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    VACCINES & VETERANS ~ Anita Stewart on "Public Advocate", Host Sallie O. Elkordy

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    Anita Stewart has her own radio program, "Wise Women" http://www.wisewomenmediaradio.com

    "Public Advocate" Host, Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC

    Blog with 11/11 Event http://BillionToddlerMarchForSurvival.blogspot.com
    Legislation for a Vaccine Free 2015 http://tinyurl.com/VaccineFree2015


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    What is a Pit Bull? What is a Pit Bull Advocate?

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    Join Dogfather and Joe with Guests Cheryl Huerta (Portland Pit Bull Project) and Chew Davis (Miami Coalition Against BSL). We'll be discussing the catch all name Pit Bull and how it emcompases 3 distinct breeds of dog (The American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and  American Staffordshire Terrier.), and in some cases, breeds unrelated. We'll discuss the history of the breed(s) and their working origins, long before the fighting dogs so many people focus on today. We hope you will join us with your thoughts, questions and comments. Phone lines open at the top of the show. 347-838-8615

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    Ask the Advocate: How to Qualify for an IEP and/or 504 Plan for Kids with ADHD

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    Parents often complain that their child with ADHD is struggling in school.   A common complaint is that public schools are not meeting the needs of students with ADHD.     In this edition, IEP Advocate Jamison Jessup will talk about how to help your child with ADHD become eligible for an IEP and/or 504 Plan and which one is better?

    Andrea Frank, founder of the ADHD Kids Care Facebook group and a parent who Jamison Jessup is helping, will be a special guest on this show.

    Join us this Sunday, October 18, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).

    Jamison Jessup is a professional IEP advocate with MyChildWins.com.   He has participated in more than 600 IEP meetings and has represented parents in more than 225 due process hearings asserting the rights of student's with disabilities, including ADHD.


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    How Neonicotinoids Impact Honeybee Navigation

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    Recently, there has been a lot of information that suggests that neonicotinoids do not imact honeybees. Dr. Randolf Menzel pioneered the honeybee as a model system in neuroscience with respect to color vision, olfaction, learning, and memory. Combining levels of analysis from natural behavior to single neurons, he traced perceptual and cognitive capacities to their neural and cellular substrates. He established the first evidence for the role of the insect mushroom body in memory formation and characterized the cellular and neural correlates of different phases of memory. This particular research explores the use of three neonicotinoids, (neonicotinoids, imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiacloprid) and their impact on honeybee navigation.  Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer talks to Neurobiologist and Professor Emeritus, at the Free University of Berlin, Dr. Randolf Menzel about his research on honeybee brains. Stay tuned!    

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    "MOONDOWEAR" Spokes Model & Anti-Bullying Advocate "Aolani Dunbar"!!

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    Today we have "MOONDOWEAR" spokes model and Anti-Bullying Advocate, Aolani Dunbar, joined by her grandmother Doris Bearden from Georgia. Aolani has been through allot in her young life of twelve years old. She was attacked at school and her hair was pulled from the root of her scalp, causing a permanent bald spot and needing surgery. She appeared on the hit T.V. Show, "The Dr.'s", produced by Dr. Phil. She was promised sugery to correct the problem but to no avail. Aolani will not be stopped!!. She and her family teamed up with Congress woman, Keisha Waites on Bill 40, a Anti-Billyimg Bill to give regulations and guide-lines against "BULLYING"!!. She's a young girl on a "MISSION", to tell her horrorfying story but also to tell all, "SHE'S SURVIVING AND THRIVING" AGAINST BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.   

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    The Pit Bull Service Dog

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    Welcome to another episode of The Pit Bull Advocate!

    Dogfather and Joe continue the discussion of Americas Working Dog. We'll be discussing the Service Dog, and where the Pit Bull foud his way into this line of work. As always, we welcome your comments and questions, so give us a call!  Phone lines open at the top of the hour. 347-838-8615

    Do you have a Pit Bull as your service dog? What does (s)he do for you? Why a Pit Bull? Why not another breed/type of dog? We'd love to hear from you!

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    NZ at Heart of HPV Scandal Media Silent & No Official Response Dicksons/Elkordy

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    Gayle Dickson returns for another interview about the HPV Vaccine, this time with her Daughter Tawni.  We open with the important issue of Censorship, which I contend is a greater DANGER than Vaccines Themselves! -Host Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC

    Articles by Gayle Dicson, "BREAKING NEWS – Charges of Manipulation of Data and Science regards HPV vaccine safety" http://bit.ly/1PptIsX & BREAKING NEWS – Charges of Manipulation of Data and Science regards HPV vaccine safety http://bit.ly/1nVfENi 

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    Ireland's R.E.G.R.E.T.: Successes, but 2nd HPV Shots in March ~ Smyth & Elkordy

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    Karen Smyth and Kiva Murphy appear with other Mothers of REGRET in Ireland in this important film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUB-3kZK-rA#t=666

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    Dr. Rump: Interview with lupus advocate and lobbyist Kim Schofield

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    Kim J. Schofield, a health advocate and lobbyist, global speaker with the Lupus Foundation of America, Georgia Chapter and founder of lupus patient network known as LACES.  As a person living with lupus, Kim advocate for people, friends and caregivers impacted by lupus. She strives to bring lupus to the forefront in the legislative, medical and research communities. Her passion helps us take lupus from a “Whisper to a Shout.” She holds a federal appointment to the Health IT Policy Committee and works to make recommendations to the National Coordinator for Health IT. With 15 years in coaching, teaching, workshops and seminars facilitation, her professional career spans across healthcare, financial and non-profit agencies. . Kim holds a Bachelors and Masters in Theology and Organizational Leadership.  In 2017, she will hold her doctorate from Oral Roberts University. She has written several articles and has been a reoccurring guest on several television, radio and internet stations.

    I’m the founder of Lost Creek Chiropractic and Chriro Team Training. The goal of Chiro Team Training is to present a relevant training system that a Chiropractic Office – or any medical office – can implement without hassles with a tremendous amount of benefit to the profitability of the office. I’m also a John Maxwell certified coach, speaker and trainer and have partnered with many entrepreneurs, companies, individuals, and office teams to create wind on their backs as they journey toward greater and greater successes. Visit me at: http://www.docrump.com