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    Unlock Your Message from Within: Write a Book

    in Current Events

    Has anyone ever asked you where you book is?  Have you written a few words on napkins and paper only to lose them in the shuffle?  Have you felt there was a story in you but fear, time or lack of experience has held you back from writing it?  When is the time?  What are you waiting for?  Writing a book does not have to mean it shows up on the local book shop shelf, it basically means, write the words that you hear and feel.  Can you start there?  What committment can you make and is this something you may just take to your grave since it is so overwhelming?

    Tom Bird, author of 27 books including #1Amazon Best Seller You Can Write Your Book in a Weekend is sharing his new book Write Right from God:  You, Words, Writing and Your Divine Purpose. Tom explains that if you are hearing the words to write a book, have been guided or reminded by others, then it is now to schedule a quiet time and allow the God message to come through you and be written.  You can write a book in a weekend, or a few days but the most important thing is to start writing, putting the word on paper or computer.  Books can heal, share a story or message and they can inspire other who may be at the same place you are in this moment.  If you reach one person, it is done, your message is heard and from there, others will find you as so guided.

    For more information and to download Tom's freebies visit:  www.TomBird.com

    For more information about Dr Jeanette Gallagher visit:  www.DrJeanetteGallagher.com or www.DrJeanetteWellness.com

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    Write a book they say but how do you get started?

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    So what is your book, they say.  Where are you published, some ask.  What is your story is the new mantra.  Have you been hearing all these words and just don't have an answer?  Or do you have tons of pieces of writings that sit in notebooks or on the computer with no power behind them?  Are you totally overwhelmed at the process of putting things together to have a 'book'?  What does having a book on the market mean these days?  Remember the 'old' days when you needed a publisher to 'like' you and give his personal opinion whether or not you would sell?  Gone are those days and none too soon.  Time to release your new story and share you with the world.  Are you ready?  Take a leap!!

    Shanda Trofe, author, publisher and writing coach will be sharing how to take your idea through to a print book with the greatest of ease.  She is the founder of Spiritual Writers Network and Transcendent Publishing and her books are Write from the Heart and Illuminations of the Soul which are great examples of her process in writing.  She also has an online class throughout the year with several other writing ventures you may join at any time.

    For more information visit:  www.ShandaTrofe.com

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    Part Two: How to write a For Dummies book with Gwen Hernandez

    in Writing

    Hey Behind the Prosers,

    I know you've been waiting for part two of the awesome interview with Gwen Hernandez, and here it is! In this episode we talk about crafting introductions, how the writing software Scrivener helps "plotters" and "pantsers" - (listen to find out which one you are), how Hernandez uses Scrivener to structure her books with four parts, and what about self-publishing appealed to her and how she's done so successfully with her romantic suspense novels.

    I've got many great authors cued up for you in the next several episodes including:

    Dinty W. Moore's Creative Nonfiction Writers' Conference Presentation (Dinty has a great new book out by the way! If you write, you should def add it to your library.)

    Scott Hess, author of the historical novel, The Butcher's Sons

    Sean Ennis, author of Chase Us, a collection of short stories

    Susan Shapiro, New York Times Bestselling author of What's Never Said, a novel 

    You know what to do next: Listen. Learn. Write.

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    Goodbye Erotica, Hello Jesus! -- Write Stuff -- 2-2-2016

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    Erotica sells. There's no doubt about it. The book can be good, okay, or terrible, but if an author simply puts the word 'erotica' on the cover, it garners sells. I know many of us have read erotica at some point or another. People like the spiciness, the gratuitousness, and the excitement it brings.

    Today's guest on the Write Stuff has written erotica for several years. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Shoshanna has captivated audiences with her sizzling stories that many say take your breath way. However, on November 11th of last year, Shoshanna sent a personal message to her fans...she was stepping away from writing erotica or erotic romance.

    Join me as Shoshanna shares her testimony about why she said "Goodbye Erotica, Hello Jesus!"  You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/8262909  Tune in!

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    How to write a For Dummies book with Gwen Hernandez, Scrivener For Dummies

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    Many writers might covet a byline on one of the most popular educational, instructional series ever, the For Dummies line published by Wiley. 

    But not many can snag that gig. For Gwen Hernandez, her story shows how a writer follows a passion that puts her in the “right place at the right time” to compete for a contract on Wiley. In other words, it’s the magic of the universe and Gwen’s quite familiar with the serendipity of things.

    In this candid interview, which will be released in two parts, we break down how Gwen matched the witty and quick voice that is trademark to the stories, how she organized a 400-page book (hint, hint), and whether landing a For Dummies book deal means she’s hit the big time.

