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    PTRN~All Acts of Love and Pleasure(Sexism in Paganism)/PVS (Arthur Hinds)

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    Wednesdays are Great Rite Radio Night on PTRN as Jason Makney shares alternating Wednesdays 7pm slot with Dr Susan and Michael.  It's Horns and Humpday here on Wednesday. Dr Susan and Michael Greywolf discuss sex and relationships in the Pagan World on "All Acts of Love and Pleasure" at 7pm Central on Wednesdays

    Followed each week at 8pm Central by Pop Culture Pagan Trends, Music, Books, etc.   "The Pagan Variety Show" with Pamela Kelly.Join Pamela and guests as we talk about music, books, festivals, conventions, tattoos, mead... 

    7:00 PM Tonight ~All Acts of Love And Pleasure ~Pleasure, a show focusing on Pagan Sexuality. Join Dr Susan And Michael Greywolf tonight:"Sexism in Paganism" -Alex Mar's book, "Witches of America," has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, but does it also bring the discussion of Sexism in Paganism to the table?  Join the discussion tonight!

    Followed by  The Pagan Variety Show tonight:Arthur Hinds

    Join us live or catch the archived episodes at your leisure. Join us live or catch the archived episodes at your leisure. 

    Humpday just got more interesting on Pagans Tonight!

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    Finding Your Voice Through The Silent Scream w/ Guest- Roland Hinds

    in Self Help

    #TNT036: American Author, Speaker, Relationship Educator & Host of TruVue Radio, ROLAND HINDS is once of those true believers in self help and empowering others. His popular relationship podcast, which has interviewed hundreds of industry professionals and guests, focused on building healthy relatonships while bringing awareness to pertinent topics like, Cancer, HIV/AIDS plus various forms of physical and EMOTIONAL abuse has influenced many lives along with his self help book - “Are You The Right One For Me?  Whose Choice Is It Anyway?” .  He has made presentations focused on fatherless children, sexual immoralities and other dysfunctional relationships and produced a documentary targeting people who are in the church and kept secrets, called Silent SCREAM which has now become a support group for those who are embattled with self esteem, self mutilation, rape and other challenges to openly express themselves in a safe place while breaking their silence, shame and guilt. Join the Expressionist- ALEX OKOROJI this Talk Wednesday, 18 November 2015 LIVE @ 9pm GMT |  10pm WAT | 11pm CAT | 1pm PST | 4pm EST in an uncensored conversation about the Silent Scream and How those struggling with immense personal challenges can still FLOAT their way to the top.

    It's Interactive, so feel free to Join the Conversation, ask questions or contribute. Call In +1 (215) 383-3766, or via Skype for FREE, tweet @AlexOkoroji or use the Live Chat Room.


    I Love You For Listening. Xx 

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    Marathon Pre show Series for SteelPulse Show April 16th 2016

    in Music

    Marathon Pre show Series for SteelPulse  Show April 16th  2016

    KP Fulleroots (757) 354-9443 Music ,Promotions, Sponsorships...Crystal Brown 757-746-5542 Vending & Sponsorships

    May 14 and 15th 2016 at Mill Point Park in Hampton, Virginia the 5th Annual Chesapeake Bay Reggae Fest kicks off at 11am -9pm . The east coast Number 1 Reggae Festival located right on the historic Chesapeake Bay

    To bring Roots Reggae, Community Unity, Cultural Awareness and just a Good old Irie Time to our wonderful area called Hampton

    Awards..City of Hampton Unity Award 2012,2013 Virginia Reggae Nominees Promoter of The Year

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    PMP: Caldera Fest 2016; Pagan Woodstock

    in Spirituality

    Caldera Fest, billed by some as the Pagan Woodstock, is coming up at the end of May. David Banach is the mastermind behind this one of a kind Pagan music festival. 29 acts will be on the stage over the course of four music filled days. David is going to talk about some of the work that goes into organizing such an event as well as all 29 musical acts. Tickets are still available.

