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    How to Build Billionaire Habits

    in Business

    was every one acted the same: They gave their complete and undivided attention.

    It didn’t matter who was in the room. If someone was talking, they were listening. They weren’t distracted, checking email or text messages on their cell phones.

    Today, you’ll discover a simple four-step formula for overcoming a short attention span. It even works for teenagers.

    These findings should come as no surprise. According to a study by app maker Locket, the average person unlocks his or her phone 110 times each day. Another study found the average time spent using a smartphone per day nearly doubled between 2011 and 2013, from 98 minutes to 195 minutes.

    To put that into perspective, if you spend just 90 minutes per day using your cell phone that is equal to 23 days a year, which is 3.9 years of your life spent staring at a screen

    How Can We Fix This

    You can’t change the people around you, but you can change your behaviors. What follows is a four-step formula you can use time-and-time again to fix any bad habit in your life.

    The idea is not my own. New York Times bestselling author Charles Duhigg in his book The Power of Habit popularized it. Duhigg explains that all habits follow three steps: Cue, Routine, and Reward. These form a feedback loop that influence our daily behaviors.

    People whol should listen to this show are entrepreneurs, career coaches

  • How to Get a Gig (Goals)

    in Self Help


    Plan your work and work your plan.  I translate sales techniques to educate the musicians and entertainers on How to Get a Gig.  Most of us have been selling all of our lives and never realize it.  I'll show you how to build the skills needed to put you on top.  

    In this episode I talk about making goals.  Without a plan your wondering about.  With a plan will put you in the 1% group and you'll get the gig.

    Be sure you take advantage of our resources and create your free profile to promote yourself and your business at www.TheSingingFireman.com.  


    See you at the next gig!


  • Podcast Series #1: How to Sell YOU

    in Self Help

    PODCAST SERIES #1:  How To Sell YOU !

    This podcast is about giving all the Entertainers in the world a foundation of selling skills.

    In this episode we will discuss the fundamentals of selling yourself.  A misconception is that we're not a salesperson unless we're in a sales profession.  Not true...We've sold everyday of our life and started the day we were brought into this world.  You cried when you were hungry...So your family fed you.  You whined enough to get the item in the cashier line, and you continue to sell each day.  

    This is the first of many episodes where I begin teaching musicians and entertainers who've thought that all they have to do is present a good song, CD or promo pack to a client and they'll get a gig.  Not True.  

    You have to sell yourself and I'll show you how. 

    First three steps we'll cover today...

  • How to Get the Gig (Branding)

    in Self Help

    Branding.  It's important to your business and its important to your bottom line.  When you hear the words Jimmy Buffett what do you think of.  A free spirited person on a beach somewhere near the ocean.  His brand is taking me there because thats what his brand is supposed to do.  

    Learn a few tips and techniques in this podcast on how entertainers can brand themselves better to get the gig.  From business cards to flyers and even how to make others help you build your business. 

    Be sure to check out our other resources at www.TheSingingFireman.com where we help entertainers Get the Gig!

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    How? Stops Now! J&T SportsTalk

    in Dreams

    J&T SportsTalk is a radio show that covers all aspects of sports and features two college students who debate on various sports topics.

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    How to Host a Radio Show

    in Self Help

    How do I host a radio show??

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    How? Stops Now! J&T SportsTalk

    in Dreams

    J&T SportsTalk is an exciting sports talk show headlined by two passionate sports fanatics. On J&T SportsTalk we share our opinions on a variety of sports topics, while we encourage listeners to join the debate.

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    How? Stops Now! J&T Sports Talk

    in Dreams

    Two college students give their take on all sports topics as they invite the world to chime in and join them

  • How to Get the Gig (Work Smart, Not Hard)

    in Self Help

    How to Get the Gig, 

    In this podcast we'll show you how to to get the gig by planning ahead to get hired.  If you show up without a plan you're asking for a big fat NO.  We don't want that.  Although the word "no" really means..Not right now.  You have to maintain that thought to get your first gig and others down the road.  Getting referrals is a great way to build a business but you must first find out a way to get those first few to put you on top of the competition.  We'll show you how. 

    Visit www.TheSingingFireman.com for more resources or to be part of the Hub of Event Entertainment.  

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    How to Inspire What You Require

    in Relationships

    Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone to The ChickS.H.Y.T. & Real Talk Radio Show, where these chicks'll Surely Have You Talkin...

    What are some of the things that you REQUIRE in your relationship? Loyalty, chivalry, honesty, fidelity? 

    On this week's episode,we'll discuss one way that the women of today shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to receiving the treatment that they desire from one that they've decided is a potential mate.  In a world where we all have certain "requirements" in order for us to be happy, it occurs to me that if we spent more time "inspiring" things in others instead of simply requiring things from others...we'd be able to live a happier and healthier life. Our relationships will take on a more positive direction with the understanding that it is simply NOT ENOUGH to "require" this and that from your mate. Understand that there are a million little things that you can do to "inspire" the things you'd like to see in your relationship.

    Tune in and join the conversation as we explore how a great deal of what you require, yet AREN'T receiving in your relationships with others, may be simply because you haven't inspired it in anyone yet. 


    (347) 857-4326 press 1 to share your thoughts with The Divas...LIVE.

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