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    Hell Hounds the Who what and why

    in Film

    What is Hell Hounds who is behind this and why are we doing it?

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    Hounds Live

    in Sports

    Kyle Fletcher and Randy Maykrantz from InLax Charlotte host this show, Hounds Live, covering the Charlotte Hounds of Major League Lacrosse.

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    Bonnie-Jill Laflin - Hounds and Heroes

    in Military

    Bonnie-Jill Laflin on The New American Veteran!  Listen as she talks about her work with veterans and her support of the military.  Here's her bio summary:

    Bonnie-Jill Laflin is the first and only female NBA scout for the Los Angeles Lakers, and has been awarded a Super Bowl ring with the 49ers and five NBA championship rings, including her time as a cheerleader for the world famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Laflin has traveled to Afghanistan and Iraq for Goodwill and USO tours—with 18 tours under her belt. Her accolades in the sports industry include broadcasting jobs for: ESPN, CBS, FOX and NFL Network. Most recently her talents have gone global as she is the creator/host of the first sports show in China, Muho TV. Additionally, Laflin hosts a Fantasy Football and Basketball show on Sirius/XM Satellite, ESPN Austin hosting pre and post game shows for the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns. She is a current contributor to ESPN.com. Her philanthropy work for both the military and animal welfare is a passion for Bonnie-Jill which caused her to form her charity "Hounds and Heroes". She is also a experienced business woman with a signature sports inspired line "DoublePlay Sportswear "

    Twitter: @BJLaflin
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/BonnieJillFanPage
    Instagram: @BonnieJill

    Twitter: @HoundsandHeroes
    Instagram: @HoundsandHeroes
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/HoundsandHeroes

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    in Politics Progressive

    Ted Cruz Is The Champ When It Comes To "Whining"


    Ditto --- For Being A Champion Sniveling Snot


    Apparently, Megyn Kelly Ain't Buying Any Of it!


    So, Cruz Got Shut Down Thursday Nite - By BOTH Rubio & Kelly


    So, When Cruz Gets Called On His Own Flip-Flops - (Like, By, Rubio) ---> He Whines That Rubio Didn't Show Up For Certain Votes In The U.S. Senate!


    Trump Has Hammered Away @ Ted Cruz - Calling Into Question Ted Cruz's Credentials As A U.S. Citizen (Cruz born in Calgary, CA to A Cuban Father & American mother) ---  AND All Cruz Could Do @ Thursday Nite's GOP Debate Was To Say Trump Has Infused Great Enthusiasm Into The GOP's 2016 White House Race --- He doesn't even have the BALLS to refute Trump --- in no uncertain terms --- for his allegations that Cruz's U.S. citizenship is SUSPECT!


    Never Mind That Trump Has Called Into Question Everything About Cruz --- Including His Manhood!


    Cruz, Is The ULTIMATE Sniveler ---- He's A High Class Toady --- He's NOT Fit To Give Any Orders --- Outside Those Within A Drive-Through Hamburger Pit-Stop


    Rubio, To His Credit, Does NOT Whine Or Snivel --- He Stands On His Own 2 Feet & Trades Punches With His Fellow-Rivals!  If He's Got Something To "Dish" Out, It Can Be Traced To An Official Record, i.e., Cruz's Actual Voting Pattern In The U.S. Senate!


    The Sniveler, Will Soon, Turn Into The Shriveler ----- This Is Marco Rubios Time To OVERTAKE CRUZ & Pursue The TRUMP! vMarco Rubio Can "Dog" Trump Through The 1st 2-Months Of The Primaries & Wear Him Down ---- TRUMP, BEWARE, Youth Will Be Served, This Time Around!


    Cruz, Your Act Wears Thin & The Hounds (i.e., RUBIO) Are Nipping At Your Heels!

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    Court Yard Hounds and McBroom Sisters

    in Current Events

    Emily Robison and Martie Maguire of the Court Yard Hounds (formerly Dixie Chicks) joins SNR to discuss their second album, "Amelita."
    Lorelei  Mcbroom  grew up on folk, rock 'n roll, pop, jazz, and good soul music. Her family was progressive in their approach to her upbringing, says the Los Angeles born singer who has worked with acts like BILLY IDOL, CHRIS ISSAK, MIKI HOWARD and most recently ROD STEWART. 
    Durga McBroom  is an American singer and actress, she has performed backing vocals for Pink Floyd and is a member of Blue Pearl. 

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    Jan. 20, 2015 - Hellhounds with Crytpo Guru Ron Murphy

    in Paranormal

    One of Spaced Out Radio's more popular guests is the man we call "The Crypto Guru". Ronald Murphy returns for his first appearance of 2016 on #SOR Wednesday night, as he brings his knowledge and insights from his research into cryptozoology to you, the valued listener.

