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    How to create presentations that sell.

    in Management

    Great presentations can attract new referral partners, new borrowers and new loan officers.  It doesn't matter if you're a rookie loan officer, a seasoned producer or a branch manager trying to grow her branch, you need to know how to present.  In today's episode, we discuss what it takes to create persuasive presentations.

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    How to Handle Rude Clients as a Psychic & FREE Psychic Readings!!

    in Spirituality

    I don't want you to stop reading as a Psychic and I don't want you to be discouraged from reading professionally as a Psychic.  I understand it's harder when you first start out and when you are literally cursed at and degraded by a client.  It's because they aren't happy with what you have to tell you. They are angry and actually sad within.  However, I was cursed and degraded by a client I never read for yesterday on live chat.  I told this client I do not sugarcoat my readings and when I get a vision of your career, your spiritual development, or even relationship I am going to tell you the truth.  Yes, they will call you fake and I can say did you read my reviews?  So, I am confident that I can read as a Psychic.  Otherwise, I wouldn't.  Why would you continue to stay on live chat for 18 minutes and pay $4.99/minute when you think someone is fake?  I wouldn't.  The first 3 minutes are free and if you can't telll within the first 3 minutes than there's somehting wrong. Psychics will be yelled at as we are the messenger. Clients will yell at Psychics sometimes just to vent.  Will you get a bad review? Yes of course. Don't let it bother you as others have given you a 5 star review and left very nice comments.

    So, I want you to continue reading as a Psychic and if you are thinking about starting please do so and don't be discouraged. We can talk about it on here.  You can always vent on my show.

    I will also give FREE readings today and for a private reading contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.

    Love and Light,


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    #1 How They Use And Sell The Paper They Attached To Us

    in Higher Education

    A discussion with special Guests boris and michelle who will discuss why  and how  the courts take custody and gain control. Why do they do this? Often it is to enter and create a  relationship (contract) through uninformed CONSENT. Some insight into the back office world of reportedly our courts.They are not our courts and they are a private for profit entitiy. The Truth is not what many have been led to believe.

    Any Documents will be available at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1493121810990169/

    Boris webpage link http://iamsomedude.com/

    Or you may contact Carol Keihn at 


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    Podcast Series #1: How to Sell YOU

    in Self Help

    PODCAST SERIES #1:  How To Sell YOU !

    This podcast is about giving all the Entertainers in the world a foundation of selling skills.

    In this episode we will discuss the fundamentals of selling yourself.  A misconception is that we're not a salesperson unless we're in a sales profession.  Not true...We've sold everyday of our life and started the day we were brought into this world.  You cried when you were hungry...So your family fed you.  You whined enough to get the item in the cashier line, and you continue to sell each day.  

    This is the first of many episodes where I begin teaching musicians and entertainers who've thought that all they have to do is present a good song, CD or promo pack to a client and they'll get a gig.  Not True.  

    You have to sell yourself and I'll show you how. 

    First three steps we'll cover today...

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    CloseUP - How to EARN the Right to Sell

    in Business

    Sales is not a dirty word. In fact you can't be in business without it. But learning the art of selling requires strategy, really knowing your prospective client and knowing how and when to ask for the sale. In this interview with Business Coach and High-Ticket Sales Training Expert, Stephanie Chung, you will learn how to earn the right to ask for the sale and what kind of questions you need to be asking your prospect to get them to sign on the dotted line.  Stephanie is a Business Coach who is an expert at selling high ticket items, such private jets.She draws from her knowledge and experience to help you feel comfortable not only with selling your product or service, but also with your relationship around money. So whether you're selling a jet plane or your coaching services, this is a MUST-LISTEN for you to get on the right track toward growing loyal clients and your bottom line.  


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    How to Read as a Psychic, Your Visions and Clients & Psychic Questions Answered

    in Spirituality

    How to read as a psychic I will explain.  I know there are so called psychics that use logic and that becomes an issue. Do not change what you see for someone you read for. They might totally disagree with you but what you see is right.

    They just don't understand but when you get a vision or a thought which is claircognizance it is accurate. Don't second guess yourself.  I don't care what the client has to say because they can't see what you are seeing and they might not like what they hear but it's the truth.

    I will tell you how to enhance your psychic abilities.  It's not evil and I will explain this.

    I will take your psychic questions as well. For a detailed reading contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.

    Love and Light,




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    Why your clients secretly crave a better experience and how to give it to them.

    in Management

    How do you “wow" a customer in today's market?  For a service as involved as mortgage lending, the idea of meeting and exceeding expectations is incomplete .  Clients don’t know what they don’t know and they are numb to automated emails and post cards.  In today’s episode, we talk about the strategies you need in today’s fast-paced, high compliance environment to create repeat clients, happily referring new clients (and referral partners).

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    Bobbie McGrath Managing Difficult Clients – Its Not What You Say Its How You Say

    in Real Estate

    Everybody has done it; said just the wrong thing at just the wrong time. The moment the words leave your mouth, you wish you could take them back. But what about those more subtle times, when upon later reflection, you realize might have been taken the wrong way? Have you ever considered how the words commonly used within the Staging industry might actually be holding you back? And timing…when and how do we approach sensitive subjects such as pets and odors? Words mean more than their definitions. Understanding the power of the choice of words to use AND the timing of these words could be well worth your time to explore. Join me as I share my techniques on when and how to bring up those delicate and difficult topics in a way that will make you heard, understood and sought after by Realtors and Homeowners alike!

    Words have power. Their power can be maximized if you understand the nuance of timing, as well. This class will teach you how to approach clients from a positive/empowering perspective that is appreciated by Realtors and Homeowners alike. If you find you are sometimes at a loss for words this is the class for you!




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    How to Use Book Contest & Giveaways to Sell More Books

    in Writing

    We're back, your favorite Urban Fiction News Radio Hosts K.C. Baylor and Santiago with another great topic. Today we are discussing how to use book contest and giveaways to increase book sells. Once you've written a book your next goal is to sell more copies. Find out a how to launch an effective contest. We are also interviewing K.C. Blaze Publishing's newest author Stellara on at 6:30pm EST 

    Don't forget to follow for more Urban Fiction News, Reviews and Resources. 

    If you're an author and you'd like to be featured on Urban Fiction News visit us @ www.urbanfictionnews.com


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    Sell Your Soul to Satan

    in Christianity

    On Halloween night Babette Bombshell is going to be using her close personal relationship with Lucifer to get you a good deal as she helps you sell your soul to Satan. Call in NOW!!!

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    Mildred Ehrenfeld Nightingale Management meeting clients where clients meet

    in Motivation

    Healthcare providers in the United States are faced with one of our nation’s greatest challenges. Despite spending twice as much as other industrialized countries, our outcomes remain average and our healthcare delivery system more often provides “ill care” as opposed to “health care”.

    Conceived and developed a healthcare model to provide primary care by nurse practitioners with a focus on prevention. This model will be replicated in retail settings throughout the state of New York. The purpose of these centers is to improve patient options while making health care affordable and easily accessible to all community members.

    Mildred Ehrenfeld
    CEO, Nightingale Management Services, LLC

    Strategies of Success
    Brian A Cohen Host