    David Banach (Pronounced ban-ah-sh like ganache) is a husband, father and has been an active part of the Pagan community for many years. He began the Magick Jukebox Podcast in 2010 and has been actively promoting Pagan music ever since. He took over the Proud Pagan Podcasters a few years ago after the passing of the late Dave Grega.

    Musicians at Caldera Fest

    SJ Tucker

    Damh the Bard

    Tuatha Dea

    Wendy Rule

    Bekah Kelso

    Spiral Rhythm

    Witch's Mark

    Celia Farran

    Didges Christ Superdrum

    Dragon Ritual Drummers

    Elaine Silver

    Mama Gina

    Murphey's Midnight Rounders

    Robin Renee

    Sharon Knight and Winter

    Beltana Spellsinger


    Burning Sage

    Brian Henke

    Ginger Ackley

    Dragons Head

    Blacksun Prophets

    Hecate's Wheel

    Lori Llyn

    Ginger Doss and Linda Millard

    Rowena of the Glen

    Arthur Hinds

    Cepheus and Senam Palmer

    Caldera Fest is also where Tuatha Dea and their 13 co-conspirators will official release and reveal The Green Album.

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    In The Gap 'Into God's REDzone' Part 3 February 3, 2016

    in Lifestyle

    General Description:

    'In the GAP', is a weekly hour of powerful global prayer aimed at immersing ourselves in the Spirit and letting God direct our attention to current areas of practical need. Together, we can bridge 'gaps' and build 'hedges' here on earth from the heavenly dimension. Join us in an effort to do more than talk about problems or pretend they don't exist! Jesus is still the answer to the pressing conditions and critical world affairs we all face - so lets 'BE' His Body!  

    Specific Episode:  Into God's REDzone Part 3  

    This is the third installment in a series of programs focused on presenting the words of Jesus.  Listening to the words often found written with red ink in the four Gospels will change your life by going directly to work on not only your conscious but also subconscious mind.  Jesus' words consist of His sayings, commands, parables and often miraculous actions.  Immersing yourself in them is a sure way to let the Holy Spirit transform your entire thought process in ways no psychology seminar or leadership conference can ever do.  Get your game on by attacking the REDzone with Rocky...or should we say letting it prepare you! "The Complete Sayings of Jesus" by Arthur Hinds, are originally presented by Hogarth Blake.


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    Don R. Hinds on the Impact of Slavery on the Minds of Barbadians

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    Don R Hinds:  Mr. Hinds is an afrocentric youth activist.  Topics such as slavery and its impact on the minds of black Barbadians in 2015, solutions to combat this neo-colonial environment, etc., will be the subject of this discussion.

    Barbadians are the most ignorant people in the world!  Gladstone Holder and George Bell

    FIRE all of the child care board staff!  No to political parties.  Why is the University of the West Indies going to China?  What about argriculture and Codrington College (who should run Codrington)?  Positive reinforcement and 'good' people to put in place to run the country?   Angela Cole.  Alex Mitchell.  Sheriveronica.  Rawle Maycock.



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    35-Year Journey of Rape and Sodomy at Ellerslie School by Irvin Harris

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    35-year journey of rape and sodomy at Ellerslie Secondary School.

    The system of rape and abuse of power has been out of control for years in Barbados.  Ellerslie Secondary School had one of the biggest serial pedophiles in the History of Barbados on that school's teaching rolls. That man raped and sexually abused people's boy children for about thirty plus years, and everyone knew about this fucking monster. The Ministry of Education in Barbados is the breeding ground for child rape and pedophiles.  Victor Callender


    Panel:  Sheri Veronica  Rawle Maycock  Patricia Hinds  Victor R. Callender  Alex Mitchell

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    Terrorist Threats and Water Woes

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    TERRORIST THREATS:  Barbadian terrorists on the loose!  

    WATER WOES:  The debate continues about water woes of the people of various parishes around Barbados. These water mains (photo attached) were exposed to the media as proof that the government of the day had neglected the health of the people of the country when they halted the relaying of millions of dollars in water mains as they now turn from the black color to a rusty color in bushes.  It adds to the woes of the only hospital on the island which is experiencing a shortage of supplies.  Not to mention, students who are pursuing a tertiary education, both home and abroad in Jamaica, are yet to receive their bursaries.