    Ronald Murphy is a writer and a researcher. His books on faeries and hauntings are best sellers on Amazon. For this live show, we are taking a turn into a field of study where we've never gone before. We're talking Hell Hounds.

    A hellhound is a supernatural dog in folklore. A wide variety of ominous or hellish supernatural dogs occur in mythologies around the world, similar to the often seen dragon. And for some, this creature is all too real. Sightings in the 2000's range all around Eastern United States, as well as England and Scotland. The creature is said to be on average seven feet in length, and usually dark in colour.

    Hellhound legends date back to ancient times and sightings and attacks have been reported throughout history.

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    Mama Cruz talks to Annie Hammond from GLSDA about being raised mushing & more!

    in Entertainment

    For those outside of the Great Lakes Sled Dog Association (GLSDA) area of membership, I want to take a few mintues to talk about an extraordinary young lady by the name of Annie Hammond. Annie, age 25 and a Michigan native, has been on a dog sled since 1998, and credits her Gradfather for getting her started in the sport. As many are figuring out, I love mushing FAMILIES, and their philosophies in raising their children. From learing compassion and responsibility from an early age on, the foundation to be a great human being is then set. And Annie is a fine example of just that. 

    She began in 1998 with a small team of Siberians, and began racing the following year, but recreational mushing was still the highlight. By 2008, Annie joined GLSDA to try some larger races, and as she said to me "I got my butt kicked and loved it!" She decided to try the open classes with her first small team of hound crosses and her grandfather kept on with the purebreds, and after three years as a memeber of GLSDA she joined the Board in 2011. 

    During that time, Annie managed to fit in a Bachelor's from Western MI University with a major in communications and a minor in sports history. So when the opportunity came to her to be Assistant Editor at the United Kennel Club, and more recently Co-Editor at ISDRA's Dog and Driver magaize, it was a perfect fit.  

    Annie tells me that although she loves to race, one of her biggest sources of joy next to that is making sure others have race weekends that are fun, safe and enjoyable all the way around. I took note of her sacrifices a few years ago at a GLSDA race in Michigan, as she busied herself with everyone else's needs but her own. From filling in as a timer, to trail grooming, managing the entries, she is hands on getting teams to where they need to be, as safely as possible. Exceptional musher, exceptional human being. 

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    Hokie's Hounds Beagle Rescue

    in Pets

    Hokie's Hounds Beagle Rescue Prairieville, LA is a 501(c)3 IRS nonprofit organization founded in November 2002. Hokie's Hounds is dedicated to the rescue, care and rehoming of homeless beagles.  Our beagles love to meet new friends. If you're interested in adoption, we'll arrange a "sleepover" trial. SEE OUR BEAGLES ON FACEBOOK, TOO!! ASK ABOUT MEETING OUR ADOPTABLE DOGS!! VOLUNTEER! ADOPT! DONATE! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK. WE ARE ACTIVELY SEEKING FOSTER AND ADOPTIVE HOMES FOR OUR BEAGLES. CONTACT US TO MEET THE BEAGLES!! ADOPT A PET - SAVE A LIFE! If you are interested in meeting our dogs, please contact us hokieshounds@yahoo.com....scroll down for more info about our ALL VOLUNTEER group, For more information on beagles, go to www.beagles-on-the-web.com

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    The Author's Talk Show with Frank Monahan (kid's book author and publisher)

    in Books

    Author Frank Monahan is not only an acclaimed children's book author of The Stanley and Norman Series, but he is also the President and CEO of the independent publishing company Rocket Science Productions.

    The Stanley and Norman Series is currently a series of four books, with more on the way.  They are about Frank's two real-life basset hounds, Stanley and Norman the "bad boy basset brothers"!  

    Each story has a leason for children, from how to listen to your parents, to how to make friends, and all about diet and excercise.  Lovingly illustrated by high school art teacher, Deb Fitzgerald, she is also the next door neighbor of the "bad boy basset brothers" and knows them well :)

    Frank also takes his books, and his bassets, to schools around the country to read to the children and teach/inspire them about writing and publishing.  He has been well received and adored by the students and teachers a like for the 7 years he has been touring schools.  If you would like him to visit your elementary school, see our contact information at www.stanleyandnorman.com.

    Frank is also a business owner and independent publisher.  Rocket Science Productions was founded in 2006 and has over 100 titles published.  They are always looking for new authors.

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    Hounds Making Late Playoff Push

    in Soccer

    I'm back from a Summer hiatus to discuss the good form the Hounds are on and talk about their chances of making the USL PRO Playoff