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    BATTLE Rap

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    Black Houston/Black Friday

    in Finance

    If you died today, "Would you leave bills, or benefits?" That is the question that started the making of the documentary film, "Black Friday!" Our guest tonight is Mr. Brad Lewis, he is the co-writer and co-producer of this very informative documentary film. Black Friday candidly looks into spending habits of the African-American community and reveals a deep seated problem in the management of the groups 1.2 trillion dollar purchasing power!

    Get the documentary!: www.thefilmblackfriday.com 

    During the first hour of the show, we will speak with Mr. Elevation Allah who is a marketing consultant here in the city of Houston who is working diligently to correct those problems in management of our 1.2 trillion dollar purchasing power! Visit his website: www.visitblackhouston.com 


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    DeAndre Houston-Carson NFL Draft Players Podcast

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    Woodford, Va.


    Go one-on-one with DeAndre Houston-Carson of William & Mary discusses football and his thoughts on a career playing professionally when his collegiate time ends.

    Houston-Carson will share his strengths and ability to our audience of listeners around the globe who crave the unique setting made available by College2Pro.com who strive to enhance the progress of any college athlete with hops of one day playing professional football. 

    College2Pro.com bringing the hardcore NFL enthusiasts the absolute most detailed interviewed and analysis of NFL Draft Prospects. 

    Join host Bo Marchionte and special guest DeAndre Houston-Carson on the C2P podcast powered by football lovers everywhere. 

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    HIT: The Errol Jones Show: National Black Business Report - Houston

    in Entrepreneur

    Young people are the key to Black Business Development. Llisten and find out how that helps or hurts your company.

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    battle rap

    in Hip Hop Music

    Battle rap talk

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    Real Rap Radio : The Return 1-30-16

    in Culture

    Real Rap Radio is back! Featuring the hottest independent talent from across the nation. Hosted and produced by Hood Howard Stern.


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    NFL Championship Games Set; NBA News; Final Four Houston Prep!

    in Sports

    We are 75 days away from the Final Four weekend in Houston. This week, some of the NCAA Basketball representatives were in Houston to tout the upcoming annual event and what it means for Houston and Houstonians beyond the court. Doug Hall is the President and CEO of the local committee and joins us live to talk about all things Final Four Houston. You'll also hear from the NCAA's VP of Championships Dan Gavitt. March Madness is right around the corner and we want to make sure you're "Chalk Talk" ready!

    The Houston teams have a lot of decisons to make. The Texans need some offensive help. The  Rockets need help in general... and the Astros are looking to take the step toward a World Series season as spring training nears. 

    The AFC & NFC Championship games are set. We'll have a preview and live interview with one of our NFL experts! It's the time of year where there is a lot of movement around the NFL. Who's going where and what's next on the schedule? Check in for an update on this week's show. 

    And the Houston Rockets are still playing their Dr. Jekyl - Mr. Hyde role. Tune in to hear from head coach J. B. Bickerstaff after their most recent game with the Pistons. How 'bout that game Dwight Howard put together in the team's overtime loss to the Clippers? 36 points, 26 rebounds.... throw in four assists a steal and one block and you've got one heck of a game. The last time a Rocket put up those kind of numbers was 1990 when Hakeem Olajuwon had 35 and 27 vs Detroit.  And only five other NBA players have put up those kind of numbers since 1990. Wow... now that's big. 

    It's a fun hour of sports you don't want to miss! 


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    Personal Interview with "RIFICA" Gospel Rap Artist

    in Music

    Hello everyone welcome to Reaching Out Radio where we are reaching out to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

    On the show tonight we have an amazing artist joining us!

    When the Holy Spirit teams up with hip hop, it makes for a dynamic collaboration of Gospel Rap; a process RIFICA refers to as “the Holy Spirit downloading the lyrics to his brain.” This partnership in music attracts all ages of believers and non-believers the same. RIFICA showcases this spiritual encounter in each of his albums: Motivation, The Standard, and The Death of Me mix tapes. His unique style of artistry is both versatile and nonconforming. Known for his interactive “line dance” tracks, RIFICA creates a high energy atmosphere that would make anyone get up and join. Gospel Step, Gospel Wobble, and The Righteous Shuffle, are major hits in the Christian community and embrace the concept that you can have fun in the Lord, a great time in church, and that it’s exciting to be in Christ. These words RIFICA tells his supporters as he travels throughout Texas and other shows spanning across Denver , CO, Baton Rouge , LA and Myrtle Beach, SC.

    Prior to recording his first album, RIFICA would feature on various artist songs, with his first being with Mic D and Disciples of Prophecy on the DOP 2k3 album. Later, the successful relationship would serve as a positive force of change. After hearing from Mic D, and the industry response to his original name, MastaBalla, it was suggested he choose a different alias. In that moment God brought the name to remembrance and it’s meaning to the acronym RIFICA (Righteous In Faith InCrease Abundantly). This modification would eventually develop RIFICA’s brand and shape him into the artist he is today. Since then Rif , is proud to have worked with artists such as Educator, Immortal, Poetic Prophet, BSloan and Mike Dixon.

    When you hear the sounds in his albums, everything from the beat to the lyrics, expect to hear real life applications.

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    Hot16RealTalk Rap and R&B

    in Entertainment

    Hot16RealTalk is back with the best unsigned rap,and r&b artist around the world.I also deliver to you the best live interviews.If hip-hop is want you crave,then Hot16RealTalk is what the doctor ordered.With new songs daily,and new interviews weekly internet radio will never be the same.Tune in and rock out with your boy Rapbrownn as I bring hiphop back.It's not just radio,it's radio revolution. 

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    Rap artist BooneBixby live interview 1/29/16 at 6:30pm

    in Entertainment

    Hot16RealTalk is proud to have rap artist and Brooklyn's own BooneBixby exclusive live interview.This Brooklyn Mc is bringing hiphop back the way it should be.With intoxicatimg beats,and hardcore lyrics BooneBixby has the streets are on fire.We go on a journey with BooneBixby,and find out what this Mc has in store for the game.The rap game is at a stand still and BooneBixby is ready to take it over and bring it back to where it belongs.Join me your boy Rapbrownn and BooneBixby as we bring hiphop back.It's radio revolution!!!!

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