patients. We also get the introduction of Dr. Bong...LOL, and Cecil the morphine...dependant...se...serpant?...with a Top Hat...and you know what it was the 70's man. Comics Code Authority...what comics code Authority?

    The thoughts and opinion/s are that of the individual/s host/s. They do not reflect hunnicoutcast/skirt/hunnicoutcast77 productions.

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    The Howard the Duck Theme Song is Sung by Lea Thompson, Background Vocals George Clinton, and Guitar Joe Wlash

    The End theme is You're the Duckiest by John Barry

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    LL Sports 2 - "If it walks and talks like a duck…."

    in Sports

    Welcome to LL SPORTS 2!  A sports show for everyone!! – but for the ladies, we’ll get an opportunity each show to teach you some of the fundamentals of baseball, basketball or football.  We promise to never answer your questions with "not right now, the game is on!"

    They are two totally different incidents, but the same statement can be applied. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.....  Matthew Dellevadova is involved in three questionable plays that result in flagrant penalties, is he an irritant or a dirty player? Ray McDonald is involved in three seperate domestic charges in less than a year, is he continuosly in the wrong place at the wrong time or is he a domestic abuser? The ladies will discuss their opinions!

    All of this, plus the Wednesday Wikipedia, Ladies Learn Moment, your phone calls, comments, questions and much much more!

    Join TJ & TIFF Wednesday @8p EST!

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    Engaging The Intelligence of the Heart with Howard Martin of HeartMath

    in Spirituality

    Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Howard Martin, Co-Founder of the HeartMath Institute, Friday May 15, 2015 at 7:00 PM EDT.  Howard is the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of the HeartMath Institute and co-author of The HeartMath Solution with Doc Childre.  HeartMath's mission is to help individuals, organizations and the global community incorporate the heart’s intelligence into their day-to-day experience of life.  

    For the past 22 years Howard has had the privilege of speaking about HeartMath, a system/organization created by Doc Childre, consisting of innovative ideas, leading-edge science, techniques and technology designed to help bring about a more heart-connected world.  

    “I want others living in these extraordinary times to experience a greater sense of fulfillment, self-security, health and success so that together we can create a more harmonious world.”

    “The doorway to fulfillment is in your heart. When you use your heart intelligence to shift perception and direct the flow of your emotions, you have the ability to generate and magnetize your own fulfillment. The longing stops and is replaced by appreciation.”  

    HeartMath connects heart and science in ways that empower people to greatly reduce stress, build resilience, and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making better choices. Their goal is to share the HeartMath story in ways that inspire others to create a more heart-connected world with us.

    To learn more about Howard and the HeartMath Institute go to:

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    Cynt Chats with Comedienne Kellye Howard on Building Her Brand

    in Self Help

    Kellye Howard is serious about her hustle.  Everytime you turn around, you see manifestations of her hard work paying off. From consistent bookings at comedy clubs to television spots to viral comedy rap videos, Kellye is doing what it takes to get the exposure she needs to take things to the next level.

    Although it may look like a cake walk, anyone that's travelled the road she's on knows it take a lot of focus and effort to make the moves she's making.  Let's chat with this Jazzy Chick to get a better understanding of the Nature of Her Hustle.

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    Howard The Duck Discussion Part Deux

    in Podcasting

    We're still trapped in a world we never made...and reviewing Issues 5-10 of the 70's Howard the Duck. Howard looks for a Job, Wrestles, Fights a Frankenstein Cookie, meets a cult, and joins the All Night Party...a senile French Canadian with a fetish for Beavers...the animal that is. The thoughts and opinions are that of the individual hosts and do not reflect Universal Pictures, Marvel Comics, The estate of Steve Gerber, Gene Colan and their intellectual properties/affiliates. The Hosts do not work for the discussed properties and their affiliates. No Infringement is intended. The Spreaker.com Artwork is that of Erik Mullins and Kendra Hale. The Itunes podcast artwork is that of Jeff Batista. Geekcastradio.com/syndicated shows Itunes Hunnicoutcastpodcast Twitter Hunnicoutskirt Spreaker Stitcher podomatic.hunnicoutcast.com Facebook.com/hunnicoutcastpodcast Hunnicoutcast/Outskirt Productions Copyright 2014

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    Soul Paradise with Rolls Royce Howard

    in Music

    Them classics, with Royce Royce Howard

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    Howard & Ruth Milstein Talk Salads and Wine

    in Food

    Howard and Ruth Milstein share tips and recipes on making colorful salads and homemade salad dressings, along with wine pairings. Howard is a wine expert and his wife Ruth is the author of the Gourmand award-winning recipe book 'Cooking with Love: Ventures Into the New Israeli Cuisine.' They are currenlty in the procees of publishing a second recipe book that will feature Ruth's recipes with Howard's wine pairings. Watch for Ruth's Salad Recipes in the June issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.

    This interview originally aired on May 3, 2015 on Big Blend Radio's Champagne Sunday's variety show, that streamed live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona.

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    EP47 - Duck Shooting and reloading with Mike Felton

    in Hobbies

    Recorded from a MaiMai somwhere in the king country Tune in to find out mikes thoughts on Duck Shooting and Reloading.


    Being born in Rural King Country,MIke grew up in the 70's around the Kuratau region.

    At a very young age he was introduced to the pursuits of Fishing and Hunting, both of which he is still mad keen on.

    Now in his early 40's (he says) he owns his own business and started Reloading as favours for mates, but as the word soon grew about the results, especially with 12g Steel ammo, He has seen a steady increase in reloading work and would love nothing more than to make it a full time profession.

    His wife says he is a perfectionist with all things related to Hunting, and to Mike thats how it should be. No half arsed antics can be tolerated when it comes to the round coming out the muzzle.

    His favourite Rifle is a Tikka .243 s/s supressed, even though he still takes  his Grand Fathers Marlin .308Win Lever action out for walks every now and then.His 12g is the Berretta A400 Xplore action. When using his own Steel loads the recoil is like shooting Trap ammo.




    Ph:027 268 2260