    As the three most important aspects of health, education and water are being compromised by the bad management of your government's sloppy approach to you as a people, a healthy population cannot flourish! An educated people can be viable as they can be resourceful and last but not least the most important item; water, which is life as our people do need water for their health assurance.  Any good and thoughtful government would explore these three important aspects of these matters of great concern.  Copied from Rawle Maycock

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    In The Gap 'Into God's REDzone!' January 20, 2016

    in Lifestyle

    General Description:

    'In the GAP', is a weekly hour of powerful global prayer aimed at immersing ourselves in the Spirit and letting God direct our attention to current areas of practical need. Together, we can bridge 'gaps' and build 'hedges' here on earth from the heavenly dimension. Join us in an effort to do more than talk about problems or pretend they don't exist! Jesus is still the answer to the pressing conditions and critical world affairs we all face - so lets 'BE' His Body!  

    Specific  Episode: Into God's REDzone!  

    This episode focuses on laying a specific foundation for prayer by centering around the reading of the most important words in the Bible.  Nothing in scripture is more directly THE Word of God than the words found in what Rocky calls the spiritual "REDzone" or the sayings of Jesus Christ.  Interestingly, it is difficult to find a good chronological collection of His words, separate from the rest of the inspired revelation and information in the Bible.  We did find one book which fits this description.  "The Complete Sayings of Jesus" by Arthur Hinds, as presented by Hogarth Blake, will provide you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the presence of God in a profound way, especially when listened to in its entirety.  This first program covers the first twelve of the compilation's 103 short chapters.

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    Celebrating 50 Years of Dependence and a look at the white people in Barbados

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    So we’ve launched a year-long celebration of our golden independence anniversary – fireworks, floatillas and partying.  But there’s one nagging question that won't go away for me: WHAT ARE WE CELEBRATING?  We simply can’t be celebrating the fact that we’ve reached 50 years; that of itself is not worthy of celebration since we can’t stop time from passing.  So are we celebrating the fact that we have severed all colonial ties with our erstwhile imperial masters? No: we are stilll bowing down to Her Majesty, her heirs and successors and our leaders still pledge allegiance to Her (as we did for the past 300+ years); our Police Force is “The Royal…” and our citizens are still being called Knights, Dames and Commanders of the BRITISH EMPIRE.  [HER MAJESTY PRISON – DODDS, QUEEN’S COUNSELS, QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL, CROWN LAND….it all belongs to the QUEEN.]  http://nakeddeparture.com/2016/01/08/barbadians-the-lying-liars-and-50-years-of-dependence-celebration/

    Open letter to the white people living in Barbados.  http://nakeddeparture.com/2016/01/08/to-the-white-people-in-barbados/

    Other mentions:  Maurice Sandiford (a hero sent to Hotel Dodds), Asokore Beckles (Political aspirations) and St. Vincent burning election fraud evidence.

    Panel:  Sheri Veronica; Rawle Maycock and Patricia Hinds




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    ARE BLACKS created to be Slaves & Miscreants? What's it like playing the Nigger?

    in Radio

    IS IT A WASTE OF TIME fighting for black awareness?  Or, is it natural for blacks to like being slaves, targets and miscreants?  Why is it that in a predominantly black community like Barbados that white people rule?  Why is it that even in black communities many blacks are defining themselves as “white” as a ‘status’ and stating that black is a ‘color’ and not a race?  Meaning, don’t let the dark skin fool you, I AM WHITE!  Why is it that in black America police kill black people like you kill the unwelcomed roach crawling around in your kitchen?  Why is it that black people rather frequent white establishments — and some say for good reason — service and goods in the all-black stores are piss poor?!  Was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s activism and resulting assassination a waste of time?  Why have blacks regressed?  What have black (dark-skinned) people learned?  Why are the jails filled with black people.  Why do black people cheat, rob and destroy other black people?  Naked Departure http://nakeddeparture.com/2016/01/13/do-black-people-like-being-niggers/