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    True Hope in Hopeless Times (Part 5)

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    TEXT: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6

    Today, we come to the final message in our series, True Hope in Hopeless Times. Recapping what we have learned in this series, we know that the true hope of believers is Jesus Christ Himself and the event called the Rapture when He will call His church out of this world to be with Him forever. We look forward to the Rapture because it means being like Jesus, because it means being with Jesus, and because of the certainty of the coming of Jesus.
    In our last message, we looked at how Christians should handle death from First Thessalonians chapter 4. By using three key words in that passage -- Sorrow, Sleep, and Spirit -- we saw that: (1) Christians do not have to be sorrowful about death because Christ conquered death and the grave; (2) For the Christian, death is really a sleep in which our bodies are laid to rest in the ground as they await the Rapture when they will be resurrected and transformed into glorious bodies; (3) When a Christian dies, his spirit immediately leaves his body and goes to be with the Lord. 
    Today, as we close out this series, we are going to look at the issue of the delay in Christ's coming. As we noted, the believers in Thessalonica were eager for Christ's return. In fact, scholars state that the disciples and the apostles expected Christ to return within their lifetime. So, understandably, they began to worry as they grew older and as their friends began to die, and Christ had not come back. Unlike many people today, they were not trying to cling to this world; they were eager to get out of this world. 
    Paul writes to the Thessalonian believers and helps them to understand some things regarding the delay in Christ's return. 

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    Raised In The "HOOD": Hope For The Hopeless African American Son

    in Relationships

    Today on HELP! Relationships 102, we talk about the effect that the hopeless community of the "HOOD" has on an already hopeless and searching African American young man! Wounded by his relationship with his wounded parents, he search for in the street life that which he could not find at home, to his own statistical destruction! 

    Is there any hope for our lost African American sons?

    Join us as we address the unaddressed issue of hope for the hopeless African American son!

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    True Hope in Hopeless Times (Part 4)

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    Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #161 

    TEXT: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 

    Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at the topic of true hope in hopeless times. Last week, we looked specifically at Jesus’ command to “let not your hearts be troubled.” We can do this by choosing not to let our hearts be troubled, by choosing to believe in God, and by choosing to believe in Jesus Christ. 

    Today, as we continue with this theme, we are going to look at how the Christian deals with death. Death is all around us. People who were here yesterday are not here today. People who got up this morning will not be here tonight. You might have plans for this day that you will never get to fulfill because death will come knocking. 

    President William McKinley was the third American president to be assassinated. He clung to life for several days after he was shot. Towards the end, as his life slipped away, his wife started crying and screaming, "I want to go too! I want to go too!" With his last measure of strength, McKinley turned to her and spoke his final words: "We are all going.” 

    Yes, we are all going. And it is likely that you will see and hear about a lot of people who go before it is your turn to go. Let’s look at how we, as followers of Jesus Christ, are to handle death. We are going to do this by focusing on three key words in our passage -- Sorrow, Sleep, and Spirit. 

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    True Hope in Hopeless Times (Part 3)

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    Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #159

    TEXT: John 14:1-4

    We have been looking at the topic of true hope in hopeless times over the past few weeks. And, ladies and gentlemen, our true hope is the same as Vance Havner's true hope -- and it is found in the same place -- in the back of the Bible. So far, we have learned that the true hope of Christians is a person -- Jesus Christ, and an event -- the Rapture, when Jesus Christ will come to earth to gather all those who believe in Him for salvation. In part 2 of this series, we also saw three reasons why we look forward to the Rapture: 
    1. We look forward to the Rapture because it means being like Jesus
    2. We look forward to the Rapture because it means being with Jesus
    3. We look forward to the Rapture because of the certainty of the promise of Christ's coming. 
    Today, I want us to look at how our hearts can be at peace during perilous times. 
    1. Choose not to have troubled hearts. In John 14:1-4, Jesus Christ tells His disciples and us to "let not your heart be troubled." The word troubled means "to cause inward commotion or to take away calmness of mind." Many of us skip over this little phrase and hurry on to Jesus' promises about going to Heaven and preparing a place for us there. 

    2. Choose to believe in God. The key to overcoming our troubled hearts is found immediately after Jesus' first statement. He says, "believe in God." This phrase is also a command. 

    3. Choose to believe in Jesus Christ. After telling His disciples to “believe in God,” Jesus Christ goes on to say, “believe also in Me.” This is the third command in this single verse. 

