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    in Education

    We will discuss how to encourage honesty and a successful group dynamic based upon trust.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Chicken with Apricots and the "adventure" recipe will be Chickpea Chili. 

  • His & Hers: Honesty in Relationships

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight on His & Hers we are talking about honesty in relationships. Is it really as important as people make it seem? Are people able to handle true honesty? Those questions and more are going to get answers in depth by our wonderful His & Hers crew. So join Dulce Diva, Almond Joy, Phree, Eddie Kang, Poetry and the newest addition Diamond as we delve into this topic. 

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    Truth and Honesty

    in Christianity

    On today’s Faith Time with Faye Nicole Hines episode, we will talk about truth and honesty. In today’s society, finding honest individuals to call friends, can be a challenge and it’s time for people to be as truthful and trustworthy as possible. Let’s look at what Jesus has to say about this topic.

  • The Significance of The Difference Between Honesty and Truth

    in Lifestyle

    Do you know the difference between honesty and truth?  Do you always see things the way others do?  Is there a way to bridge the gap to end destruction of lives and lead to a cure to death which is the destruction of conscious life and is a loss to future generations?

    What do you see?  Can you see beyond your own truth?

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    Honesty is the Best Policy?

    in Romance

    This is such a popular concept and saying in the marriage and relationship community. But is it ALWAYS? If the honesty is broken in a marriage, it could potentially take several years of repair. Rebuilding takes trust, and trust is difficult to regain. When honesty is brought up in regards to a marriage, what do you instantly think of? Infidelity issues, right? I typically do. In actuality honesty refers to a vast array of subjects and there are several layers to it. It is argued that there are times when being open and honest is NOT in the best interest of the relationship. Let’s chop it up! Let’s discuss the many attributes and perspectives there are to honesty in a marriage/relationship. Tune it, call in. Share your opinions with the world. Friday night, Midnight-2AM 347.637.3528…

    Share your stories and examples with us and the world Friday night at Midnight till 2AM!

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  • What's the difference between brutal honesty & rudeness?

    in Lifestyle

    Do you consider yourself an honest person or are you really just plain rude?!?

    If we are truly honest with ourselves, we understand that being rude is merely the expression of transient and fleeting ego thoughts that we express to relieve our own fear, pain and suffering. We articulate our temporary feelings of impatience, frustration, anger, resentment and jealousy purely to ease our own discomfort and pain. It is not "being honest" to voice every thought that pops into our head. This is not honesty, it is pain avoidance!

    Join Ms. Mary & crew Thursday 7 to 9 pm

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    in Entertainment

    How much honesty is really acceptable?

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    BeSimply...Honesty {LoveSelf}

    in Self Help

    During this segment...'She' will discuss "Honesty". Finding the balance, harmony and peace. Tools to assist you on your journey with music from around the world to inspire inward wisdom to ripple up from within. Attune, Align, and take a few steps FORWARD! These segments are perfect for anyone walking through a life transition, disease, wanting to transform and authentically explore and align your inner landscape.

    Focus..."Honesty"...Take responsibility for your being honest with yourself and others. Discover practices that will assist each self to redirect the focus of this emotion.

    Shinning a Light on Download a Free Audio Book (Click Here) audible.com


    We Need Help The Album Leaf

    Trap Elizaveta

    Postcards from Italy Beirut

    Tara OM by Groovananda

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    The Truth About Honesty In Our Recovery

    in Lifestyle

    When we are drinking, we may find ourselves mired in dishonesty. This can be subtle or extreme. We may try to cover up our drinking and tell lies or exaggerations to avoid consequences, responsibility, or conflict. Dishonesty is at the root of denial including telling ourselves we can safely drink when we have evidence to the contrary. Lying may even become a habit as we hide from our addiction to cover up our true mental and emotional health to protect our ego, reputation, self image.

    Choosing sobriety may be the first truly honest thing we've done in awhile. On this episode, we talk about how honesty has shaped our recovery, the choices we have to make to get and stay sober, how our definitions of honesty have evolved, and how dishonesty figures into the 11 stages of relapse if we let it.

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    in Spirituality

    Is it always the best policy?Would you rather lie or be lied to in order to avoid pain?How honest are you with yourself?Join Dr Chan and Tam in another thought provoking discussion about "Honesty".

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    in The Bible

    Nothing influences credibility more than honesty. If you're a liar, you'll have a difficult time trying to persuade others. Today's dicussion is about being true to God, true to Yourself and true to Others. To call in dial 718-766-4460. Also, check into our chatroom for more extras!
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