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    How To Get Over A Break Up

    in Relationships

    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

    I do not care who you are it is tough to end a relationship when it has been serious. 

    It is usually even harder if you are not the one that ends it. 

    We will talk about all that but even more important is what I have experienced that I want to share with you about it. 

    I suffered so bad after a surprise break up I thought I would never come out of it. 

    I do not believe I would have either and you may think that is crazy but if so you have never been in love and will not get this show anyway!

    If you know, you know.

    I hope to get to know some of you that know after a few shows. 

    This goes out live every night at 1am CST but you can always listen to the reruns too. 

    Just go to the website at www.breakingupnotstayingdown.com



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    How to Break Old Habits

    in Books

    Listen below to this short audio on How to Break Old Habits.  

    You may also want to listen to my recent audio on Achieving Your Goals. 

    Plus click here for more Black Success audios. 

    If you want to have more money, more success in your business, better relationships, better health - if you want to achieve your goals - you need to cultivate better, more positive habits.

    In order to break old habits and form new ones, one thing we need is to be congruent with the new behaviour and attitude.  I talk about this in Success Strategies for Black People.  We need to change the way we see ourselves. 

    Using affirmations is a very powerful way to bring about positive change, but sometimes we need more.  

    In my 3-Part Success Formula, which you can download in my free ebook Achieving Success, I talk about the need for healing.  The need to eliminate the negativity.  We need to dig it up, uproot it. 

    Click here to order Success Strategies for Black People.  

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    How To Survive As A Woman in a Break Up,Part 1

    in Women

    Breaking up with someone is hard to do; otherwise there wouldn’t be so many “love songs” about them. Just about everyone will experience a break-up at some point in their lives.
    Whether you’re a teenager who is trying to get over your first love or a woman in her 30s trying to cope with a recent divorce, everyone at some time or another needs help coping with the emotional turmoil breakups often cause.

    See you next week!

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    Race Issues: How Do We Break The Chain?

    in Self Help

    Now, more than ever, we need to break the cycle created by our forefathers. We are going to voice our opinions on current topics regarding this country's race issues, from white privelage to the recent protests against the murders of unarmed black youths by the police, as well as racism against other races.

    It is time we unite, be the change we want to see, and DEMAND that justice be served!

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    Post-Break Up Mutual Friends

    in Entertainment

    Who gets the friends after you break up?

  • Aggie Villanueva

    in Books

    Media specialist, photographer and author, Aggie Villanueva, will discuss her recent publication, "The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art no Matter the Genre”. She is also the founder of Promotions A La Carte.

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    MINDS UP Sessions- 6/10 Breaking UP with the EMOTIONS that BREAK up Your LIFE

    in Spirituality

    There are Many things that put us on the edge about life such as  unhealthy relationships with money, family, spouses, lovers, friends, bosses and just people, places and things in  general that you WISH would Change to make you FEEL Better, But the TRUTH is, none of these circumstances can Shift until YOU SHIFT the emotional garbage attached to it Is OUT first!   We all GROW though things in life that may take us for a ride. Daily we all face challenges that have a tendency to make us or break us but they all stem from how we handle what is brought our way. A PAST that is TORN somehow seems to not be mendable in our Normal thinking mind; but there is a Higher Mind that is rarely utilized because of the programs placed in the mind that block you from accessing that higher thinking. It has you in a state of sleep, however, my INTENT is to wake you up and help you see there is a level of consciousness that repairs old wounds by rewiring the brain.Tune in to Find out how to control these emotions that sabotage your life. Understand how to stop looking at things from a negative perspective  and see things from a righter Light to alter the perception of it in the NOW.  Learn how to use the Emotions you feel as a guidance system to know when your OFF Track and how to get  On TRACK by creating something Greater. Don't miss this #MINDSUP SESSION. It will Free you in a major way and assist you in living a life that serves you.

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    When To Call It Quits - How To Avoid A Needless Break Up!

    in Relationships

    Immediately change the quality of your life for the better!

    Women Are Initiating 70% to 80% of Divorces, Before It Happens To You Tune In Right Now...

    It’s not a coincidence you’re reading this. Does this feel way too familiar – “I've Had It, I'm Done”

    Listen right now and learn the secrets to

    How To Avoid A Needless Break Up!

    Have you had about all you can take?  Is a divorce, separation, or a break up imminent. Before you permanently throw in the towel, here are a few things you must know.

    You Can't Un-Strike a Match!

    “Heaven has no rage like love turned to hatred, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned” was penned by William Congreve in 17th century. Inasmuch, disrespect, jealousy, bitterness and rage devastate even the most committed of couples. The smallest of issues left unchecked wreck the best relationships. The issue is, when is it the right time to call it quits? Find out today – on this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young as Dr. Monica Watts - Baldwin joins Dr. D to discuss the signs of when it's time to stay in, or leave your relationship.

    Know When To Call It Quits!

    Because you’re sick and tired of settling for less than you deserve! Let go of the past and immediately start living in the NOW!

    By doing away with “Living In A Fantasy World” you can instantly start enjoying your life again!

    Everything is working for your good, so why don’t you.

    Today’s topic – When To Call It Quits - How To Avoid A Needless Break Up!

    If you miss the live broadcast, No Problem!

    All Of Our Episodes Are Archived For Your Listening Convenience…

  • Make up or Break up Relationship teas

    in Entertainment

    How to know when your being played. What are the signs of infidelity, how do you cope.

    Compatibility, and sexual readiness, lost of interest and how to simply move on from a break up.

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    Breaking up is hard to do...How to break up fair

    in Education

    How many of us can say, “One of the deepest hurts I have ever experienced is that of a break up?”  You know that time, when you think you are in love and believe everything is going great only to have that love of your life suddenly disappear, disengage emotionally, and leave you wondering, “What just happened?”  Through your tears, heartache and pain you say, “I never saw it coming!”  You are feeling confused, angry, revengeful, and torn.  You can barely function because you feel like your emotions have been ripped and stripped away like a hot Brazilian wax.  OUCH!!!!  Then, all of a sudden you begin to hear that great 80’s hit by Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald blaring in your mind, “On my own, why did it end this way, on my own, this wasn’t how it was supposed to end,” while your heart breaks into various little pieces.  If you have ever felt this, Check out my new book available in August 2014, "Living Single in a Married World.  How to Survive and Thrive. It's not easy, but it is Possibe!" and listen to this radio show and learn about breaking up fair!

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    How To Break The Barriers of Fear In A Business

    in Women

    Diane Winbush, radio show host will share with you tips on how to break down barriers of fear in order to acheive success in a business. Fear carries a tool to stifle women in business. 

    Fear destroys companies. More specifically, fear leads companies to destroy themselves.” While the specifics vary as widely as corporate cultures, the symptoms are depressingly common: “. . . bureaucracy, inefficiency, low morale and, ultimately, failure.” - See more at: http://www.nyjournalofbooks.com/book-review/breaking-fear-barrier-how-fear-destroys-companies-inside-out-and-what-do-about-it#sthash.GaNm4lUF.dpuf


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