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    Shekinah Glory Prayer Line - Where God's Inspiration, Power and Prayer all Come Together

    Come Join Bro. Min Semay Rashad for an unforgetable Transformational Inspirational Nite of Power, Praise, Prayer.  Its Time to Heal and Take A Stand - Don't Lose Focus.

    Friday Nite Aug. 22 8:

    8:00 PM EST, 7:00 CST, 5:00PM PST 

    Free call in for Prayer 858-357-8515 Then hit 1 or Call 712-432-0850 then dial Access Code 619858# and join the Prayerline. You can also join in on line at: Blogtalkradio.com/deliverancenowministries

    Please join us spread the word and bring a Friend, God Loves a Cheerful Giver.

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    True Hope in Hopeless Times (Part 2)

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    Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #155 

    TEXT: Philippians 3:20-21 

    On last week, we began talking about hope -- particularly the hope that believers have in these hopeless times. First, we looked at some misnomers about hope. Some Christians would tell you that their hope is in salvation, in death, or in Heaven itself. However, we saw from Scripture that none of those, though they may sound good, are the true hope of the church. Second, we saw from Scripture that our hope is a Person -- Jesus Christ. And, third, we saw that our hope also involves an event surrounding that Person. That event is the Rapture when Jesus Christ snatches Christians out of this earth and takes them to be with Himself. That is a wonderful thing to look forward to. 

    Certainly you have watched a well-made action movie or read a well-written thriller. One of the things the movie director or writer tried to accomplish was to keep you in suspense at all times -- to keep you on the edge of your seat or with your finger on the corner of the page ready to find out what happens next. Well, that is what the true hope of the church ought to do for us. We ought to be on our toes, eager with anticipation about what happens next. John Calvin said, 'Be prepared to expect Him every day, or rather every moment. In his writings about the Rapture, Paul means to hold all believers in suspense.' 

    Today, I want us to look at three more aspects of the hope that we have -- three things that we have to look forward to in the Rapture. 

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    True Hope in Hopeless Times (Part 1)

    in Christianity

    Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #154

    TEXT: Titus 2:11-14

    There is a lot of talk about hope in our world -- and based on the terrible events that frequently occur, it seems impossible to continue living without that essential ingredient -- hope. Six years ago, one of the catchwords of a certain presidential candidate's campaign was "hope." Last year, when Francis was selected to lead the Catholic Church, someone called him the "pope of hope." People of diverse backgrounds and upbringings from all around the world are looking for hope -- something to cling to when they reach the end of their rope in life and suddenly find themselves in freefall. 
    The Church of Jesus Christ has been identified as a bearer of hope to the world. Today, I want us to look at the subject of hope in the Bible so that we, as followers of Christ, will know what it is we are hoping for and how that hope ought to inform our everyday lives. (We certainly don't want to be like that presidential candidate and be bearers of false hope, and we all know that there is no hope in the pope.)
    1. First, today, I want us to look at some misnomers about hope. Believe it or not, many in the church who say they have hope do not have a biblical hope. They are confused or ignorant about what the Bible says they should place their hope in. Let's look at some of these misconceptions. 

    2. Our hope is a Person. Listen to what Paul writes to Titus, "...Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ." 

    3. We are also hoping for an event. Look once more at verse 13. It says, "Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing..." That is an event that will take place involving Jesus Christ. The church is hoping for Jesus Christ and what He will accomplish at the glorious appearing. 

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    Hope despite a hopeless situation

    in The Bible

    In this segment I minister on unconditional faith in God.

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    HOPE Forum

    in The Bible

    If you are looking for the Relevant Word of Comfort & Hope radio program, you will find it here.

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    Promise of Hope Radio Show

    in Christianity

    Join Outdoor TV host Chuck McAlister and Tim Stafford as they meet weekly to discuss the ministries of Promise of Hope, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, Baptist Global Response, affinity evangelism and other subjects that are current in the world of conservative Christianity.

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    Faith, Trust and Hope beyond our borders with Carl Kerby and Juan Valdes

    in Christianity

    In this episode of HOPE TALK, Carl spends some time with Co-Host Juan Valdes discussing his most recent trip abroad. Juan and Carl have a passion for ministry and the Lord so listen in as they discuss the impact, the opportunity and the blessing of what Juan is doing in his travels.

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