    For show links – visit Behindtheprose.com

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    Adverse Possession -- Write Stuff -- 1/19/2015

    in Entertainment

    Whenever you go looking for a home, you try to find the perfect one. Does it have enough room, what style is it, can you see this place as a home? What about the neighborhood? Is it kid-friendly or do college student light it up at night? But when you find that perfect dream home, you see you and your family as part of it and it’s a part of you.

    Or is it?

    Join me and Jess Hanna as we discuss his book Adverse Possession and talk about the growing area of Christian spec fiction. Join me by calling in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or you can click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/8229551. Tune In!

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    How to Translate a book into english

    in Books

    Anne founded a translation publishing house called Le French Book. Our goal is to introduce readers to new voices from Europe by translating French mysteries and thrillers. The Collector is one of our titles. We bring out ten to twelve a year, many of them international bestsellers making their debuts in the US. January would work for me. Join me when we discuss French writing, thrillers, mysteries and much more. Fran Lewis: MJ Magazine/Just Reviews


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    Author Jill Hendrickson on Write Now! Radio

    in Writing

    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Jill Hendrickson! 

    Jill Hendrickson is an inspiring Renaissance woman — an award-winning writer, speaker, and the world’s No. 1 Writing Empowerment Mentor for women who have experienced trauma.

    She’s the author of Victim to Victory, which is her own Trauma to Triumph story involving her escape from a situation of domestic violence. From that, Jill has created a movement to help 1 million women worldwide turn their traumatic setback into their comeback and their “mess” into their ultimate success.

    Jill is the compiler and 1 of 14 co-authors in the new bestseller, Supercharge Your Success~14 Big Impact Thought Leaders Share Their Secrets to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Achieving Dreams. Fourteen emerging feminine influencers reveal how they rebounded from places of desperation and even failure to abounding success in their businesses and personal lives.


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    Guest Writer For The Anthology Book, Write On, Write On! Miss. Erica Mosley

    in Self Help

    Our guest for this evening will be discussing the Anthology Book for new writers. How can you become a writer? Do you have what it takes to become a good writer?  We will also be accepting all submissions of your poems for the Anthology book. We will also request that you read your poems, out loud or , if you would like for myself, or our guest to read your poems, that's fine!  However, you must first post your poems on the following website. Poet's Homepage at the following address: www.poetrypoem.com/omiyinka7  ( your site will look like this, www.poetrypoem.com/Your-Poetry-ID) : Rule number one you must be at least 13 thirteen years of age to even go on this site or, to be an active member to submit a poem on this site. However, I am only accepting 18 eighteen year olds on the Anthology project at this time.  To inter your poem you must create an Poetry ID.   for example; go to my following website page in order to create your personal website page.  www.poetry.com/omiyinka7 on the Poet's Homepage.  You must inter your first and last name, then your verification code example : "12469 ", also you will need to submit your password, email  and then confirm them both. Once you have submitted your personal data. Then you may upload your poem of no more than three pages on this site at this time.

    Please call into the station at  5:30 P.M. on Wednesday at the following number , 646-478-0270. Thanks!



    Please join my guest and I for the evening to discuss the Anthology project.

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    Somewhere I Belong -- Write Stuff -- 1/26/2016

    in Entertainment

    Years ago, there was a movie called D.A.R. Y. L. about a robot who resembled a ten year old boy built by the government. I watched the movie as a kid and I always loved the song that played at the end. It was called Somewhere I Belong by Teddy Pendergrass. The song depicts what the majority of the movie is about...where can an artificial boy can belong in the human world.

    Belonging. It's something we all long for. Loneliness is not usually a choice a person choose to be. Most often, a set of circumstances may happen to where loneliness becomes the only option for some individuals.  Loneliness isn't the same as having alone or 'me' time. That often gives us a chance to be communion with the Lord, bask in his presence, calm down life and recharge. But loneliness was never part of God's plan.

    Join me as I chat with Ruth ONeil, author of Belonging. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press to be live on air. Or, click on the link here:  http://tobtr.com/8247115. Tune in!

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    How to write a book - Thunderground Thursday

    in Spirituality

    How to write a book - Thunderground Thursday

    In this segment, H. Yuya Assaan-ANU shares some of the unorthodox techniques that he uses to craft his literary works.

    He shares with us some information about his latest manuscript "Shrine and Altar" and tells us some of the motivation behind his writings and workshop topics.

    Also, Chief Yuya shares with us some of the annoyances and pitfalls that come along with the title of "Awo" (priest) and Jegna. In this show you'll be introduced to the "Babalawo Stalker". 

    *Note: This individual has been discovered and all those who have had similar experiences should contact us.

    For classes with the Sadulu House please go to Saduluhouse.com

    To schedule a reading or consulataion click here.

    To find out where the ANU order will be presenting next go to : Enlightenmentandtransformation.com/events/